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Employment, Employee Rights, Wrongful Termination, Whistleblower, Sex Discrimination

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Glenn D Levy

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Apr 13 2016
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Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Employment, Defamation & Slander

Glenn D. Levy graduated from The University of Texas in 1987 with a BBA in Finance. He attended and graduated from St. Mary’s University School of L... (more)

Over the past 25 years, I have been lead counsel or co-lead counsel in numerous unpaid wage class and collective actions on behalf of workers in a wide variety of industries.  I also negotiate employment and separation agreements, advise on various aspects of employment law compliance, and litigate disputes regarding breach of contract, termination of employment, discrimination, and other issues.
Specialties: Employer refusal to pay overtime pay rates
Unpaid wages and unpaid overtime
Failure to pay the minimum wage
Misclassification of an employee's exempt or non-exempt legal status
Discrimination for age, race, sex/gender, color, creed and national origin
Retaliation for discrimination, wage and hour, sexual harassment, Workers' Compensation retaliation, qui tam and whistle blower claims
An employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act

Oil and Gas, Commercial Litigation

"Do not ever hire this so called attorney. He is worthless, makes you do all work. Lies about everything a"

  11 months ago     Diane Newberry

"I visited Mr. Levy's office on 01/27/16 after speaking with him by phone about my employment law case. I am currently represented by another attorney but had felt put off by my current lawyer's lack of regular communication about my case. Mr. Levy explained during our visit together his plans for representing me, attempted twice to contact my lawyer by phone to negotiate his interest in the case, and had me to sign an "employment case contingent fee contract, assignment of interest, and power of attorney" agreement, in which I agreed to a 50% contingency fee agreement and payment up to $5,000 while the lawsuit is still being litigated. Because he had been unable to reach my current attorney Mr. Levy advised me that he would call him after I left the office to negotiate interest in the case. I was then provided a copy of the agreement Mr. Levy had me to sign. I contacted Mr. Levy on 01/29/16 by text message at the cell number provided to me prior to our office meeting on 01/27/16. He advised that he had not yet received a return call from my attorney's office, and I explained to him on 01/27/16 that my lawyer's office had called me on my way home from Mr. Levy's office, asking why I had contacted another lawyer. He replied to me 01/29/16 that he did not believe that my lawyer would wish to negotiate his fee and that I should keep my representation with them "because if they are not willing to release the file I will not take it. I am just too busy." I explained to Mr. Levy that I would prefer that he represent me and was told, "you are not understanding. I doubt I will be able to given their lack of concern in reaching out to me. I don't think it is going to work for me financially." I again requested that Mr. Levy contact their office, as he stated prior having me sign a written agreement, and he insisted that after "doing the math" he did not believe my case was worth it to him. I protested, citing the written agreement he had me to sign while in his office and asked why he was not "doing the math" before he had me to sign the contract. Mr. Levy responded that, "I have not agreed to take it on yet, and your misunderstanding that main point concerns me to the extent I do not want to now." He then requested that I call him, "so we could discuss this clearly", and began consistently raising his voice and interrupting me. I asked many times why he had had me to sign a contract in his office if he had not agreed to represent me. I explained to him that my current lawyer's office had called me and sounded highly suspicious because I had sought alternate representation. I further expressed concerns that I may no longer have representation because Mr. Levy had initially agreed to take my case but later changed his mind, to which Mr. Levy replied, "that's not my problem." My lawyer's office subsequently attempted to contact Mr. Levy but had not been able to reach him. Mr. Levy explained that he was "going out of town for a week" but would attempt to reach my attorney upon his return. Once he returned from his 1-week trip, he advised that he was physically ill but would attempt to reach my lawyer when he returns to the office. To date, Mr. Levy has not followed through with what he originally stated that he would do. I subsequently spoke to my current attorney and explained the reasons I had not felt satisfied with his representation. Since having spoken with him about the issues, I have felt significantly happier with his representation. Save your money and your time: do not place your trust in Mr. Levy. He regards others' issues as "not [his] problem" and does not do what he says he will do."

  3 years ago     Brian Sharp

"Glenn's expertise with wage claims and passion for labor law is spot on; he is exactly the guy you want representing you. He is quick and to the point and always willing to answer questions."

  3 years ago     Cynthia Huchingson

"Glenn cares about his clients. He informed me of my rights and handled my situation compassionately and professionally. His knowledge and experience are priceless. In my humble opinion, Glenn Levy is the best in the business."

  5 years ago     Derek Lee Nixon

"He did an awesome job! Couldn't have found a better guy to handle my lawsuit."

  3 years ago     Christopher Price

The Law Office of Glenn D. Levy
906 Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78212


906 Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78212

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