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Lori R. Somekh

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Elder Law, Medicare & Medicaid, Power of Attorney, Estate, Real Estate Other
Helping Protect Seniors And Those Who Love Them

Lori R. Somekh was admitted to practice law in New York and the Federal Courts. She established her own firm in 1997. Ms. Somekh enjoys serving her clients’ elder law needs especially those... (more)

"3 Years ago I had the pleasure of hiring Somekh & Assoc for my father's Medicaid home care. Not knowing what I was doing Lori made the transition extremely easy for me and I have used her experience since. With her wide range of experience she has helped me with 2 closings. She just doesn't treat you like a client but like family staying on top of everything and making you aware every step of the way. If she is not happy with the way the transaction is going, it will not got done until she sees fit that her client is satisfied and all verbiage in the contracts and closings are properly worded and executed the way it should be. She sits with you and explains everything whenever I needed her she has always been there not as client but as a person. She works for you and always checks in with you to see if everything is OK she makes you feel like family. I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT HER"

  1 year ago     Joseph Porsia

"I met with Lori Somekh and am filled with knowledge and next steps of what I need to do for mom. Ms. Somekh is caring and on top of the details, asks pertinent questions. She knows her stuff. Can't say enough good things about her services. She's got the Trusts and Estates and Elder Law topics down to a tee, with all the i's dotted. Thanks for the consultation!"

  1 year ago     Garey Simmons

"I have worked with Somekh & Associates many times with success. Attorney Somekh is very professional, knowledgeable and demonstrates a strong concern for her clients. Clients will be in good hands with the capable attorneys at Somekh & Associates."

  1 year ago     wiggle bean

"She is a bum !"

  5 months ago     Peter Hatzioannides


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