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Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C.

Susan Fuller & Associates, P.C.

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Brian M. Close

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Accident & Injury, Criminal, Divorce & Family Law, State Appellate Practice, Federal Appellate Practice
Injury, Criminal, and Family Law Attorneys

Attorney Brian Close has built a reputation for his litigation and appellate skills. He has appeared on behalf of more than 3,000 clients, advising and counseling clients through some of the most... (more)

"Susan Fuller & Associates was a God send for me and my family. The staff was all so kind and professional. Jason Landress was the attorney assigned to our case. Jason paid close attention to the details of the accident involving my son. He remained very informative throughout the process so that we would be prepared on what to expect in court. It was certainly a comfort to know that Jason was there to represent the case and speak on our sons behalf. With a case dismissal and having our son's vehicle repaired , we couldn't be happier. We will certainly be recommending Susan Fuller & Associates to our friends. If in the future we need an attorney again, Jason Landress is the guy for the job! Thanks so much for everything."

  4 months ago     Ydhargrove hargrove

"I unfortunately wasted my time talking at great lengths with one of the attorneys at this law office this morning. After the guy basically walked me through the process that I WOULD HAVE TO go through to resolve what should be a very simple traffic matter. I.e.: careless driving ticket, wish to pay They told me it would be 2500-3000 to take on the case.. It's $200 matter max... I could understand 500, maybe even 1000 with some justification but come on.."

  5 months ago     Zachariah Dorsett

"BEWARE! Keep your money. There's no rating less than a star. Mitchell is completely inattentive, unprofessional and unable to function in a court room. OC, with multiple license revocations, sanctions and suspensions far outperformed Mitchell sat by billing $2 a minute. He screwed up so much, making a mockery of the entire divorce proceeding, while I found myself sending and resending the same messages and having duplicate conversations because he either can't remember, doesn't read his own notes or does it take notes. Complete incompetence!"

  3 months ago     Melodie F.

"I consulted with Jason about my case and the circumstances involved. He explained to me my options and the possible outcome and possibilities of my case. He was upfront with me and did not beat around the bush throughout the process. I hired him at a later date to pursue my case forward. He kept in contact with me every step throughout the case, and did not linger the case onward. Jason is very positive and a go getter for his clients. . Jason is very informational and will fill his client in with any changes or and updates as he moves forward with the case. I am very happy with the results on my case, and wouldn't have hired anyone else to pursue my case. Jason really knows his business and I would highly recommend him to anyone! tThank you Jason Landress your efforts were much appreciated"

  7 months ago     Cameron Green

"This firm has my respect for eternity, the most educated, motivated, professional team that iv met, everyone was always kind and helpful, I can not say how thankful i am for how much they worked with me in all aspects including some financial difficulties i had. When you have a team that challenges one another to drive success and uses everyone's years of experience, you get results. thank you Susan Fuller & Associates, thank you team, and thank you Jason Landress definitely wont ever meet another stand up guy like you."

  1 year ago     Nick Beard


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Parker, CO 80138


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Carbon Monoxide Exposure Inexcusable
The tragic news out of Niles, Michigan, this past weekend is both shocking and inexcusable. The children were exposed to over 800 parts per million of carbon monoxide, which exceeds the permissible 35 parts per million industry standard.
Boat Owner’s Duty & Liability To Passenger While Boarding
The Michigan Court of Appeals has just reaffirmed a boat owner’s duty and resulting liability to his/her passengers while boarding. The case is Lenhoff v Rechter, an unpublished per curiam opinion (Docket No. , dated May 12, 2016).
Call A Cab: Don’t Drink & Drive
With summer tourism in full swing here in Northern Michigan, particularly with the upcoming Cherry Festival and 4th of July festivities in all our harbor towns and area inland lake communities, it is never too late or too redundant to advocate against drunk driving. It affects us all.
No-Fault Medical Provider Actions Now At Potential Risk
On May 27, 2016, the Michigan Supreme Court has effectively signaled a complete 180 from its stated opinion exactly one-year ago, despite no change in the Court’s current composition of justices.
Supreme Court Denies Petition for Cert Before Judgment in DACA Case
On January 9, 2018, Judge William Alsup of the United States District Court for the District of Northern California preliminarily enjoined the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on multiple grounds.
Following the death of Debbie Smith’s son, Matt, the family learned what had happened to him.