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Facing Traffic Issues

A traffic lawyer can help you with any traffic ticket you may have received, especially with their understanding of local traffic laws. If you received a speeding ticket, you may have to defend yourself in traffic court. You can find a traffic lawyer with experience in pleading down fines and ensure that you do not receive any points on your driver's license.

Sample DC Traffic Cases

... Although the applicable provision of the Traffic Act that incorporates the DUI statute has been in place since the 1920s, this appeal presents an issue of first impression. We conclude that the DUI statute applies to bicycles and affirm the trial court's judgment. I. Statement of Facts. ...

... His arrest and conviction arose from the stop and search of his vehicle at a police traffic checkpoint 823 in Northeast Washington. Jones argues that the trial court erred in denying his pre-trial motion to suppress the evidence recovered from his vehicle and his person. ...

... Appellant, Carlton Lewis, appeals the Superior Court's dismissal, for lack of standing, of his complaint claiming that he was wrongfully discharged for refusing to enforce the District of Columbia's automatic traffic enforcement statute, which he considers unconstitutional. ...

... On appeal, appellant contends that the trial court impermissibly curtailed his Sixth Amendment right to expose the officers' biases and prejudices through cross-examination concerning their pretextual reliance on minor traffic violations as grounds to stop and search suspects for ...

... Officer Dykman testified at trial that he approached the Suburban, which was halted in traffic, because he saw the front-seat passenger drinking from a bottle in a paper bag. Dykman suspected that the bag concealed an open container of alcohol. ...

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