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Larry B. Maier

Larry Maier Lawyer

Larry B. Maier
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Family Law, Banking & Finance, Wills & Probate, Government Agencies, Corporate, Collaborative Law; Health Care; Land Use & Zoning; Premises Liability; Wills; Contract; Divorce; Motor Vehicle; Employment; Bankruptcy; Trusts; Credit & Debt; Landlord-Tenant; Farms; Education; Business Organization; Collection; Elder Law; Dispute Resolution; Child Support; Estate Planning; Real Estate; Car Accident; Adoption; Mental Health; Defect and Lemon Law; Litigation; Insurance; State and Local; Personal Injury

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I am a solo general practitioner by choice, not by chance. This type of practice provides the opportunity to mold my practice after the ideal of the old time family lawyer or doctor. Every client who comes to my office meets with and is represented by me, not by the newest member of the firm who has an empty calendar. All of my clients are treated with the same attention, concern and respect, regardless of their wealth or the value of their case. I am able to represent my clients as individuals, not profit centers, and to help them find a resolution that suits their goals and preferences rather than my own.

Thirty-two years of legal practice has shaped my legal philosophy to believe that my job is to help my clients, not control them. I provide options and information rather than decisions, and then help my clients choose which option best suits them. If a client wants or needs to litigate, I provide all the reasonable aggressiveness and fight that is within the bounds of professional ethics. On the other hand, knowing that it is often best, in the long run, for clients to reach compromises and settlements, I will not drag my clients into court. If they desire a less hostile or less expensive resolution, I do my best to help them achieve their objective while avoiding the kind of legal warfare which may have lasting consequences far beyond the immediate issue.

Much of my practice involves the representation of average Americans with common legal needs and problems, rather than large companies or institutions, Having a solo practice has allowed me to help clients with family concerns, such as pre-nuptial agreements and adoptions at the beginning of family life, and powers of attorney in later years. I help folks with their financial affairs through wills, trusts, and eventually with the management of estates. In some instances I have assisted several generations from the same family.

Unfortunately, sometimes families break apart, A significant portion of my practice includes all aspects of family law: divorce, separation, custody, support, and the division of marital property, It is in this area I find it most important to help my clients to decide whether they need to go to war, or to compromise. For those who prefer to avoid litigation altogether, I offer a mediation practice where I participate as a neutral mediator (see my Mediation page).

I help clients set up corporations, LLC's and partnerships.

When their financial situation deteriorates beyond their ability to cope, I help people obtain relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcies.

I represent several municipal entities in Northern Lancaster County, which allows me to assist clients with zoning, land planning and real estate needs with the benefit of many years of experience dealing with municipal officials and bodies. Due to my years of experience, I am familiar with the inner workings of boards of supervisors, zoning hearing boards and municipal authorities, which knowledge helps me obtain results for my clients.

Finally, like a family doctor, I have the experience to know when a client's situation requires the help of a specialist, and I will not hesitate to make a referral when appropriate. In this way I can help people to avoid the time and extra expense if a specialist is not required, and direct them to the appropriate firm or attorney if it is.

Initial consultations are offered at a pre-determined reasonable cost.

If you prefer personal attention from an attorney with many years of experience in a broad array of legal areas, please feel free to give me a telephone call. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss a prospective client's needs over the telephone in order to allow the client to decide if they would be comfortable having me as their attorney. I am happy to provide fees upon request and I am willing to accommodate scheduling problems with evening appointments or, when necessary, to travel to a home, hospital, or nursing home when travel is a problem.

School Degree Major Graduation
Temple University School of Law Law School N/A
Bucknell University N/A N/A N/A
State / Court Date
Pennsylvania 1975 N/A

Service Type:Private


1390 West Main Street
Ephrata, PA 17522


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