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The Law Office Of R Douglas Lenhardt, LLC.

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Robert Douglas Lenhardt

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Criminal, Bankruptcy, DUI-DWI, Personal Injury, Business & Trade

Doug Lenhardt concentrates his practice in the areas of Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, and Personal Injury. Since 2002, Doug has served the Athens community developing a reputation as a ammenable... (more)

"Great attorney that went above and beyond. Very attentive and even kept in contact while he was on vacation. Doesn't get much better than that!"

  1 month ago     William Slay

"Doug is an exceptional attorney. He does his due diligence, is very knowledgeable, and really fights for his clients rights. My son was blessed to have him as his attorney and as this was our first experience with the court system we couldn't have had a better attorney. He kept us informed always, he explained everything, and he was quick to respond to our questions and needs even if it was during the weekend or evenings. I am thankful that we were referred to Doug ."

  5 months ago     Kristy Collins

"Doug worked very hard on each of my cases and answered any and all questions I had. He ended the case with the best possible outcome for me. I have a lot of respect for him. Plus, he's witty and very intelligent - he knows his stuff, that's for sure!"

  2 months ago     Corrina Stanley

"Doug was AWESOME!!! Would very highly recommend his services, very down to earth and seems like a great father and family guy."

  19 days ago     Courtney Hild

"It was a pleasure doing business with him great and personable guy in the office and a very professional attorney in the court room. Did a great job on my case it a tough court. I highly recommend Doug lennheart"

  4 months ago     Randy Hellemn


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A key issue at the commencement of a divorce proceeding is accounting for the assets acquired and the debts accumulated by a couple during the course of a marriage.
A child custody hearing represents one of the most significant of proceedings held in divorce cases. Because of the significant nature of a child custody hearing, a parent needs to be well prepared for the proceeding. There are five key tips to bear in mind when preparing for a custody hearing.
Pennsylvania courts utilized a gender neutral standard known as the best interests of the child standard when making custody decisions in divorce and paternity cases. The standard focuses on ensuring that a particular custodial arrangement is designed to advance the best interests of the child.
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A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, awarded statutory damages of $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists in a suit that contended a building owner violated federal law when he painted over their artwork
Graffiti Art - New York
A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, awarded statutory damages of $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists in a suit that contended a building owner violated federal law when he painted over their artwork
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