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Ted J. McClain

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Sep 09 2016
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Accident & Injury, Business, Real Estate, Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute

Attorney Ted J. McClain operates a full service law practice dedicated to providing clients with high grade, professional services. The McClain law of... (more)

Attorney Ted J. McClain operates a full service law practice dedicated to providing clients with high grade, professional services. The McClain law office is based in the Youngstown, Ohio area and focuses on representing individuals personally, businesses and business owners. The McClain law office offers its services throughout Ohio providing transactional, litigation and alternative dispute resolution services.

  • -Creating a LLC or Corporation in Youngstown, Ohio

    -The Notice-Prejudice Rule

    -The Ohio Legacy Trust Act

    -Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plans: Lawsuit
-Free Consultation. No Recovery, No Fee.
  • -Joseph, a Car Accident client- 
    Prompt, professional, and better than I could have hoped for!  I can't recommend him highly enough! Every phone call was returned the same day (sometimes within an hour). Attorney McClain was extremely organized and professional. Each step of the process was clearly communicated and treated with care; both he and his office treated me like a "customer" rather than just simply another client. Very glad for the work he was able to do for me. 
    -Katelyn, a Car Accident client- 
    I hired Ted when I was in a car accident and needed legal representation to deal with the insurance company. Ted was amazing he kept me informed all along the way and was very clear about his expectations. He was able to work with the insurance company to get a settlement that was fair but didn't push me to make decision. I'm so glad I hired him! 
    -White Collar Crime client- 
    The way he handled my case with speed and professionalism was very nice. He kept me informed and explained everything to me in a manner I could clearly understand. I will be a lifelong client because of this and would recommend him to anybody looking for a great Attorney. 
    -Animal Law client- 
    Ted was very helpful in working to get us a positive results. He was in constant communication, making recommendations and asking for our input on the direction we wanted to take our case. Ted was very flexible with all matters while representing us. 
    -KWASI, an Insurance client- 
    Mr. Ted James McClain, has been more than a lawyer to my family and me. He's been a great friend. he's been able to advise me on issues I had with my property and the City, as well as other personal incidents that have arisen in the last couple of months. I respect and admire his work ethic and especially his uncanny ability to make clients comfortable and knowledgeable about the situation they are in. I would recommend his services without batting an eyelid. He is worth it. 
    -R.Lynne, a Contracts client- 
    I contacted Mr. McClain about a cease and desist letter. I simply wanted to know my rights and how to respond. He responded right away and quickly made time to speak with me. He spent a little over an hour on the phone discussing all my options and preparing me for what may happen or may not happen. He was very helpful and kind. I felt bad when I realized how long we spoke but he never gave the impression he was anxious to stop talking nor was he dismissive. I am confident that I would hire him in the future if need be. I appreciate his honesty, willingness to share his knowledge, and professional and friendly mannerism.
McClain Law Office
31 Cherokee Drive
Girard, OH 44420


31 Cherokee Drive
Girard, OH 44420

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