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Joseph Alexander Paletta, Attorney

Joseph Paletta Lawyer

Joseph Alexander Paletta

DUI-DWI, Criminal, Traffic, Medical Malpractice

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I am Joseph Paletta, a veteran attorney having represented more than 10,000 clients in over 25 years of experience as a trial lawyer. Whether your issue is a drug or D.U.I. arrest, let me be the "Solution to your Legal Problem".

In addition to helping licensed professionals such as Doctors, Nurses and other Lawyers with legal problems which could have jeopardized their ability to graduate or proceed to post-graduate studies, our office also offers "Expungement" services which means clearing ones criminal record, which can be significant for those seeking a career which may require criminal background checks.  These careers may include opportunities in the financial area such as banking and accounting, law, and the medical field.

I understand how important it is for my clients to receive the best possible outcome available and one that will not damage their record. For this reason, I work closely with my clients to develop a strategy that will assist us in achieving an outcome most favorable to them.

Time is of the essence, so you must contact me immediately to discuss your case.

Position Organization Location Duration
Arbitration Board Member Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County Pennsylvania N/A 1990 - 2005
Special Master Appt. by USDC Judge Alan N. Bloch United States District Court for The Western Dist. of Pennsylvania N/A 1987 - 1987
Business Owner Joseph A. Paletta, Esq. N/A 1985 - Present
General Trial Counsel Allegheny County Office Of The Public Defender N/A 1985 - Present
School Degree Major Graduation
Duquesne University School of Law J.D. Law School 1985
Duquesne University School of Law JD - Juris Doctor Law 1985
Washington and Lee University BA - Bachelor of Arts European History 1982
State / Court Date
Pennsylvania 1986
  • Allegheny County Bar Assoc., Criminal Litigation Section-Executive Council
    Pennsylvania Bar Association
    American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys-Founding Member
    Association of Trial Lawyers of America-1987 - 1988
  • Top 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction-American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys-2016
    Top 10 Best Criminal Law Firms for Client Satisfaction-American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys-2015
    Top 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction-American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys-2015
    BV Rated-Martindale-Hubbell-2015
    Top 100 Criminal Lawyers in the State of Pennsylvania-American Society of Legal Advocates-2015
    Top Lawyer 2015-Continental Who's Who-2015
    Top 100 Trial Lawyers-The National Trial Lawyers-2014
    Top 10 Best Criminal Law Attorneys for Client Satisfaction-American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys-2014
    BV Rated-Martindale-Hubbell-2014
    Top 100 DUI Attorneys in the State of Pennsylvania-National Advocacy for DUI Defense-2014
    Top 100 Criminal Lawyers In The State of Pennsylvania-American Society of Legal Advocates-2014
    Top 100 DUI Attorneys in the State of Pennsylvania-National Advocacy for DUI Defense-2013
    BV Rated-Martindale-Hubbell-2013
    Top 100 Criminal Lawyers In The State of Pennsylvania-American Society of Legal Advocates-2013
    BV Rated-Martindale-Hubbell-2012
    Certificate of Good Standing-Supreme Court of Pennsylvania-2012
    Certificate of Training-Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing-2011
    FBI Citizens' Academy-U.S. Department of Justice-2008
  • Commonwealth v. D.D.
    Defendant charged with violating Title 75 §3365 §§B - SPEEDING IN SCHOOL ZONE Disposition: Defendant accepted a Plea Bargain to violating § 3111 - Obedience to traffic-control devices, which carried no points. In exchange, the violation at §3365§§B was Withdrawn.

  • Commonwealth v. R.R.
    Client was charged with: 75§3714 §§A – Careless Driving - Summary 75 §3745 - Leaving Scene of Accident - Summary Disposition: Attorney Paletta filed a Conviction Appeal for the two above referenced charges. If found guilty on these two charges, Defendant would incur a suspension of their drivers license due to the assignment of points for these charges exceeding the number of points allowed. In order to avoid a license suspension, a plea to an offense carrying no points or a not-guilty disposition for these two charges is necessary. Following the conclusion of the Summary Appeal Hearing, Defendant was found Not Guilty on all charges and Defendant was no longer in jeopardy of incurring a license suspension.

  • Commonwealth v. V.L.
    Client was charged with violating Title 75 §1543 §§B1 – (Driving License Suspended/Revoked (DUI related) - as a Summary offense. Following Defendant's Summary Trial, Defendant plead Guilty to a lesser charge - of violating §1543 §§A - Driving While Operating Privileges are Suspended/Revoked, which unlike the original violation charged, carried no jail time.

