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Health Care, Employment, Consumer Rights, Accident & Injury

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For more than 80 combined years we have been dedicated to providing the best legal representation for New Yorkers. We take the time to get to know each of our clients and explain, in plain English, the legal issues involved in your case to develop a team strategy for the road ahead. We are honored to be recognized as a distinguished and recommended law firm by the New York City Bar Association.  

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  • We have been able to obtain multi-million dollar combined settlements and/or verdicts on behalf of our clients since 1958.  The following is a sampling our recent successes in a variety of matters:
    1.  Substantial settlement against a local pain clinic for negligently administering the anesthetic Propofol during spinal epidural procedures, exposing our client to the Hepatitis C virus.  As a result of our aggressive representation the clinic was cited by the NYC Department of Health for numerous health violations and required to substantially modify its sanitary practices.  The matter received wide attention in the local press.  
    2.  Settlement against a nightclub in a wrongful death action brought on behalf of a bouncer who was fatally stabbed during a fight in the bar.   We were able to establish that the club negligently sold large quantities of alcohol to the assailants prior to the attack and that the assailants had demonstrated rowdy behavior prior to the attack.
    3.  Seven figure settlement for the estate of a pedestrian struck by a motorist.  After extensive discovery we were able to demonstrate that just prior to the accident, the traffic lights at the intersection were not working properly and was a proximate cause of the accident.
    4.  Mid six-figure verdict after trial for father and son injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York County.  Father suffered tempero-mandibular joint syndrome and son aggravated a prior back injury as a result of the accident.   A jury rejected the defense argument that the injuries were pre-existing and/or not related to the accident.
    5.  Wrongful death action against a hospital and anesthesiologist for negligently administering Propofol to a 39 month old child suffering from pneumonia causing her death.  The case was settled during trial for a confidential sum.  
    6.  High six-figure settlement for young man who suffers from severe scoliosis.  We alleged that our client's pediatrician failed to timely diagnosis and treat the condition during his early adolescence, which necessitated surgery and placement spinal hardware. 
    7.  High six-figure settlement for a woman injured on the job as a result of a defective freight elevator gate.  Our client sustained injury to her neck which required spinal surgery and placement of hardware.   The elevator maintenance company alleged that the injuries were pre-existing. 
    8.  Six figure settlement during trial in a dental malpractice matter.  Our client sustained a perforation of his sinus cavity during a routine root canal. 
    9.  Substantial settlement after trial against hospital for failing to timely diagnose and treat our client's husband who had been suffering from a heart attack.  We claimed that as a result of the delay in treatment, his heart attack worsened, causing his death five hours after presenting to the emergency room.
    10.  Verdict in favor of our client who sustained injury to her neck and back as a result of a trip and fall outside a commercial property. 
    11.  Settlement after jury selection in favor of our client who was assaulted at knife point by two assailants.  Our client suffered severe scarring to her face, abdomen, pelvis and arm.  This matter received wide media coverage throughout the tri-state area.
    12.  Settlement for our client who suffered severe spinal injuries after he fell off a ladder at his work-site.  We alleged that the ladder was not properly secured, causing it to slip on the floor of the premises.  
    13.  Settlement against city hospital for failing to diagnose and treat a bacterial infection in an infant, resulting in death.  The family of the child alleged that if prompt, appropriate treatment was rendered when they initially presented to the emergency room their young daughter would likely have survived the infection.  This case received widespread media attention in the tri-state area. 
    14.  Reversal, on appeal, and reinstatement of the complaint against the city for failing to properly design and install playground equipment at a park in Staten Island, NY.  Our client's four year old daughter fell from a raised platform which was not protected by a guardrail or partition.  As a result, the child sustained a severe fracture of the arm, requiring surgery with insertion of hardware. 
    15  Settlement during private mediation for mother and two children who claimed to have been molested by foster parent. 
    16.  Judgment against accountant/business advisor who stole money from his client.  This judgment included compensatory and punitive damages.
Kerner & Kerner, Esqs.
15 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038


15 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038

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