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I was awarded the AV Preeminent Highest Level of Professional Excellence-an honor only 3 percent of attorneys can claim- and High Ethical Standing Peer Rating by Martindale-Hubbell and also recognized as one of the 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Broward County, for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.  I have been endorsed by the US Union Network, which serves some 4,700 unions with 7 million individual users nationally, including over 722,000 Florida Union employees. Furthermore, I have achieved and hold a 10.0 Top Attorney rating from Avvo.com and a 100/100 Quality Point rating from Lawyer.com. My client reviews and attorney endorsements can be found here: https://www.lorenlgoldpa.com/endorsements/

In 1990, I established my private practice to protect and aid those who have been harmed. I find it particularly satisfying to seek and achieve justice for people and families that have been damaged due to negligence. Fighting for the rights of those who are suffering, against a system which all but bullies those people, impassions me and my elite team of civil and criminal litigators. Witnessing the hard-earned justice that I have achieved for my thousands of clients, against immense adversity, fills me with hope. When I help each of my clients regain what has been lost in their lives, it affirms me of the absolute power of an individual to create positive change. Defending your rights has been not only my career for almost thirty years- it has been my calling and passion. When you enlist me for help, you truly will have an advocate on your side who is personally dedicated to protecting your rights, will guide you and act as your voice through the restoration process.

For almost 30 years, I have exclusively represented the injured in all types of cases, including auto, truck, motorcycle, slip and fall, product and 3rd party liability work-related claims. Additionally, I offer concierge and co-counseling services.

I began my insurance claims career in Plantation, FL as a bodily injury liability claims representative with The Travelers Insurance Company; I investigated and handled all types of auto, truck, slip and fall, product liability and Workers Compensation claims for its national corporate accounts and self-insureds. I investigated significant exposure and fatality claims for the claim department’s serious injury unit. When you call on me for help, you will have on your side a lawyer who has an intimate understanding of how an insurance company will view and deal with your case; this is an asset that has not only enabled me to provide advice to my clients, it has also enabled me to be an extremely effective negotiator on my client’s behalf.
Currently, at Loren L. Gold, P.A., I direct all required investigative and paralegal work, and I personally review all investigative documents and all medical treatment records.  Most of my clients’ contact is not with my paralegal(s) or investigator(s) but is directly with me.

I personally evaluate my clients’ cases, provide, and argue all the accident details to the adjuster(s) and/ or attorney(s) including but not limited to: investigation, medical records, bills, liens, and my clients’ impairment/ residuals resulting from the accident.

Much of my clientele has been referred by other clients, the legal and medical community, friends and family. Furthermore, I represent many people whose residency is either outside Broward County, or even the state of Florida entirely.

Each situation and case are unique; I strive to guide my clients through the challenges of every case.

As a result, through the years and several thousand cases my clients have received damages that total over 25 million dollars.

Please contact me to discuss your concerns.

 - Loren L. Gold
Position Organization Location Duration
PresidentLoren L. Gold, P.A.Ft. Lauderdale, FL1990 to the present
AdjusterTravelers Insurance CompanyPlantation, FL1988-1990
School Degree Major Graduation
Florida State University College of LawJ.D. Law School1988  
Florida State UniversityM.S.Economics1982
Florida State UniversityB.S.Economics1980
State / Court Date
FloridaJanuary, 1989

  • Florida Bar Association  (1989- present)

    Broward County Bar Association

    F.S.U Alumni Association  (Lifetime Member)
  • Graduated Cum Laude Florida State University B.S. Economics 1980

    Governor's Office Intern : Revenue & Economic Analysis 1981

    Dept. of Natural Resources Legal Intern : Div. Beaches & Shores 1985

    Reasearch Asst. Prof. / Dean Don Weidner : F.S.U. College of Law 1986

    Judicial Intern Hon. Lewis Killian : U.S. Bankruptcy Court 1987

    Top Contributor Avvo.com:  2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

    Clients Choice Award Avvo.com: 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

    10/10 Superb Rating: Avvo.com 2018

    Top 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys for Client Satisfaction in Broward County by American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys: 2018  

    AV Rated: Preeminent Highest Level of Professional Excellence and Highest Ethical Standing by Martindale Hubble: 2018

