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N. James Turner, Attorney at Law

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Jim James Turner

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Real Estate, Lawsuit, Government, Consumer Protection, Bankruptcy & Debt

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"Back in April, I was hit with a wage garnishment law suit on an old debt that was 10 year old. After researching online and getting some, "so called legal advice" from 2 different lawyers saying that, " all I needed to do is file for an exemption'". I went to court thinking I was prepared. The problem is, law is very tricky, and without having a good lawyer to advices you. You're pretty much going to lose your case, as I did. nnDuring my search, Mr. Turners name pops up quite often when searching for information on Wage Garnishment laws, and for good reason. He understands his profession very well. After I lost my court case which was in held Tampa, I called Mr. Turners Office literally 20 minutes before it was about to close, not only did he stay open, and listen to my case. He took the time to explain what I did wrong and how I should've handle it. For that, he won my trust. During my case, Mr. Turner kept in contact with me, with just a few simple email. Any questions I had, he answered right away. Any complications that arouse, (which, a few did. Debtor Collectors use pretty nasty tactics when it comes collecting) his office took quick action, and resolved them immediately. nnI highly recommend Mr. Turner. He saved my family from financial ruin."

  10 months ago     Yogi Jaimangal

"When I first met with Mr. Turner, I was very hesitant in trusting anyone after dealing with Freedom Debt relief. It was very clear from our first meeting that not only did Mr. Turner have the knowledge and experience to handle my situation but also that he is very good at what he does. nnI wasted a year and a half dealing with Freedom and Mr. Turner settled everything in two months for me. I will recommend him to my clients and friends."

  10 months ago     Franchesca King

"Jim Turner really helped me out when I was being constantly harassed by National Collegiate Trust. They were threatening to seize my property and the property of a family member and to date, Jim has had great success in stopping this company from contacting me any further. We still have a little work to do with this case, but I am confident that Jim will continue to do great job !!! I highly recommend Jim to anyone who is experiencing issues with this company."

  11 months ago     S Ross

"As a customer service professional I must say, this guy cares about his business, that can go a long way. Talked to him very quickly after calling also, I can respect that in his profession. I suggest at least calling if you see this listing on your search."

  8 months ago     Knight Flyer

"Jim Turner has been helping me resolve some legal matters. Jim has been upfront and fair from the moment I met him. We had a frank discussion of what could be done and has promised to do everything he can. He has managed to get things done that I thought couldn't get done. As you can see from the 5 stars, I am very pleased working with Jim Turner."

  1 year ago     Juan Vela

N. James Turner, Attorney at Law
37 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801


37 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

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