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Daniel B. Ross

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Apr 20 2016
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Accident & Injury, Employment, Bad Faith Insurance, Immigration, Sexual Harassment
Trial Lawyer helping injury victims and employees who have been discriminated against or not paid

I often look at my clients who have been injured through no fault of their own and think, “That could be my daughter.” As an injury lawyer I work... (more)

At Ross Law Group, we help people resolve their problems. As lawyers who handle personal injury cases, unpaid and underpaid overtime and wage claims, employment law cases, and business disputes, we take pride in the settlements we obtain and the cases we win at trial in state and federal courts, but what is most important is that we assist our clients in putting their lives back together after they have been damaged by the actions of others.

We understand that when you need an attorney for the first time you are probably worried, confused, and maybe even angry. Daniel Ross knows how it feels and what it takes for someone to make that first call to a lawyer. Our goals are to ease your concerns and meet your needs by providing information about your options, a roadmap for proceeding, and a capable team to execute the plan. We explore every avenue in seeking the best resolution to your problems and giving you candid advice.

Ross Law Group’s attorneys represent clients throughout Texas and across the United States in claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, personal injury cases, employment law matters, and other legal issues.  We have offices in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio (meetings with a lawyer in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are by appointment only).

Learn more about how we can assist you and tell us about your case. We offer free consultations for most legal issues.  Se Habla Español.

Overtime ad Wage Claims, Severance Package Review and Negotiation

We invite you to contact our Austin, Texas based law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced Ross Law Group attorney.

"I consulted with Ross Law Group when I needed assistance and understanding about being treated unfairly in my workplace. After a discussion on the circumstances it was clear that we had a case. Brett Beeler was very professional in defending my case. He was patient in explaining the process of filing an EEOC and in the end the outcome was very favorable to me. I would recommend Brett Beeler and Ross Law Group to anyone looking for a professional attorney."

  8 months ago     JB Labrosse

"I sought a consultation and was told in a live chat that I would be receiving a call within a day. I called the next day to get an update, and was told that one of the three issues I brought up could not be handled by the firm and that therefore there was nothing they could do for me. My other two issues were ignored entirely, and what was said in the chat was much more optimistic than what was conveyed on the phone. Unless your grievances are very narrow and specific, you probably won't find help here. Dealing with this law firm was a waste of my time."

  9 months ago     Edward Browne

"I would recommend this law group to anyone! I dealt with Nicole Conger personally for over a year and I must say she is absolutely wonderful, Such a professional hard working attorney. She made my life so much easier as well as not feeding me a bunch a lies to make money. She truly does enjoy helping people in every way possible. I would go back to her at any time without hesitation."

  1 year ago     Jason Fox

"I found Ross Law Group online when I needed legal assistance. They directed me to an awesome lawyer in their firm. Brett Beeler worked hard on my case and was knowledgeable and informative as to what I should expect. Thank you Brett for all of your hard work in the face of a difficult situation!"

  1 year ago     Jason Faulkner

"I was very blessed to have been referred to Dan Ross of Ross Law Group by a close friend (and prior client of Mr. Ross). I had a very difficult commercial business matter, as well as personal injuries. He and his staff are professional, diligent, and have excellent customer service. They returned all my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner, and took as much time as I needed in order for me to understand my case and to make informed decisions. Throughout the 14 month process, I felt as if I was the only case they were working on because they gave me so much time and attention on the various matters that arise at every turn of litigation. Not only did Dan Ross (and another of his great attorneys, Megan Evans) prevent the defendants from getting the advantage, they were able to predict the next move from the other party throughout the case, and they were right every time. This kept me in a very good position all the way through. If you want your attorneys to care and move strategically when you have been wronged, (even if you have a very tricky case), I strongly recommend you call Ross Law Group and speak to Dan Ross or Megan Evans. They are very passionate about doing right by their clients. I really can't say enough great things about them. I grabbed a stack of their cards and have already distributed them to others who have the need for excellence regarding legal matters. Hopefully, I will never need to use their litigation services again, but if need be, I definitely know who I will call."

  1 year ago     Mary Beth Eastwood

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