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Facing Child Support Issues

Any legal matter involving your children requires the utmost care and concern. You should hire a child support lawyer to protect your family's interests during this stressful time. If you're either seeking past child support payment, or looking for compensation from a former spouse, many child support lawyers understand how to reach a solid resolution to your case.

Sample DC Child Support Cases

... In December 2005, after the parties and their children moved away from the District, Ms. Connole asked the Superior Court to modify the divorce decree to include an order of child support. ... Mr. DeGroot regularly provided child support to Ms. Connole starting in 1998. ...

... FARRELL, Associate Judge: DCCode § 46-204(a) (2007) provides, in relevant part, that "[a]ny order requiring payment of an amount of child support . . . ... the binding force of the amount of child support is . . . based on the . . . ...

... RUIZ, Associate Judge: Appellant appeals the trial court's denial of her motion to increase child support and request for attorney's fees. ... We affirm the judgment of the trial court denying appellant's request for modification of child support and for attorney's fees. ...

... II. The Retroactive Child Support Award. We first address Lasché's challenges to the trial court's award of retroactive child support payments. "The trial court has broad discretion in making child support decisions. ... III. Current Child Support Payments. ...

... FERREN, Senior Judge: A father appeals from an order holding him in civil contempt, with accompanying imprisonment, for failure to pay a substantial arrearage in child support. We affirm. I. ... [1] In 1998, Evans filed a motion for sole custody and increased child support. ...

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