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Slip & Fall Accident Legal Articles

Legal articles on, Written by legal experts, are a great resource for learning more about Slip & Fall Accident. Find more legal articles

Social host held responsible in drunk driving accident

A blog post summarizing a 2010 Connecticut drunk driving case in which a plaintiff sued both the deceased drunk driver's estate and the host of a social event at which the decedent got intoxicated before driving away and getting into the accident.

How to prove fault in a car accident injury case

A blog post about accident cases in Connecticut and how to prove fault when faced with a lawsuit.

Treble damages denied in drunk driving accident

A blog post about a 2015 case in Connecticut about a court's handling of damages when an estate was sued for a drunk driving accident.

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A blog post outlining motorcycle helmet laws and the possible recovery that may be received on different types of injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Driving in florida: careless driving and reckless driving

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Injuries at hotels, resorts, disney, universal or busch theme parks

Many Guests are Injured at Theme Parks in Florida, or at the Hotels and Resorts Nearby

Medical malpractice on board a cruise ship

A cruise line is responsible for medical malpractice committed by a doctor or nurse on a cruise ship.

Number of failed cruise ship health inspections rose in 2017

In 2017 many more cruise lines failed cruise ship health inspections than previous years. In 2015 and 2016, there were five or fewer failed inspections. In 2013 and 2014, there were 15 and 12 failed inspections, respectively, making 2013 the second highest failure rate since 2008.

Can you switch car accident lawyers if you aren't happy?

There are times when it is acceptable to find a new attorney to handle your case.