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What should you do if you feel you emotionally can't go back to work after an injury

Recently, things like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) are being recognized as real and disabling conditions that may be under the scope of workers’ compensation.

Popular questions about pa workers' compensation

During an initial office consultation, I give clients the opportunity to ask me any and all questions that they may have about their workers’ compensation case. Most clients have similar concerns, so it should come as no surprise that they ask many of the same questions. For this reason, I have compiled the most frequent questions my clients ask…and the answers I give them.

How much do i get paid on workers’ compensation?

For someone who has been hurt on the job, workers’ compensation wage loss benefits are critical. Wage loss benefits (also referred to as “indemnity” benefits) can be a household’s only source of income. Thus, it should come as no surprise that almost every client asks, “How much will I collect on workers’ comp?”

Should i settle my workers’ compensation case?

If you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits, or if you are pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, there is a strong probability that the topic of settlement will come up at some point. This article will highlight some of the important considerations to determine if settlement is in your best interests.

What you should know about the “independent” medical exam

Have you been scheduled to attend an IME? Here is some important information that you should know about the "independent" medical examination.

Massachusetts supreme judicial court rules that suspended employees are eligible for workers’ compensation

A workers Compensation Insurance company wrongfully denied a workers claim for benefits

Massachusetts department of industrial accidents issues ruling on proper amount for employee’s average weekly wage

A Workers Compensation Insurer mistakenly underpaid an injured work for his disability benefit

What if your work injury was so severe that you can’t return to work in the same capacity?

If you can’t return to the same career path that you had before you were injured, then you might be entitled to receive vocational rehabilitation for your injuries.

What is workers compensaiton fraud? - st. louis work injury lawyer

If you are filing for workers’ compensation in Missouri, having a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer in your corner is imperative to limit the chances that you will fall prey.