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Holly Cohen, P.A.

Holly Cohen, P.A.

Real Estate, Real Estate Other,

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Holly Cohen

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Real Estate, Real Estate Other, Wills & Probate

Over 20 years experience in all real estate related transactions, including the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, purchasing businesses and writing title. Extensive... (more)

Leasing, Title, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Wills and Probate

"My experience with the Law Office of Holly Cohen P.A. could not be better. Over the course of 5 years I have dealt with Ms. Cohen and her staff and found them to be very correct and efficient. The work they do is highly recommended. Well worth five stars."

  1 year ago     Robert Isacovici

"As a Realtor, its very important to me to have an excellent real estate attorney not only for my personal investment transactions but most importantly for my clients. Holly and her team go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything is lined up appropriately for closing. I will never venture out to use another attorney for any of my transactions except for Holly Cohen, PA and her team. Thank you Holly and Marita for always delivering above and beyond the call of duty!"

  3 years ago     Daniel Gonzalez

"I hate this lady! And worst thing is that 2 of my friends have been sent to her from this other attorney which I believed was competent. With my first friend she was dragging things for weeks, something that could have been done in a day or two, now she is brainwashing my other friend. I don't know what is wrong with this lady, but I have learned one thing she knows best, is, how to complicate things, she is the best example of someone who knows how to blow an elephant out of a fly, she will be back and forth with you with very minuscule details and will be back and forthing with you forever. The most anal person ever! If you are not in a rush and have weeks in reserve to get your legal stuff done, then go ahead with this lady, otherwise find someone more professional."

  2 years ago     Kyle B

"I hired this law firm to resolve a family will stand-off. The lawyers went to work at it and we got a fair settlement which was done in a timely manner and left everyone satisfied. Well worth the cost. Highly recommended Law Firm."

  4 years ago     Lee White

"The Law Firm of Holly Cohen was very efficient in dealing with the probate process for our family. The entire deal was done without flaws or tension. hings got done according to the law and ina very timely manner. Thank You"

  3 years ago     Liz Chase


12700 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 401
North Miami, FL 33181


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