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Vana Renejuste

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Oct 27 2014
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Immigration, Criminal, Litigation, Family Law

I am workaholic. I do not fear all nighters. I often work on my client's cases throughout the night. I am personally involved in all of my cases. I ke... (more)

Civil & Human Rights

"From Nov 2013 to Aug 2016 she ended up with $18,500.00 and wanted more. Same issues as the others. Even the Case Manager stated that she did a disservice to us. Paperwork and non appeances. Any of you sueing her for what she had done? She tried contacting me in regards to I do not know.y husband was fighting lung cancer and died Jan 2018. I did not need more issues with court. She sent no letter to explain why she needed me."

  3 months ago     Marianne Leger

"This woman is a thief do not I repeat do not ever give this woman Vana any of your time, money, or case. She took 1,000 dollars from me as I was desperate my husband had been arrested for Driving without license/ICE detained. Lied to me about going to see him. Stayed with my money knowing I had 2 kids and was struggling. Never look for this woman she will steal your money with no shame."

  4 months ago     Sandy Burkhammer

"Vana stole my money and closed her office. Very long story short, I was able to get her disbarred! If she is still practicing, she is doing so illegally so please stay away!"

  5 months ago     Elizbeth LeMoine

"Paid Vana $5000 for horrible representation. She wrote one short letter for that to which the defendant wrote back with a reply that was basically a big middle finger. Nothing more. Nearly 3 years later she calls me up and says she needs more money to keep working the case. BS! If I could give negative stars I would."

  9 months ago     Dave G

"Vana was very unprofessional who I faithfully paid on time to her thousands of dollars, in which in return she did not even deliver or even try to fight for what was requested of her. I do not ever recommend anyone to her."

  1 year ago     Stephanie John

Renejuste Law & Associates
3049 Cleveland Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33901


3049 Cleveland Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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