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Law Offices of Holden W. Green

Law Offices of Holden W. Green

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Holden W. Green

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Law Offices of Holden W. Green Picture
Law Offices of Holden W. Green Picture
Law Offices of Holden W. Green Picture

"Holden Green was a phenomenal attorney! Not only did he help me get my conviction reduced, he also got it expunged and allowed me to have a new beginning. Now I can begin my career and apply for jobs/ housing/etc. without hesitating and having fear of rejection. His customer service, responsiveness, and efficiency was on point. As soon as you request his services he gets right on it and gets it done! He truly doesn't mess around, highly recommended!"

  7 months ago     Chef Bay

"Mr. Green gets the job done. I retained Mr. Green to get my probation terminated (after serving 4 1/2 years of probation of the 5 years I was sentence too) and to ask the court for a record clearance on 2 separate cases that were felony cases so I could go back to work in my field of training (because of these charges I could not get certified by the state I currently live in to work in my field of training. A field I had worked in for 16 years before I got into trouble) . Mr. Green explained to me process to achieve the positive outcome I was looking for.. Thanks to Mr. Green I am now off of probation and my record has been wiped clean so I can now get certified by the state and return to work in the field of work I love. He went above and beyond to secure a positive outcome for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Green for your legal needs."

  1 year ago     Randy Ivie

"There are no words I could possibly use to thank Mr.Green enough for his service. It all started when SJPD violated rights and lied about my charges. Long story short, I ended up with 3 felonies; Sales of Marijuana, transportation of marijuana, and Sales of Narcotics. I'm not a criminal nor a drug dealer, but SJPD made me out be a big time kingpin. At first, I didn't think I needed a lawyer, me being stubborn as I am, I thought everything would be dropped. Something inside me told me reach out to a lawyer and I consulted with 2-4 lawyers before hiring Mr.Green to help me out. All the other lawyers didn't want to hear much about my case uphand before a retainer was placed. I was searching on avvo one night and decided to give Mr.Green a call at 10PM... the night before Memorial Day, suprisingly enough, he answered! He said 'I forgot to turn my answering machine on and I never pick up calls this later... but Hi, I'm Holden Green and what can I help you with?' At this point I was incredibly apologetic, however he insured me it was okay and he was ready to hear my story and give me his advice. After talking on the phone worh him for about 45 minutes, (mind you its about 10:45pm) he set up an appointment to meet with me on Memorial Day! The one day everyone else was off... Mr.Green was willing to talk to me. He was willing to work with my budget and was never ever rushing my payments with him. He even asked me if all the cash I handed him was everything I had, he was willing to give me some money back if I was dead broke!!! Who do you know that would do that? Mr.Green has a heart for his clinets and he cares. He knows what's he doing he moves so confidently in the court room. Each and everytime we went to court, Mr.Green knew almost everyone in the room and had small talk with everyone. He lifts up the spirit of the courtroom when he walks in. As a young person facing 3 felonies, he fought for my life. My life would be over if I was a convicted felon, but with the magic of Mr.Green.... he went beyond the call of duty to insure my freedom. He made sure I did everything I had to do to make it look good in the eyes lf the District Attorney and judge. After nearly a year of fighting for life, I ended up with 2 misdemeanors and one felony that's only on my record for a year. I will be calling Mr,Green next year for my expungment! From facing prison time to only 90 days of weekend work cut in half to 45 days? You really can't complain. Mr.Green is nothing but the best out there. Hopefully I never everytime have to use his services again, but I've recommended him to many of my peers. Mr.Green is the people's lawyer and he's not a greedy person. He's very nice and has always answered every single question I've had in a timely manner. If you're looking for lawyer, LOOK NO MORE. I promise you, this will be the best decision you've ever made in your life. You can never put a price on freedom and I'll forever be greatful for Mr.Green. Thanks for everything Mr.Green!"

  1 year ago     Kevin Lam

"He gave me great advice with my DUI!!!!!!"

  4 months ago     danny martinez

"Did you get a ticket? Please Talk to HOLDEN GREEN HOLDEN GREEN IS ONLY HERE TO HELP OTHERS IN NEED. Let me tell you how HOLDEN GREEN has been so very helpful to me. I am very very thankful to have met this person because he saved me. I was at a hearing at the Superior Court in Santa Clara for a red light citation that I had decided to challenge. Holden Green just so happened to be in the court room and saw me undergo the hearing. He knew right away that I had no clue what I doing challenging this citation and confronted me about this. Immediately he sat me down and guided me though the steps on how to avoid the serious repercussions of a red light ticket in court and gave me his contact info so that he could help me later on. He even gave me a call the night before the trial to make sure I was comfortable with his advice and ready to go to court. It was the simplest thing but it helped me so much. All I had to do was talk to the officer before the next court session began and negotiate an agreement on a non-point (non-point on driving record). The officer agreed to vehicle code 38300. DOING THIS SAVED ME $400 AND I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY POINTS ON MY DRIVING RECORD. He will also provide other very helpful information for the instance if the officer did not want to negotiate. If it was not for Holden Green I would not have felt comfortable or confident going through this whole process. Holden Green knows what he's doing so feel comfortable going to him for any citation you may receive. He is a very nice man and he and I will stress to you that he only wants to help people. One more thing HIS ADVICE IS FREE. My name is Christian and I approve and trust HOLDEN GREEN"

  2 years ago     Christian Gonzalez


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