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7480 Bird Rd
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7480 Bird Rd
Miami, FL 33155

Recent Legal Articles

“No Wage Theft Loophole Act” Passed in New York
the State of New York recently passed a bill closing what many considered a “loophole” in the state’s laws protecting employees against wage theft. Previously, while labor law in New York made it unlawful to withhold portions of an employee’s wage, it was unclear under what circumstances employers could seek exemption. The explicit purpose of Senate Bill S858 is “to clarify that Article 6 of New York’s Labor Law completely and without exception prohibits lack of distribution of earned wages.”
How COVID-19 has Impacted Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims
a brief summary of how COVID-19 has impacted Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims
COVID-19 and Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Claims
a brief summary of COVID-19 as a Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Claim
The Dark Scanner; and Your Rights
the expansion of facial recognition technology is moving faster than the law can keep up with.
5 Important Steps to Take After a St. Louis Car Crash
when involved in a car accident, several laws and legal procedures need to be followed and are often time-bound. A car accident lawyer can assist with these and ensure victims get the compensation they are legally entitled to.
Is Work-Related PTSD Covered by Missouri Workers’ Compensation?
according to the National Mental Health Centre, one out of ten Americans suffers trauma during their lifetime. A significant percentage of this group goes on to develop PTSD symptoms immediately or months after a traumatic event.
3M Earplugs-Not Protecting Those Protecting Us
the military used 3M earplugs for the military members from 2003-2015. Many of those protecting us were not protected by the earplugs. Hearing loss and/or tinnitus is rampant among military members because of the errors by 3M. It is important to hold 3M accountable and get the compensation our brave men and women of the military deserve.
 AFFF-Firemen Fighting Fires Now Fighting for Their Lives
our firefighters have fought to protect us from fires and manufacturers of the products meant to protect us are harming the firefighters who use them. Many have been diagnosed with cancer after exposure to AFFF. It is time to hold the manufacturers accountable.
Zantac-Turning Heartburn into Heartache
many people sought relief of heartburn by taking Zantac. Unfortunately, it left many victims and their families with heartache. Dozens of cancers are linked to taking Zantac. If you or a loved one took Zantac and later was diagnosed with cancer, act immediately before time runs out.
a Roselle Park, New Jersey Municipal Court Judge, Gary Bundy, recently ruled that Patricia Dilascio, a homeowner, violated a local ordinance by displaying various banners in her backyard stating, “Fuck Biden,” “Socialism Sucks Biden Blows,” “Fuck Biden, Not My President” Another banner read, “Fuck Biden” with a picture of Donald Trump raising both of his middle fingers. Bundy ordered the homeowner to remove the signs with “profanities” within a week or face a $250-a-day fine. Did Bundy’s order violate the homeowner’s First Amendment right of Free Speech? Most likely
Hernia Mesh-Making a Mesh Out of People’s Lives
hernia mesh is suppose to help people with hernias get their lives back. Unfortunately, many mesh products are defective and cause people more harm than good. Additional surgeries to remove the defective mesh or revise the defective mesh are needed.
Mesothelioma Destroying the Lives of America's Workers and Families
answers to mesothelioma frequently asked questions
Baby Powder(Talcum Powder) Destroying Countless Lives
talcum powder has been linked to cancer and the result has be devastating for many women and their families. Manufacturers, such as Johnson & Johnson, must be held accountable. The time to act is now before it is too late to file a claim.
Protection Orders in Nebraska
an Article discussing the different Protection Orders available in Nebraska and information about filing for a Protection Order without an Attorney.
How to Get Divorced in York, Nebraska.
an Article discussing the options available to get divorced in Nebraska and providing information about filing for divorce in Nebraska without an Attorney.
Why has Roger Stone become a critic in NFL concussion settlement?
why has Roger Stone become a critic in NFL concussion settlement?
5 Important Reasons Young Adults Need Estate Planning
an Article listing 5 important reasons why young adults would benefit from Estate Planning.
The Importance of Having both a Durable and Healthcare Power of Attorney
an Article discussing Durable and Healthcare Power of Attorney documentation in Nebraska and their functions and benefits.
Calls Mount for Court Intervention in NFL Concussion Settlement Administration
a year after the process for compensating former National Football League players under the $1 billion settlement agreement officially began, calls that the administrative process is too slow and clandestine have begun to mount.

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