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Mitchell Reed Sussman

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Jan 05 2018
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Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Bankruptcy & Debt, Business, Timeshare

TIMESHARE CANCELLATION & EXIT EXPERT WITH THE LOWEST FIXED FEE IN THE USA! Mitchell Reed Sussman, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1973 h... (more)

Mitchell Reed Sussman

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Oct 24 2019
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Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business, Bankruptcy & Debt

MITCHELL REED SUSSMAN, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1973 he graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Admini... (more)

MITCHELL REED SUSSMAN,  born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in 1973 he graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He came to the west coast upon graduation from GW and in 1976 he graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law with Juris Doctorate.

Listed in “Who’s Who In America,” he has practiced bankruptcy, real estate, business and entertainment law in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Palm Springs, California since 1977.

He is a licensed real estate broker and former member of both the Orange County and Riverside County Bankruptcy sections and is a member of the California State Bar's litigation section.

He has lectured on the subject of bankruptcy and foreclosure since the early 80's including as a bankruptcy panelist at the prestigious Benjamin Croker Symposium  for the Real Property Section of the Los Angeles County Bar at the Beverly Hilton.

In 1984, he co-founded Raven Productions, Inc a television production company producing shows for PBS, ESPN, Travel Channel, Fox Sports Net and many others.

In 1999 he created PSTV Partners, LLC and engineered the acquisition of an FCC broadcast license for that company for the purpose of  building the first television station dedicated to broadcasting an over the air PBS signal to Palm Springs and the desert resorts to be known as KVCR Desert Cities Public Television which is seen over the air and on Time Warner cable, channel 9.

Today he specializes in real estate, bankruptcy,  business and entertainment litigation with a long list of business, real estate and entertainment clients.

Timeshare Litigation

  • California's Short Sale Legislation         
    The Niche Report         2012

    Tax Implications of Foreclosure         
    The Niche Report         2012

    Can I Safely Walk Away from My Mortgage
    The Niche Report         2011

    Syber Sales v. California Building & Remodeling         
    Legal Source Directory         2008

    Rubin v. Ross         
    Legal Source Directory         2007

    CM Internationl v. Sood         
    Legal Source Direct         2006

    Ravenna v. Shallenberger         
    Lexis Nexis Global         2004
  • Bowers v. Weiss
    Practice Area: Litigation
    Date: Nov 24, 2008
    Outcome: Judgment for plaintiff quieting title & damages
    Description: Action to quiet title and damages. Plaintiff was awarded title and damages of $130,000.00
    Colour Concepts v. Palmieri
    Practice Area: Litigation
    Outcome: $540,000 award for plaintiff
    Description: Plaintiff sued for rescission and damages for breach of an agreement for the sale of a printing press.
    Estate of Ross
    Practice Area: Litigation
    Outcome: $25 million dollar award to plaintiff
    Description: Estate proceeding in which the putative spouse of the deceased sued for her interest in her late... more
    Syber Sales v. Slayen
    Practice Area: Appeals
    Outcome: Appellate reversal of court ordered dismissal
    Description: Action involving Laguna Beach view
    Shallenberger v. Ravenna
    Practice Area: Litigation
    Outcome: defense verdict
    Description: action for damages for diminution of value, view obstruction

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Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates
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9454 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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