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Zachary James McCready

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Misdemeanor, Felony, Criminal, Bankruptcy
I have gotten dozens of criminal cases dismissed before trial

The Law Offices of Zachary J. McCready & Associates focuses on providing the type of relentless defense that is needed to effectively defend clients f... (more)

Are you, or a loved one facing criminal, narcotics or DUI charges in the Long Beach, Torrance, Seal Beach or Santa Ana, California areas? Do you know the administrative, financial and legal repercussions of a criminal or DUI conviction? A criminal or DUI conviction, even a misdemeanor conviction, can disrupt your life and impact your freedom, your academic status if you are a student, your driving privileges, your ability to earn a living and provide for your family. If the charges are serious enough you may also lose custody of your children. You stand to lose a lot if convicted of a crime (even a misdemeanor) or DUI. Attempting to navigate through the California legal system alone can go horribly wrong. You need the help of a skilled and experienced Long Beach criminal defense attorney handling all types of criminal and DUI charges.

The Long Beach criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Zachary J. McCready & Associates focuses on providing the type of relentless defense that is needed to effectively defend clients facing all kinds of criminal charges, however minor or serious they may be. Having a seasoned criminal lawyer by your side can be a great benefit to your case, can help you avoid conviction, and can increase your chances of keeping your right to drive after a DUI arrest. Mr. McCready has offices in Long Beach, Santa Ana and Fullerton, CA to better serve you.

Evictions, Business law, contract disputes, restraining orders

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  • People v. Jesus L. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Acquittal on 273.5 PC (Domestic Violence) charge 
    -Description: Charged with 273.5(a) PC (domestic violence). Was ACQUITTED of the 273.5 charge. The acquittal prevented him from having to serve prison time. 
    People v. Enrique S. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Acquittal on 2 of 3 counts 
    -Description: Client was facing 3 years in prison if convicted on all three counts of resisting arrest. After jury trial, client was acquitted on 2 of 3 counts and was given a very light sentence (no prison time). 
    People v. Eduardo B. 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: Complete dismissal; DMV set aside license suspension 
    -Description: .15 BAC; DUI Checkpoint; La Habra Police Dept.; Complete dismissal before trial by filing successful motion to suppress evidence under 1538.5 of the Penal Code 
    People v. Dylan Y. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Complete dismissal before trial 
    -Description: Theft of lost property under 485 PC; Complete dismissal before trial. 
    In the Matter of Z.A. 
    -Practice Area: Juvenile law 
    -Outcome: Felony reduced to misdemeanor, 90 days dropped to time served (27 days) 
    -Description: Juvenile client was facing a year in custody and a felony conviction. The pre-trial offer from the DA was 90 days in custody. The case was set for trial. After negotiations, the judge reduced the felony to a misdemeanor and released the juvenile from custody after taking the plea. 
    People v. Joseph P. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Complete dismissal 
    -Description: Client had to get a dismissal or an acquittal to save his career. Probation was not an acceptable outcome. Due to great negotiation skills, all charges were dropped and client did not have to plead guilty, pay a fine, or do any jail, probation, deferred entry of judgment, community service, or house arrest. 
    DMV v. Lana A. 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: Suspension set aside; right to drive protected 
    People v. S.O. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Case dismissed before trial! 
    -Description: The prosecutor offered my client 15 days in jail in a case that could have been filed as a misdemeanor or a felony. The client insisted that if I would take the time to go look at the place where he was arrested, I would see that the arresting officer had lied in the arrest report. I took the time to do that and I made the decision to file a motion to suppress evidence (1538.5 motion) and also to invoke my client's right to a speedy trial. The judge ended up dismissing the case before trial when the prosecutor had to announce on the first day of trial that he was not ready to proceed. Case dismissed. Bail returned to client. 
    People vs. H.S. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Plea bargain deal that included no jail time (possession of drugs for sale charge) 
    -Description: Possession of drugs for sale. The prosecutor offered 16 months in prison. I talked to Judge Schwartz and got the client a sentence that included no jail or prison time. Not one day. The client didn't need to pay me for trial representation because no trial was needed. The client was very happy about this. The judge will also allow her to get her probation terminated as soon as she completes the community service and pays some fines. That will allow her to get back on her feet quickly and get this case expunged from her record. 
    People v. C.I. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Felony charges dropped. No jail time in plea bargain. 
    -Description: Charges were possession of controlled substance with intent to sell and transportation of controlled substance with intent to sell. 
    People v. K.R. 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: Case dismissed before trial! 
    -Description: DUI case dismissed before trial! 
    People v. Jorge G. 
    -Practice Area: Domestic violence 
    -Outcome: Case dismissed after 11-1 hang (11 for not guilty) 
    -Description: 11-1 for not guilty; judge dismissed the case after trial; felony domestic violence case 
    People v. Marco A. 
    -Practice Area: Domestic violence 
    -Outcome: Case dismissed; probation violation dismissed 
    -Description: Domestic violence; probation violation; violation of a restraining order 
    People v. L.L. 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Not guilty verdict by jury; immigration status (LPR) protected 
    -Description: Prostitution case; immigration issues 
    People v. JB 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Felony charge dismissed 
    -Description: Two felony charges. Over $70k worth of goods at issue. One felony count was dismissed. After credits for the 15 days served before sentencing, he will do only 8 more days in jail (or possibly house arrest). Big win. 
    People v. DM 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Both misdemeanors dismissed; Plead to infraction; No jail, labor, or probation 
    -Description: Accused of providing false identification to police and resisting arrest. 
    People v. BW 
    -Practice Area: Domestic violence 
    -Outcome: Full acquittal 
    -Description: Domestic violence plus two other accusations 
    People v. KM 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: DUI dismissed 
    -Description: 2nd DUI; Facing up to a year in jail; Got the DUI dismissed for a reckless driving plea; client can keep driving; no suspension. 
    People v. HS 
    -Practice Area: Criminal defense 
    -Outcome: Client released from jail 
    -Description: Got client out of 2 years in county jail by arguing Vickers and Morrissey. 
    People v. J.A. 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: DUI Dismissed. No misdemeanor or traffic violation on record. 
    -Description: .13 breath result; Officer claimed that driver did not perform the field sobriety test properly 
    People v. R.H. 
    -Practice Area: DUI and DWI 
    -Outcome: DUI dismissed 
    -Description: Driving while under the influence of drugs; Very high levels of methamphetamine in blood; other drugs also in blood
    People v. O.G. 
    My client was accused of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He was facing life in prison. All charges were dismissed in July of 2016. Big win!!!

McCready & Associates

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Bankruptcy, Deportation Law firm

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