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Jonathan R Harkavy

Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Lawsuit & Dispute

Jon graduated from the University of Kansas in 1965, and Columbia University School of Law in 1968. Before joining the firm, he clerked for the Honora... (more)

Nahomi Harkavy

Mediation, Pension & Benefits, Employment Discrimination, Employee Rights

Nahomi, who is of counsel to the firm, graduated from Barnard College, cum laude, in 1967, and from Columbia University Law School in 1971. Before joi... (more)

Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Traffic, Workers' Compensation

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Patterson Harkavy LLP
101 South Elm Street,P.O. Box 29269
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101 South Elm Street,P.O. Box 29269
Greensboro, NC 27429

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