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Facing Personal Injury Issues

If you've been in a bad accident, or possibly even hurt at work, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. While most hospital bills and trips to the doctor should be covered by insurance, at times there can be complications. A personal injury lawyer will be able to fight for your rights and make sure you have the financial assets to get back on your feet.

Sample DC Personal Injury Cases

... The District of Columbia shall pay compensation as specified by this subchapter for the disability or death of an employee resulting from personal injury sustained while in the performance of his or her duty, unless the injury or death is: (1) caused by willful misconduct of the ...

... Stated differently, section 2607.3 represents an interpretation by the DC Office of Personnel, accepted by the Council, that the civil actions authorized by DCCode ยง 1-626.14 do not include suits to recover damages for personal injury or other consequential damages. ...

... Joint Petition, Respondent acknowledged that if a hearing was held, sufficient evidence could be produced to sustain allegations that he engaged in misconduct, described in the Joint Petition as follows: Respondent misrepresented to clients in two personal injury matters that ...

... Furthermore, because the plaintiffs claim "had a discernible relationship to its advertising," Shoppers therefore could have reasonably anticipated being haled into court in the District of Columbia to defend against a personal injury suit brought by a District resident. ...

... of action relating to the "457 Deferred Compensation Plan." [17] Furthermore, as we held in Thomas v. District of Columbia, 942 A.2d 713 1154 (DC2008), section 1-624.14 does not authorize a civil action to recover damages for personal injury or other consequential damages. ...

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