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Gregory Stewart Marsiglia

Estate, Real Estate, Corporate, Litigation

James Busenlener

Admiralty & Maritime, Animal Bite, Mesothelioma, Criminal

M Lapuyade Piglia

Employment, Estate Planning, Family Law, Labor Law

Marcelle P. Mouledoux


Marcelle P. Mouledoux  earned her law degree at Southern Methodist University, and her undergraduate degree at  Loyola University New Orlean... (more)

Melanie Lockett

Professional Responsibility, Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment, Insurance

Melanie Lockett earned her law degree from Loyola University, New Orleans. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Lockett was a judicial clerk to the Honorabl... (more)

Melvin D. Albritton

Corporate, Business Organization, Complex Litigation, Science, Technology & Internet

Melvin D. Albritton practice areas include commercial and securities litigation. His commercial litigation practice has had a special emphasis on new ... (more)

Alicia Martone Bendana

Litigation, Corporate, Credit & Debt, Bankruptcy

Alicia M. Bendana's primary area of practice is bankruptcy law. She has considerable and wide-ranging experience representing creditors, bankruptcy tr... (more)

David M. Prados

Real Estate, Litigation, Estate Planning, Family Law

David M. Pradospractices family law and general civil litigation. He is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist who represents parties in every phase ... (more)

Ellen Widen Kessler

Civil Rights, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation

ELLEN WIDEN KESSLER is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist with extensive experience in every aspect of domestic and family law. She represents in... (more)

Jeffrey M. Hoffman

Family Law, Divorce & Family Law, Business, Personal Injury

Jeffrey M. Hoffman earned his law degree at Louisiana State University, and his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His prac... (more)

Kim Ngan Nguyen

Family Law, Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Insurance

Kim Ngan Nguyen earned her law degree at Loyola University School of Law, and her undergraduate degree at the University of New Orleans.  She dev... (more)

Mark S Goldstein

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by Lawyer.com on May 06 2016
Click here for more details
Motor Vehicle, Divorce & Family Law, Business, Accident & Injury

With a practice focusing on bankruptcy and commercial litigation, Mark S. Goldstein has represented hundreds of creditors, committees, trustees, and d... (more)

Mark S. Stein

Estate Planning, Merger & Acquisition, Corporate, Business Organization

Mark S. Stein , a Board Certified Tax Specialist, practices in the tax, corporate and commercial law area, and has extensive experience in taxation, e... (more)

Max J. Cohen

Litigation, Insurance, Corporate, Professional Malpractice

Max J. Cohen's areas of practice are commercial and casualty litigation, with an emphasis on professional liability and insurance defense.  He re... (more)

Michael R. Allweiss

Litigation, Employment, Insurance, Corporate

Michael R. Allweiss has substantial and significant experience in insurance and traditional tort based cases, complex commercial litigation, products ... (more)

Mitchell J. Hoffman

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by Lawyer.com on Jan 22 2013
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Pension & Benefits, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy

Mitchell J. Hoffman has more than 20 years experience in insurance defense, commercial, civil and general litigation, corporate and business law, and ... (more)

Paula H. Lee

Family Law, Corporate, Business Organization, Antitrust

Paula H. Lee practices in the areas of domestic and family law, and business litigation. In her domestic practice, she counsels individuals considerin... (more)

Richard S. Lubliner

Federal, Real Estate Other, Equine

Robert C. Lowe

Family Law, Corporate, Business Successions, Business Organization

Robert C. Lowe is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist with 25 years of experience handling family law and other civil matters. He has distinguishe... (more)

Serena E. Pollack

Corporate, Insurance, Litigation, Transactions

Serena E. Pollack's areas of practice are commercial and casualty litigation, with an emphasis on professional liability and insurance defense.  ... (more)

Suzette Marie Smith

Family Law, Divorce & Family Law

Tyler J Douglas

International Tax, International, Estate, Business

Delivering The Resources Of An Entire Firm One Client At A Time.

It is not a secret what clients want. We ask our clients. Clients assume that lawyers will know the law. Clients want their lawyers to answer their telephone calls and emails, listen actively, and find ways to add value to their business. Clients want advisors who understand them, their goals and challenges, and they need lawyers who can help them shape solutions that really work, reliably and efficiently. At Lowe Stein, we have built our firm culture around satisfying our clients. We devote ourselves to creating relationships based on the bedrock of trust, honesty, and enthusiasm for our clients’ businesses. Whatever legal matters our clients face, we work thoroughly to resolve them.

From New Orleans To The World, One Matter At A Time.

How do we serve our clients from one office in New Orleans? Our clients’ businesses take them all over the country and increasingly, around the world. Therefore, we have positioned ourselves to help our clients efficiently wherever they need help. We have done so not by raising our rates to subsidize branch offices in expensive markets, but by going to the locations of our clients’ matters. Our litigators have handled cases on site in virtually every state, and our transactional lawyers regularly handle matters nationally and internationally. We act as general counsel for clients headquartered from New York to California. We practice coast-to-coast at New Orleans legal rates.

Appeals, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, BP Claims Process, Business and Commercial Transactions, Civil Rights, Director and Officer Liability, Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Wealth Preservation, Federal, State and Local Taxation, Health Care, Insurance Coverage and Subrogation, Insurance Defense, Labor and Employment, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Mergers and Acquisitions, Premises Liability Defense, Professional Liability, Real Estate, Surety Law

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