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Rhett Spano | Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer | Louisiana

Rhett Spano Lawyer

Rhett P. Spano

Law Office focusing on Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Car Accidents and more.

Criminal, DUI-DWI, White Collar Crime, Personal Injury, Car Accident

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Baton Rouge attorney Rhett P. Spano focuses his practice solely on criminal defense. Whether you've been arrested, are under investigation, facing indictment or seeking to appeal your conviction, the experience level and commitment of your criminal defense attorney matters greatly. As a former criminal prosecutor with the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, and now private criminal defense attorney, Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney Rhett P. Spano has 12 years criminal experience and is 100% committed to your defense. Rhett Spano has firsthand experience with nearly every type of Louisiana criminal charge, including murder (homicide), manslaughter, rape (sex crimes), drug possession and distribution (PWIT), armed robbery, burglary, theft, domestic violence, DUI/DWI, Hit and Run and more. As a former criminal prosecutor, Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Lawyer Rhett P. Spano has handled hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of criminal cases and distinguished himself in 50 jury trials. This experience matters because Rhett Spano knows how prosecutors and the police think - information he effectively uses to his clients' advantage. It doesn't matter whether you're facing a felony charge or misdemeanor: you need a criminal defense lawyer who possesses the experience, aggressiveness, and effectiveness to get the job done. Period. Let Attorney Rhett P. Spano put his criminal defense experience to work for you today. Call Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorney Rhett Spano now at (225) 387-8327 or 504-339-2244 (c) or contact us via email. Mr. Spano is highly experienced in DUI / Drunk Driving Defense and is listed as a Louisiana DUI Attorney by a leading DUI expert at Fact Finder Investigations, an organization dedicated to DUI defense education. Mr. Spano has attended numerous seminars and clinics to maintain his knowledge of changes to the DUI laws, as well as cutting edge defenses. Member Questionnaire

Please describe a case(s) in the last year or two where you made a big difference.
Two separate clients of mine were charged with rape in the past year; neither of them did it. One was able to get off with DNA evidence, the other wound up in his situation due to a slanderous ex-girlfriend. Neither case made it to trial. You have to investigate to develop defenses to get your client's case dismissed. As they say in Football, "the best defense is a good offense," so you have to go on the attack and be aggressive.

How did you build a successful practice?
By treating people with the respect and responsiveness that I would want if I was in their shoes. As a lawyer, you are expected to be accessible; it doesn't take long to answer an email or phone call. I pride myself on Customer Service.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
Generally, I like to talk to people on the phone as much as possible. People are anxious. No one says, "no, I would rather come in to talk two days from now." I try to tell them what available defenses they have and the strengths and weaknesses of their case. I also provide them with a cost.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
As much as the potential client can possibly tell me!

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
The amount of time I'm willing to spend with people. I don't bring people into my office just to weed out the ones that have cases that won't work. I spend time with people and talk about their problem. Also, I used to be a Prosecutor in New Orleans. It is a rarity to find a lawyer who is a former Prosecutor.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Helping people. You can't judge people by something that may be going on at a particular point in their life. I like to expand my role as an attorney and give people helpful advice.

What are your other interests in addition to law?
Suba Diving and Spear Fishing. I go out to the Oil Rigs off the Gulf of Mexico, dive 100 feet down and shoot fish. I also like to travel.

Position Organization Location Duration
Managing Partner Law Office of Rhett P. Spano Baton rouge, LA 2004-Present
School Degree Major Graduation
California Western School of Law J.D. Law School 1998
University of California, San Diego B.A. N/A 1994
State / Court Date
LA 1999
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
    Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
    Louisiana Bar Association
    Baton Rouge Bar Association
    Baton Rouge Bar for Criminal Justice

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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1999) Licensed as Attorney in Louisiana. Verified with Louisiana State Bar Association. February 05, 2013

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Recent Changes to Louisiana Expungement Law(2016-11-02 12:31:48)
Explains positive changes to Louisiana's Expungement Law that makes it easier to clear your record.

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4880 Bluebonnet Blvd., Suite A
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Baton Rouge, LA 70809


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