  • Car accident; 2017 | $100,000 | Torn Miniscus | BI and UIM   Car accident; 2017 | $300,000 | Fractured Pelvis and Sacrum| Biciclyst with Disputed Liability| Able to more than double UIM coverage Slip and Fall on Wet Floor, Work Related Third Party Claim; 2017 | $250,000| Fractured Hip     Fall from Scaffold, Work Related Third Party Claim; 2016 | $188,000 | Back Surgery | Contested Tort Immunity by Property Owner and General Contractor   Slip & Fall on Transitory Substance; 2016 | $250,000 | Exacerbation of Cervical Fusion | Disputed Notice Trip & Fall; 2015 | $350,000 | Hip Fracture | Uneven Walkway | Disputed Liability Slip & Fall; 2015 | $ 117,500 | Torn Rotator Cuff | Wet Floor | Disputed Liability Premises Liability; 2013 | Heel and Ankle Fractures | $240,000 | Defective Steel Staircase | Disputed Liability Pedestrian / Car Accident; 2012 | Jaw and Dental Fractures | $172,000 | Forklift Accident / Work Related; 2011 | Foot Fractures | $ 100,000 | Car Accident; 2010 | Fractured Ribs and Punctured Lung $ 250,000 | Passenger Truck Accident / Work Related; 2010 | Mild Traumatic Brain Injury | $500,000 | Disputed Uninsured Motorist Coverage Car Accident; 2009 | Neck and Back Injuries | $ 137,500 | Moderate Property Damage Car Accident; 2008 | Neck and Shoulder Injuries | $ 100,000 | Minimal Property Damage Bicyclist / Car Accident; 2007 | Shoulder, Wrist and Knee Injuries | $ 137,500 | Car Accident; 2007 | Neck, Back and Knee Injuries | $ 110,000 | Pre-existing Conditions Fall / Work-Related; 2005 | Facial, Elbow and Arm Fractures | $ 288,000 | Unrailed Stairs Car Accident; 2005 | Mild Traumatic Brain Injury | $ 225,000 | Disputed Medical Causation Premises Liability; 2005 | $ 200,000 | Burns & Disfigurement | Minor Child Wrongful Death, Pedestrian; 2004 | $150,000 | Disputed Medical Causation and Liability Car Accident; 2004 | $ 120,000 | Hip and Low Back Injuries | Moderate Property Damage Wrongful Death, Car Accident; 2003 | $245,000 | Disputed Liability Car Accident; 2003 | Herniated Disc in Neck | $250,000 | Minimal Property Damage

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    If I do not have uninsured auto coverage will an Umbrella Policy cover medical bills from an accident?

    Adding uninsured motorist coverage to my auto policy will double my premium. I would rather spend the money on an Umbrella Policy. Not sure if the Uninsured motorist insurance has to be in place, to be covered by the Umbrella.


    In general, my recommendation to my clients is to carry the maximum UM/UIM affordable. You will need to have at least equal the amount in BI Liability since the BI amount determines the maximum amount of UM/UIM offerred.

    Even if you can elect UM/UIM on an Umbrella without it on the primary policy, practically speaking, you would be without UM/UIM at least for the 1st $300,000 in losses or $500,000 in the case of some companies, which require $500,000 underlying coverage.



    I work at a grocery store and had a spill and fall inside a cooler and cut open my face. It was related to a wet floor inside the cooler do to a leak on the roof. The store had multiple slip and fall of costumer do the roof leaking in the store at different places. It happens when it rain the cooler fills and no matter how many time you mop it stays wet do to the moisture inside. I have been out of work for over 4 mouth but have been getting works comp. Was told by a lawyer that I can't sue my employer because of works comp. But if somebody fixed the roof wrong then I can go after them. Told management about the leak and was told that the property owners are the one that fix that and they just pass the info of the leaks or other structural problems to them to fix when they want.


    In general, the property owners and any other party responsible for maintenance and repair of the building inside and outside and maintenance and repair inside and outside of the cooler may be held responsible, provided they are not immune to suit as you point out.

    The potential Defendants in that claim would be subject to a different standard of care, and additional remedies may be available to you that are not available through the comp system, i.e.: pain & suffering and disfigurement.

    Both cases can be pursued at the same time, although they must be pursued separately.

    Contact an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who handlles injuries in FL due to negligent building mainteance and repair.



    Do I have a case against my son's aftercare facility?

