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Robert Miles Stahl

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Nov 29 2018
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Bankruptcy & Debt, Criminal, Tax, Estate, Accident & Injury

Robert M. Stahl, IV is the managing bankruptcy lawyer of the Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl, LLC. He is both an attorney and a certified public accoun... (more)

Bankruptcy/Financial Reorganization/Chapter 7 & 13/ Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl have more than 25 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in connection with bankruptcy filing. Also in restructuring their financial obligations through negotiated workouts with creditors and state court lawsuits, as well as in bankruptcy reorganizations. The Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl has experience in representing clients with serious financial and tax problems in all types of bankruptcy cases. The Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl has successfully helped thousands of Maryland clients discharge or reorganize tens of millions of dollars of commercial and tax-related financial obligations, as well as save their residential and commercial properties from foreclosure. A Chapter 7 or  Chapter 13 bankruptcy case can effectively discharge or reorganize financial problems. Our attorneys have extensive experience in guiding individuals through the bankruptcy process. The bankruptcy laws are not meant to punish a person in financial trouble; they are intended to provide the honest debtor with a financial “fresh start.” [more]
Tax Controversy and Tax Litigation

We provide aggressive, experienced legal representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies for audits, IRS collection matters, criminal investigations, and tax court litigation. Taxpayers are entitled to many protections while under investigation in a tax controversy and the services of experienced tax counsel can reduce the potential for an adverse determination. When negotiation with the administrative arm of the IRS fails to secured a desired resolution, we have the experience to pursue judicial remedies to assure that our clients only pay the proper amount of tax.

Our clients in the tax area include individuals, small businesses, family and closely-held companies, emerging start-up entities, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as trusts, and estates. In certain instances, we have been providing tax planning, tax compliance, and other tax-related services to the same businesses and families for several decades.
Personal Injury Claims/Auto Accidents/ Wrongful Death

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl are experienced in representing clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases.  We have the knowledge to understand, and the resources to litigate, the often complex and difficult issues in these matters.  Because we devote a great deal of time and attention to each case we accept, we carefully evaluate potential clients’ claims before undertaking representation.  Our practice emphasizes representation of victims of serious personal injuries. [more]
Criminal Defense/ Criminal Trials/ Criminal Investigations

At the Law Offices of Robert M. Stahl, we have successfully defended hundreds of individuals and corporations accused of state and federal crimes. We are experienced in handling complex cases involving voluminous documents, multiple defendants, and complicated and overlapping business transactions and ownership. We have successfully handled many white-collar crimes including: mail fraud, bank fraud, Medicaid fraud, healthcare fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, environmental crimes, and theft cases. In high-stakes white-collar criminal disputes, defendants turn to our firm for confident and aggressive advocacy. When you are accused of a state or federal crime, your goal is full dismissal of charges or acquittal. When you are under investigation by federal or state authorities, your goal is to fully avoid the leveling of criminal charges. Many times a favorable plea agreement can be worked out without the expense of a lengthy trial.

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