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Romano Law


Romano Law

Accident & Injury, Toxic Mold & Tort, Wrongful Death, Car Accident, Insurance Malpractice

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Please include all relevant details from your case including where, when, and who it involves. Case details that can effectively describe the legal situation while also staying concise generally receive the best responses from lawyers.

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Daniel Romano

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Oct 10 2014
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Accident & Injury, Civil & Human Rights, Bankruptcy & Debt, Social Security, Bankruptcy

When Dan Romano was growing up, it was not his ambition and dream to go to law school and open his own firm. He did not follow a straight path. And he... (more)

"My names catherine stonecipher. Been calling about my case & no one returns my call. We've settled & yet no one's telling me when I'm getting my money. Never again will i use this firm!!! Im pregnant and very stressed how no ine keeps you updated"

  7 months ago     john knox

"If i would have read the reviews i definitely wouldn't have chosen this law firm they give little to no information you have to call them about anything you want to know although no one really has a answer. They have so many people handle the files they don't know what going on no one responds to voicemails bottom line be careful with them its like your working for yourself and the settle for so little"

  9 months ago     Tatiana Brown

"I've worked with this law firm twice. The first time was an auto accident case that they did a wonderful job on; thankfully, given the extensive surgery I required to return to a functional life. I was referred to them by a sitting judge and judge candidate in 2010. Everything went smoothly. Great experience. nnThen I hired them again in 2013/14 and the attorney they assigned me was nice and seemed eager, but after the initial lip service never followed through. I would have to call him every two or three months to track down an update of some sort. Many times I would have to call multiple times and feel like I was harassing them. nnIn retrospect, I wish I would have relieved them of duty and went to another firm, given the many red flags. My attorney, Stanley, told me multiple times that the law in Michigan would make my case an uphill battle. What really should have sent me running was when he excused himself from maintaining contact with me because, "We've had a lot of cases go to trial, and in this business we don't like to go to trial." Basically he was complaining about having to actually work in a courtroom. Another time he excused his performance by saying that Romano had recently had to terminate people for incompetence. Who says something like that to a client?nnOn my last call with Stanley, he informed me that the company that Romano pays to serve those that their clients are seeking judgement against failed to serve our defendant within three months, so the case is essentially lost. When I was upset about this, he consoled me by saying that I never had a case to begin with. nnI wish I would have switched law firms, or Stanley had had the guts to just come out and admit that he didn't have the conviction to represent me in my case. nnI've given Romano three stars in this review for the first case and deducted two for the second case. If I were reviewing based on the second case along, this would be a 1 star review or less.nnDan Romano, if you're reading this and things haven't changed at your firm in the past year or two, you've got some cleaning up to do there. If Joe the paralegal isn't there anymore, get him back at all costs!"

  1 year ago     Sean Dalton

"This Is The Worst Law Firm In The Entire Midwest And Maybe The Country. Run As Fast As You Can Away From This Firm. They Give You No Information On Your Case And They Settle For Peanuts. You Will Be Better Off Representing Yourself. My Wife Never Talked To One Attorney In The Whole 2 Years Of Her Lawsuit."

  11 months ago     Shaun Youknowme

"I would give the law firm 5 stars but because of the rude office manager that likes to hang up in clients faces, I have to stick with a rating of 1. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. Please replace the office manager before she cost more clients to leave!!"

  1 year ago     Neka White

Romano Law
23880 Woodward Avenue
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069


23880 Woodward Avenue
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069

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