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Lori Elaine Laird

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Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Litigation, Accident & Injury

As a former police officer, patrol sergeant and hostage negotiator, I am an aggressive attorney who can develop an action plan to solve your legal pro... (more)

Lori Elaine Laird is a Texas attorney and mediator.  Prior to becoming an attorney she was a police officer, serving as a patrol officer, a patrol sergeant, hostage negotiator and member of the department’s Honor Guard.  She was also an instructor at the police academy teaching the United States and Texas Constitutions and Police Professionalism and Ethics to police officers from across the state.

Among her diverse skill set, she renders legal advice and support to her investigative team, appears as counsel before the Court in pre-trial matters, trial,  litigation and appeals.  She has the sound ability to conduct thorough legal research and an exceptional ability to understand and present complex legal theories in a courtroom setting.  Ms. Laird is admitted to practice in all Texas State Courts as well as admission to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.  She is also a certified mediator and holds certification qualifying her as an advanced family law mediator.

Lori is an honors graduate from the University of Clear Lake receiving her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  She went on to receive her Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law where she was a Dean’s Merit scholarship recipient as well as a member of Phi Delta Phi- the honors legal fraternity.  During her tenure at law school she was also a contributing writer for two law journals and Editor in Chief for one.  She was also a journalist and eventually editor in Chief of the law school newspaper.  Lori also worked for a local civil litigation law firm and interned at the First Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas.

When asked about her legal style, Lori characterizes it as follows:  â€œI utilize all of the tools at my disposal.  My experience as a police officer places me in a unique position in all types of cases to dissect a case, find inconsistencies and “get into the head” of the officers or other parties in the case.  If mistakes where made–who better to be able to identify them then a former police officer–someone trained in investigation?  My creative approach can often be the difference between a dismissal in a case, a reduction in charges or even a Not Guilty finding by a jury or judge.  I feel at home in a courtroom and am a zealous advocate for my clients.  I use my skills to obtain the best possible results for my clients.”

Lori applies the same approach, not just in criminal cases, but in all litigation cases–family law cases, divorces, custody battles, and personal injury or civil law cases.  She believes strongly in the adversarial system and puts the opposing party to their burden of proof.  She believes in passionately and wholeheartedly defending the needs and interests of her clients.

The best defense is a good offense and in the legal world that means hiring an experienced aggressive attorney who understand not only the law- but is also an astute student of human nature- how to negotiate, when to agree, when to fight, how to pick a jury and how to bring your personal story to the jury in a way that gets you the best possible results.  Need legal help?  Have a legal problem?  Call today and let her develop a personalized action plan to assist you with your legal needs.

The Law Offices of Lori Elaine Laird, PLLC
1120 NASA Parkway, Suite 410
Houston, TX 77058


1120 NASA Parkway, Suite 410
Houston, TX 77058

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