    My son (6) was pushed from part of the playground at his aftercare and broke his arm. Noone called me to notify me that my son was crying and complaining that he couldn't move his arm. I arrived at 6:20 to pick him up and was then told what happened. They told me they put ice on his arm.. When I saw his arm, it was bent and visibly broken. Went to the ER where he got an X-Ray and was put in a cast. The next day, I went to the aftercare and asked for the accident report which stated that the incident happened at 4:30. My son was sitting there with a broken arm for 2 hours and no one called me. I am upset because when I told them this they claimed they did call me and it went to voicemail. No messages were left, none of the other emergency contacts were called. Is there a case?


    This is a very unfortunate incident and I hope for your son's full recovery without any complications.

    Definitely need further investigation here, regarding surrounding facts before and of the incident as well as all parties involved.

    Consult an experienced Personal Injury Attorney handling FL cases to inform you what is involved in bringing a claim on behalf of your son (a minor) in general and the specifics for this type of case.



    Slip and Fall at Walmart in West Palm Beach Florida

    I was shopping at Walmart and went to the oil isle and got some oil. I then left that isle and rounded the end of the isle and started down the next isle. When a rug runner that was in front of the counter went right out from under my feet. I fell on the floor and hurt my back and numbness in my left leg and I have headaches. This happened Sunday and I tried to go to the chiropractor but even with my insurance they want $143 and I do not have that to spend. What should I do? I have photos I took of the carpet and floor. The carpet was sitting on top of oil or water. I have a picture of the back of the rug runner really wet. Need help and advice.


    My General advice is to seek ER treatment for this type of incident and injury.

    Additionally, your policy may have a lower or no co pay at all for this type of care as many insurance policies do not provide the best coverage for chiropractic care.

    Seek consultation with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney that handles FL cases.



    I fell in a hole while walking my dog and HURT my knee and ankle at the hotel we are staying at
    Could not see the hole come to find out it was a hole for the gas thing here that had not been maintained properly I have pictures of it and I'm having to go to the ER for my leg what can I do


    My basic general advice for your type of incident follows:

    Give accurate accident and injury history to ER.

    Provide your health insurance.

    Follow instructions given by ER.

    Report the fall to the Hotel and obtain a copy of an Incident Report.

    Do not give any type of statement or recording beyond the basic scope above without consulting attorney.

    Obtain witness information.

    Preserve your shoes as evidence for later if necessary.

    Consult with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney that can handle slip / trip and falls in FL



    My son who is special needs,and in a after school program for kids like him was brought home injured (he had broken 2 bones in his arm) I was never notified,and there was no incident report,I had later found out that he was not being superved and he fell due to him not being watched and because of there floors,I lost my Job due to this..

    But what I don't understand is that my attorney said he is not going after the school bord(this program is on a public school property) but he his going after the programs insurance company because he said they have a million dollar payout(witch I don't understand)and our letter for demands went out two weeks ago for 90,000 and my attorney says he doesn't think we will get anything near that and i don't seem to understand what the process is



    I am sorry for your son's injury, especially due to his need for special care in the first place, and ironically winding up injured due to lack of supervision from the special care giver. I hope he makes a full recovery.

    As the client, you have the authority to accept or reject any settlement offer received. However, after that, a judge will most likely need to approve the amount of any settlement and proceeds for your son's benefit.
    The attorney's result will need to withstand such scrutiny, and you will be asked to comment on the job he did and confirm your understanding that the result is in the best interest of your son.

    That being said, make sure you understand what the total value of your son's case is and how that value is determined. There are many variables to consider when evaluating a case, concerning what are termed economic and non-economic damages. Ask your attorney to break it down to the basic parts so you can understand how it all adds up.

    If you do not agree with his evaluation and strategy, you can protect your son's interest by seeking another legal opinion from a Personal Injury attorney that handles injuries to minors in Florida.

    I hope the best interests of your son are served and that this provides some help in that regard.
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(1988) Juris Doctorate, Florida State University, College of Law. Verified with DegreeVerify.August 18, 2015
(1982) Master of Science, Florida State University. Verified with DegreeVerify.August 18, 2015
(1980) Bachelor of Science, Florida State University. Verified with DegreeVerify.August 18, 2015
(1989) Licensed as Attorney in Florida. Verified with State Bar of FloridaJuly 31, 2015

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Loren L. Gold
8050 Cleary Blvd.
Suite 503
Plantation, FL 33324


8050 Cleary Blvd.
Suite 503
Plantation, FL 33324

Other Locations:
  • Serving Fort Lauderdale,the surrounding area as well as statewide.



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