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Adeline Anna-Maria Simenon

International, Immigration

Alan D. Port

Wills, Trusts, Insurance, Corporate

Allan R. Paul

Immigration, Estate Planning, DUI-DWI, Corporate

Allen D. Webster

General Practice

Andrew A Beerworth

Workers' Compensation, Insurance, Business, Accident & Injury

Andrew A. Beeroworth

Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights, Insurance

Benjamin L. Gould

Commercial Real Estate, Reinsurance, Transactions, Contract

Christopher Jacob Leff

Energy, Insurance, Transactions, Banking & Finance

Christopher Jacob Leff

International Tax, Energy, Insurance, Transactions

Crocker S. Bennett

Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Health Care Other, Insurance

David R. Weigel


David Ross Weigel

Social Security, Workers' Compensation, Employment, Accident & Injury

Emily E. Chamberlain

General Practice

Frank V. Petrosino

General Practice

James John Pergolizzi

Commercial Real Estate, Land Use & Zoning, Lawsuit & Dispute, Property & Casualty

John T. Sartore

General Practice

John H. Draper

Trusts, Estate, Corporate

John Thornton Sartore

General Practice

Kerin E. Stackpole

Litigation, Labor Law, Employee Rights, Employment

Kerin Elizabeth Stackpole

Litigation, Unions, Labor Law, Employee Rights

Kimberly K. Hayden

Energy, Public Utilities, Public Law, Environmental Law

Kimberly K. Hayden

Public Utilities, Public Law, Environmental Law

Kristina R. Brines

Traffic, Immigration, Criminal, Contract

Kristina M Roomet

General Practice

Mark G. Hall

Land Use & Zoning, Litigation, Environmental Law

Matthew E. C. Pifer

General Practice

Megan A. Sigur

Litigation, Insurance

Michael J Wasco

Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Transactions

Michael J Wasco

Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Transactions

Pamela L.P. Eaton

Litigation, Insurance

Peter Ian Dysart

Litigation, Insurance

Peter M. Collins

General Practice

Robert Gaynor Cain

Lawsuit & Dispute, Government, Business, Accident & Injury

Robert S. Dipalma

Electronic Commerce, Public Utilities, Public Finance, Bankruptcy

Robert J. Grenier

General Practice

S. Crocker Bennett

General Practice

S. Crocker Sennett

General Practice

Shane W. Mccormack

Public Finance, Corporate, Venture Capital, Banking & Finance

Shane W. McCormack

Public Finance, Securities, Corporate, Banking & Finance

Stephanie J Mapes

Reinsurance, Insurance, Administrative Law

Stephen Soule

Litigation, Federal Appellate Practice

Stephen Jackson Soule

Litigation, Federal Appellate Practice

William D Riley

Reinsurance, Insurance, Administrative Law

William D. Riley

Reinsurance, Insurance, Administrative Law

Paul Frank & Collins P.C.

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Maley and Maley, PLLC

Accident & Injury, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Mesothelioma, Animal Bite Featured 

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CONTACT Featured 


Rose Law Firm

Accident & Injury, Workers' Compensation, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Products Liability Featured 


Hoff Curtis Pacht Cassidy Et Al

Divorce, Government, Consumer Rights, Lawsuit & Dispute, Divorce & Family Law

David W Lynch Esq

Bankruptcy, Car Accident

Todd Taylor Law Ofc, P. C.

Real Estate, Consumer Protection

Strouse & Bond Pllc

Child Custody, Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Lawsuit & Dispute, Civil & Human Rights

Blum Associates, Inc.

General Practice

Sheehey Furlong & Behm P.C.

Medical Malpractice, Real Estate, Visa, Estate, DUI-DWI

Paul Frank & Collins P.C.

Burlington, VT 05402


Burlington, VT 05402

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