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Thomas Brandstrader | Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

Thomas Brandstrader Lawyer

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Criminal, Government, Lawsuit & Dispute, Juvenile Law, Appeals


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THOMAS BRANDSTRADER, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, specializing in the defense and appeals of serious criminal matters in Illinois and Federal Courts. One of a select group of highly qualified lawyers certified by the Illinois Supreme Court as lead counsel in death penalty cases. Exceptional appellate court experience with 35 years in the practice of criminal law and extensive trial work. Accomplishments include the distinct opportunity to orally present arguments and issues to both the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts. Has authored over five hundred briefs and appeared in every appellate district in Illinois as well as the Seventh and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Expertise includes all areas of criminal defense and appellate and post conviction practice. Awarded an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, their highest attorney rating, every year since 2003 and recognized as a preeminent attorney in the area of Criminal Appellate Law by Leading Lawyers, a division of Law Bulletin Publishing Company every year since 2005. Member Questionnaire

Please describe a case(s) in the last year or two where you made a big difference.
Client found not guilty of possession of six million dollars worth of cocaine after unlawful stop and illegal search.

How did you build a successful practice?
Hard work, pro bono involvement, participation in criminal law seminars and criminal law committees

What should clients look for in a lawyer?

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?
Very have to know your playing field

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
Possible outcomes, broad strokes in strategy and expectations

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
Charges, background, expectations in outcome

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
Experience, hard work, up to date knowledge of criminal law, appellate and post conviction experience

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Helping those who need it most

What are your other interests in addition to law?
Chicago Cubs

Are you involved in your community?
My focus is my family and my work

Position Organization Location Duration
Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C. Brandstrader, Attorney at Law Chicago, IL 1980 – Present
School Degree Major Graduation
Western State University College of Law J.D. Law School 1979
San Diego State University-California State University Bachelor American History 1976
State / Court Date
U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh and Ninth Circuits N/A
U.S. District Court, Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana N/A
U.S. District Court, Northern, Central and Southern Districts of Illinois 1983
California 1979
Illinois 1981
  • Illinois Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Lawyers' Assistance Program, 1988–present

    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 1988–present
    Public Defender Negotiating Committee, 1987–present
    Chicago Bar Association, 1980–present
    Illinois State Bar Association, 1980–present
    Public Defender's Union, Treasurer, 1987
    Cook County Circuit Court Arbitration Program
  • Recognized as Pre-eminent in Criminal Appellate Law, Leading Lawyers Network, 2007

    Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer's Rating of AV*, Martindale-Hubbell, 2007

    Appointed as Lead Counsel for Capital Litigation Cases, Illinois Supreme Court, 2002
    -U.S. v Harold Beck, 10-00207
    -U.S. v Dr. Darwin Minnis, 10 CR 00193
    -U.S. v Davoud Baniameri, 09 CR 0736
    -U.S. v Nellie Howard, 08 CR 0758
    -U.S. v Katrice Adams, 08 CR 0606
    -U.S. v Jung Bae, 07 CR 0799  
    -U.S. v Houghtaling, 08 CR 0893
    -U.S. v Padilla, 04 CR 0784
    -U.S v Cramer, 08 CR 40035
    -U.S. v Sparkman, 07 CR 0263
    -U.S. v Franklin 06 CR 00684
    -U.S. v Gilbert Romero, 06 CR 0060
    -U.S. v Romelle Smith, 05 CR 01030
    -U.S. v Millan, 05 CR 00485
    -U.S. v Harmon 05 CR 10021
    -U.S. v Vincent Vance, 05 CR 0324
    -U.S. v Adams 05 CR 1144
    -U.S. v Gilmore 04 CR 0095
    -U.S. v Bredician 04 CV 5693
    -U.S. v Del Real, 04 CR 01079
    -U.S. v Mendoza, 04 CR 00915
    -U.S. v Katrina Pierce, 04 CR 0882
    -U.S. v  Fuad Abu Gosh, 04 CR 0680
    -U.S. v Efrain Rendon, 04 CR 0651
    -U.S. v Ballard 04 CR 820
    -U.S. v Stephens 04 CR 00266
    -U.S. v. Crowder 03 CR 0090
    -U.S. v Straughter, 04 CR 0012
    -U.S. v Heirderich 98 CR 00162
    -U.S. v Oliver, 98 CR 00163
    -U.S. v Sutton  02 Cr 1131
    -U.S. v Sutton 03 CR 496
    -U.S. v Watson 02 CR 990

    -People v. Anthony Kolovitz et al., 148 IL2d 15, (1992)
    -People v. Phillip Krasula, 194 Ill App. 3d 709, (1990)
    -People v. William Webb, 182 Ill App. 3d 908 (1989)
    -Village of Palatine v. Edward Regard, 136 IL2d 503, (1990)
    -People v. Kimberly Lagowski, 273 Ill App. 3d 1012(1995)
    -People v. Eugene Brown and Tracy Cooper, 277 Ill App. 3d 989(1996)
    -People v. Marco Salazar and David Corral, 284 Ill App. 3d 794 (1996)
    -People v. Amotto Jackson, 281 Ill App. 3d 759 (1996)
    -People vs. La Point 353 Ill.App.3d. 328 (2004)
    -People vs. Patterson, 347 Ill.App.3d. 1044 (2004)
    -People v Moser, 356 Ill.App.3d. 900 (2005)
    -People v Sven, 365 Ill.App.3d. 226, (2006)
    -People v Klebanowski, 221 Ill.2d. 538 (2006)
    -People v Suastegui, 374 Ill. App. 3d. 635, (2007)
    -People v Aguilar, 396 Ill.App.3d. 43, (2009)
    -People v Vega, 08-1532 (2010), People v Dorrough, 09-3200 (2010)

    -People v Yates No. 53482 Case No. 77 4339 (death penalty case)
    -People v Marques No. 80 2359
    -People v Roberts No. 80-2570
    -People v Webb 1-88-714
    -People v Shelly 1-88-921
    -People v Regard 1-88-2383 Heard in the Supreme Court No. 69124
    -Village v Lake Zurich v Keefe 2- 88-1199
    -People v Figiel 1-88-3373
    -People v Caban 1-89-2870
    -People v Greco 90-0396
    -People v Sweeney 1-90-0631
    -People v Mitchell 2-91-0517
    -People v Espinoza 1-91-1217
    -People v Marquez 1-91-2802
    -People v Brown 1-91-2414
    -People v Del Grosso 1-91-3971
    -People v Separza 1-92-1146
    -People v Mounts 1-92-2314
    -People v Uriostegui 1-92-3046
    -People v Oracko 4-93-0751
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  • Illinois Appellate Decisions, Illinois Appellate Decisions - over 90 published appeals
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