  • Commonwealth v. L.K. (DUI - 2nd Offense)
    Client was charged with numerous offenses including Violation of Title 75 §3802 §§A1 (DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely) as a Misdemeanor, 75 §3301 §§D2 (DUI: Controlled Substance – Impaired Ability) as a Misdemeanor, 75 §3714 §§A(Careless Driving) as a Summary, 75 §3802 §§A1 (Reckless Driving) as a Summary offense. Case Facts: Police arrive at the scene of a motor vehicle accident in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and observe Defendant in an ambulance. Defendant was transported to the hospital where asked to submit to a blood draw, which was refused. Upon being released from the hospital, Defendant was immediately arrested for Driving Under the Influence, transported to the police station and administered the Field Sobriety Tests. Defendant, already having an active DUI case, faced penalties for a Second Offense, in addition to a 1 year license suspension if found guilty. Verdict: Attorney Paletta presented a Motion to Suppress, alleging that the arrest of Defendant was made without a warrant, Probable Cause or exigent circumstances. The Judge GRANTED Attorney Paletta’s Motion to Suppress with respect to all DUI charges. The Commonwealth filed a Petition for Partial Nolle Prosse. ALL DUI CHARGES AGAINST DEFENDANT WERE NOLLE-PROSSED/ WITHDRAWN. DEFENDANT PLEAD GUILTY TO THE CARELESS DRIVING – SUMMARY OFFENSE. With these charges Withdrawn, Defendant was now eligible for admission into the A.R.D. program on the previous (First) DUI case.

  • Commonwealth v. D.H. (DRUG CHARGES)
    Client was charged with numerous Drug Charges including...2 counts of Manufacture, Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver as Felony offenses and 1 count of Possession of a Controlled Substance charged as a Misdemeanor. With the use of a Confidential Informant, Police allege that Defendant was involved in activity related to the above charges. The Commonwealth DISMISSED their case against Defendant and ALL CHARGES WERE NOLLE PROSSED. Defendant was not convicted of any crime.

  • Commonwealth v. R.P.
    Client Charged with: Attempt to Commit the Crime of Criminal Homicide – Murder 2 counts - Agg. Assault with Firearm (Handgun) – Felony 5 counts – Misdemeanors Defendant was alleged to have shot the victim two times at close range with the intent to kill or cause serious bodily injury. Following a Non-Jury Trial before the Honorable Anthony M. Mariani, Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of Murder - Attempt to Commit Criminal Homicide, Aggravated Assault (intentionally causing injury with a firearm), NOT GUILTY of Robbery using a firearm, GUILTY of Aggravated Assault by recklessly causing serious bodily injury using a firearm, and GUILTY of Misdemeanor crimes. Sentencing has been scheduled for sometime in October 2012.

  • Interview with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh defense attorneys question Sandusky strategy-2012
    Trib Live-Munhall contractor is accused of fraud-2012
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Judge: Greenfield man’s sentence for shooting ex-girlfriend not deserved-2012
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Former Pittsburgh science teacher pleads guilty in robberies-2011
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Ex-FrankliRegional teacher denies he sent texts to teen-2011
    WPXI-West Deer Man To Stand Trial For ATV Accident-2009
    TribLive-Probe: Deals cost department $175K-2007
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-2007 The Year In Quotes-2007
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Tape roils a Fayette municipal authority-2007
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Officials ignored volatile situation in arena deal-2007
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Briefs: Police officer taken to hospital after crash-2006
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Briefs: Man gets two to five years in gunfight death-2005
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette-Beaver Falls Builder Facing Fraud Charges-2003
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette        LINCOLN-LEMINGTON: Murder sentencing-2003
    Post Gazette-Juvenile Court Journal: A little lie tears a girl from her dad-2002
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette        Penn Hills couple pleads guilty in embezzlement of $1.6 million-2000
    Post-Gazette-Jury clears man who gave near-fatal dose of heroin-1999
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Joseph Paletta has been a Premium Member since January 30, 2017.
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1986) Licensed as Attorney in Pennsylvania. Verified with Pennsylvania Bar Association. March 09, 2017

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Commonwealth v. A.S. (Possession - Misdemeanor)(2017-01-31 20:42:18)
Client was charged with: 35 780-113(A)(16) -2 counts of Prohibited Acts - Possession - Misdemeanors 35 780-113(A)(31) -1 count - Prohibited Acts - Misdemeanor 35 780-113(A)(32) -1 count Prohibited Acts - Misdemeanor

Commonwealth v. M.G. - (Preliminary Hearing - Drug Charges)(2017-01-31 20:45:28)
Charge/Violation: 35 § 780-113 §§A16 - Prohibited Acts - Possession - (Misdemeanor) 35 § 780-113 §§A31 - Prohibited Acts - (Misdemeanor) 35 § 780-113 §§A32 - Prohibited Acts - (Misdemeanor)

Commonwealth v. A.L. (Drug Charges)(2017-01-31 20:47:32)
Misdemeanor - Possession of Controlled Substance By Person Not Reg. Misdemeanor - Possession of Marijuana Misdemeanor - Use/Poss. Drug Paraph. Summary - Duties at Stop Sign Summary - Disorderly Conduct

Commonwealth v. J.W. (DUI)(2017-01-31 20:49:27)
75§3802§§A1 - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol 75§3308§§B - One way roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands

Commonwealth v. M.B. - (Preliminary Hearing - Possession)(2017-01-31 20:50:26)
Pittsburgh Police charged Defendant with Possession of a Controlled Substance. In fear of losing his job and causing problems in his career, Defendant contacted Lawyer Paletta for representation at the Preliminary Hearing of this case.

Fee:Free consultation (30 minutes)

Payment types:
Cash, Check, Credit card

Service Type:Private


Update Date:2015-06-09


437 Grant St
Ste 424
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Other Locations:
  • Joseph Paletta
    437 Grant Street, Suite 424
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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