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Blogs by Harry M. Rifkin, Esquire found at

Lawsuits against private schools and universities: what you need to know

A blog post about filing lawsuits against non-public schools. The blog outlines differences between suing a pubic educational facility and private ones.

Student loan debt holding graduates back from starting businesses

"Student loan debt has become almost like an illness for many in the US – and if you don’t have it, you probably know someone who has or is currently being affected by it."

Lawsuit responses recommended: judgments granted as debtors fail to come forward

Insurmountable debt usually arises due to issues beyond our control. While going on wild spending sprees and racking up the dollars in credit card debt is always a temptation, most of us decline to do so because of the consequences involved later—mainly because the money owed must be paid back or creditors will come after you.

Credit delinquencies grow, along with judgments & millennials may be in the dark

Taking on multiple credit cards even while your credit is good can be a slippery slope. The temptation is there to max out balances, no matter your financial standing—and if something goes wrong with your finances, you could find yourself being sued by creditors for payment.

The second circuit court of appeals confirms that annulled awards can be enforced

One year after the Pemex, the U.S. Second Circuit distinguished a more recent decision by confirming that annulled awards cannot be enforced.

Show them yours

A discussion about the benefits of making voluntary disclosures during the discovery process

2015 trial advocacy workshop

Discussion on Florida Bar Family Law Section Trial Workshop

Alternate dispute resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution