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Armer H. Mahan

Insurance, Litigation, Personal Injury

Brennan S. Cox

Corporate, Business Organization, Estate Planning, Wills & Probate

Clare Feler Cox

Tax, Litigation, International, Patent

Clare Feler Cox is a Shareholder/Partner at Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, PSC. She concentrates in the areas of commercial litigation and related busine... (more)

Darran D. Winslow

Business Organization, Litigation

David W. Hemminger

Contract, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice

Donald L. Cox

Real Estate, Litigation, Government, Transactions

Eric R. Collis

Insurance, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

J. Vincent Aprile

Criminal, Employment, Litigation

James K. Murphy

Banking & Finance, Corporate, Business Organization, Commercial Leasing

James K. Murphy is of counsel with Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, P.S.C.  His practice concentrates in the areas of transactional matters, coporate,... (more)

Jessica T Sorrels

General Practice

Joseph Patrick Hummel

Aviation, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Civil Rights, Insurance

M. Janice Lintner

Corporate, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation

Matthew D Watkins

Business Organization, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Tax

Matthew D. Watkins is an associate with the Louisville law firm of Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, P.S.C.  He joined the firm in 2006 and his practic... (more)

Paul M. Baker

Real Estate, Business

Robert A. Marshall

Administrative Law, Business Organization, Estate Planning, Tax

S. Arnold Lynch

General Practice

Scott R. Cox

Estate Planning, Patent, Tax Litigation, Tax

Scott D. Spiegel

Litigation, Labor Law, Employment, Civil Rights

Scott Spiegel is a Shareholder and President of Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, P.S.C.  He concentrates his practice in the areas of labor, employmen... (more)

Sheldon G. Gilman

Wills & Probate, Estate Planning, Pension & Benefits, Business Organization

William H. Mooney

Landlord-Tenant, Communication & Media Law, Bankruptcy, Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Wm. Thomas Rump

General Practice

Edward B. Weinberg

Foreclosure, Merger & Acquisition, Corporate, Business Organization

Edward B. Weinberg is a Shareholder/Partner with the firm.   His practice concentrates in the areas of business and corporate law and planni... (more)

John D. Cox

Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment, Civil Rights, Personal Injury

Richard G. Segal

Insurance, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Richard G. Segal is a Shareholder/Partner with the firm.  His practice concentrates in the area of General Civil Litigation with a special emphas... (more)

Scott A. Weinberg

Real Estate, Estate Planning, Corporate, Business Organization

Mr. Weinberg concentrates his practice in business organizations, tax planning and estate planning.  Mr. Weinberg joined Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mah... (more)

Steven A. Goodman

Tax, Estate Planning, Pension & Benefits, Business Organization

Steven A. Goodman is a Shareholder/Partner with Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Mahan, PSC. His practice concentrates in the areas of transactional matters,... (more)

Employment, Estate Planning, Insurance, Labor Law, Litigation, Patent, Pension & Benefits, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate, Real Estate, Tax, Telecommunications, Trademark, Workers' Compensation

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Lynch Cox Gilman & Goodman Psc
500 West Jefferson Street,Suite 2100
Louisville, KY 40202


500 West Jefferson Street,Suite 2100
Louisville, KY 40202

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