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Sample DC Science, Technology & Internet Cases

... [Its] work principally consists of developing software and other technology for agencies ... education and enforcement." "SIIA's enforcement program enables sources with knowledge of software piracy to report anonymously to SIIA via telephone or the Internet about companies ...

... September 1, 2004, DCPS issued a notice of termination based on plaintiff's alleged deficient performance as an information technology specialist, which ... copy of the OEA Rules and appeal form and provided him information about how to access the information on the internet. ...

... data for clients. Carson's affidavit states only, and vaguely, that the purpose of his meeting with Strauss in December 2000 was "to discuss our company's technology and our plans to apply it to market research via the internet.". ...

... The trial court essentially replied that eyewitness identification, including interracial identification, is not beyond the ken of the jury, and that the science in this subject area is not yet at a point where an expert could say that there is a 50% or a substantial error rate concerning ...

... case, while Lanning apparently lacked formal academic training in psychology, [29] he spent over twenty years in the Behavioral Science Unit studying the ... United States v. Porter, 618 A.2d 629, 633 (DC 1992) ("[U]nder Frye, the proponent of a new technology must demonstrate ...

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