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Personal Injury Legal Articles

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Nevada - texting and driving

Texting and Driving in Nevada

How injury adjuster evaluates your claim

Injury claims with insurance companies.

A car loses value after an accident.

Auto Accident: vehicle lost value due to accident

Get more out of injury claims

Understanding how insurance companies handle claims is critical to getting the most out of your claim.

Third party lawsuit workers compensation

A Third Party Hurts You While You Are at Work - Is That a Case for Workers' Compensation?

The settlement offer seems reasonable - should i take it?

Insurance companies, like any other business, are in the business of making money. Even though you pay your premium every month, when you get into an accident, their primary concern will not be compensating you.

How to calculate car accident injury settlement

Since putting a price on someone’s experience of pain and suffering or emotional distress is a very difficult thing to do, the multiplier method and the per diem methods are just an estimate. After all, how can you really put a price on someone’s suffering?

Social host held responsible in drunk driving accident

A blog post summarizing a 2010 Connecticut drunk driving case in which a plaintiff sued both the deceased drunk driver's estate and the host of a social event at which the decedent got intoxicated before driving away and getting into the accident.