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Ambrosio Eduardo Rodriguez

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, White Collar Crime

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Ambrosio E. Rodriguez is dedicated to meeting your criminal defense needs. If you or a loved one is under inves... (more)

"Best service and attention ever. Everybody in the office was really nice and gave me all attention since first moment. Super efficient team. I have no words for being grateful for all assistance since the begging. Always positive and with the best solutions. You can really trust. High recommend! Humanity, solutions, smarterness. Thank you so much guys."

  1 year ago     Gisele leles

"My son was wrongfully accused of a very serious felony charge. My son was extremely fortunate and relieved when he was introduced to the Rodriguez Law Group. Having been a former prosecuting Senior District Attorney for the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Ambrosio Rodriguez helped him by utilizing his vast knowledge and experience within the Riverside County judicial system. Ambrosio Rodriguez' law group was always helpful and understanding with his situation. Ambrosio Rodriguez and his staff worked diligently to have my son's side heard by the District Attorney's Office and as a result, there were no charges filed. My son, as well as myself, highly recommend the Rodriguez Law Group for your legal needs. I can't thank Ambrosio Rodriguez enough for everything he and his law group has done for my son."

  1 year ago     Susan Sargent

"This firm saved my life. Ambrosio Rodriguez and his team are the smartest, most hard working attorneys in LA. I started off with another attorney from another firm and decided to cut my losses and leave him and hire Ambrosio Rodriguez. While the other attorney told me my case was hopeless and I should just take the deal the DA was offering at the start, Ambrosio went above and beyond to break down the DAs case so that they had no choice but to give me a better deal. Because he worked as a DA for so many years before he became an attorney, he knew all the right things to do to poke holes in their case. I ended up with an amazing deal and now I can keep my job and take care of my family. I can't tell you how relieved I am. I feel like God sent me Ambrosio Rodriguez, and I am so grateful. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez for believing in me and my case and saving my life."

  1 year ago     Jennifer Salam

"The Rodriguez Law Group has monumental support for Veterans. Erick V Munoz is an experienced attorney who handled my case diligently. Thank you and the rest of the team at Rodriquez Law. I'd post a picture of the smile on my face with the outcome except cameras aren't allowed inside the court room."

  1 year ago     David Valdivia

"I was originally charged with 6 felony counts and facing some serious prison time. The district attorney on the case , Ashley Rosen was on a absolute witch hunt for me or for another conviction for her record . The co-defendant was represented by James Blatt ( LA's best lawyer?).The plea offer was 6+ years in state prison . I refused to accept. After Wasting time and money with two other attorneys (Patrick smith )&(Rayford Fountian ) and getting absolutely nowhere , I choose to go for attorney number three . I needed a real attorney , I needed the BEST Los Angeles had to offer ' Mr Rodriguez '. After consulating with Ambrosio Rodriguez , I felt there was still hope for me or my case . I hired Mr Rodriguez on the spot (best decision of my life). Ambrosio was a former DA himself for over a decade as well as his partner at the Rodriguez law group . With this experience he was able to see the case from both sides, which was a real advantage to us. After a long battle we decided to take it to TRIAL . Mr Rodriguez didn't skip a beat , he worked extensively hard and aggressively on my case . Come TRIAL time he absolutely KILLED it . I mean I couldn't have asked for more . He ate the co-defendants proffer alive , proved the police to be negligent and untruthful , as well as made an example of the District attorneys INCOMPETENTS. I literally testified to the jury that I was guilty on all of the counts. The max would have been 7+ years and min would have been 6+ years in state prison. The way Mr Rodriguez presented me and my case left the jury no other option but to nullify me. ALL 12 jury memebers came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict . WE BEAT THE CASE . Fair and square . I wouldn't hire anyone except the Rodriguez law group .Specifically ' Mr Rodriguez '. TRUELY THE DREAM TEAM !"

  1 year ago     Dylan Beman

The Rodriguez Law Group
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626 Wilshire Blvd
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