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Brian Xavier Pendergraft

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on May 12 2016
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Landlord-Tenant, Real Estate, Family Law, Criminal

Brian Pendergraft is a resourceful lawyer that uses his most valuable resource, his time, on studying and practicing law to provide his clients with a... (more)

Welcome to! A landlord-tenant law resource brought to you by The Pendergraft Firm LLC

A landlord-Tenant lawyer is an attorney that studies the application of law that governs landlord-tenant relations in Maryland. These sources include but are not limited to: Maryland State Law, local county law, federal law, and case law. These rules prescribe the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. The Pendergraft Firm can help you by advocating on your behalf and fighting for your landlord or tenant rights.

Landlord Strategy and Services

Before leasing units to tenants landlords should familiarize themselves with Maryland law and draft a written lease agreement with the help of a landlord-tenant lawyer. Based on my experience in most cases landlords win or lose at trial BEFORE stepping into the courtroom. If a landlord complies with Maryland landlord-tenant law, and files suit under the correct cause of action, she generally is awarded both possession of the property and a monetary award. Landlords who do not comply with Maryland landlord tenant law often take months to evict a tenant, and most likely will not receive a monetary award.

We assist landlords in drafting leases that comply with Maryland landlord-tenant law. We also help landlords with the eviction process and the collection of rent money.

Tenant Strategy and Services

Tenants can use the Courts to ensure landlords make repairs to their property or to return security deposits. Tenants seeking to avoid eviction or paying rent can do so if their landlord does not comply with Maryland law. I have helped many tenants avoid eviction or paying rent because their landlord did not comply with Maryland landlord-tenant law. The biggest mistake tenants often make is consulting with an attorney after a judgment against them has already been issued and the eviction process has begun. Reversing an eviction is very possible, but it is an uphill battle that should be avoided at all costs. Consult with an attorney before your first court appearance. On the other hand, a tenant knowledgeable of Maryland law may be able to have a landlord’s case dismissed and win the equivalent of three months rent, attorney’s fees, and court costs!

We assist tenants by drafting and reviewing leases, ensuring landlords repair property and return security deposits, and by defending against landlords in the District Court of Maryland.

Please contact me for an initial consultation. Fees: Hourly ($250-350/hour), contingent (33-40%), Retainer (sometimes) Payment types: Cash, Credit card
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6411 Ivy Lane Suite 402
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