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Christopher Hoffmann | St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer | Missouri

Christopher Hoffmann Lawyer

Christopher Hoffmann

The Hoffmann Law Firm is a trusted St. Louis law firm with over 15 years of experience.

Car Accident, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Workers' Compensation

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The Hoffman Law Firm has specialized in personal injury law since its foundation in 1998. Christopher S. Hoffmann, the principal of the Hoffman Law Firm, has practiced law in the Missouri and Illinois area since 1997. Prior to founding the Hoffman Law Firm he was affiliated with Zevan & Associates, P.C.

The Hoffman Law Firm has a long and successful track record of securing judgments for victims of car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, drunk driving, boating accidents, dog bites and other similar personal injury cases. The firm has also successfully tried many cases on the behalf of plaintiffs involving product liability, wrongful death, workers compensation, slip and fall injuries and more.

Christopher Hoffman's distinguished legal, business and economic education from St. Louis University has uniquely qualified him to specialize in personal injury litigation. As a personal injury lawyer, his diverse and comprehensive background has provided him with extensive expertise in deposing experts on physical injuries. It has also armed him with the power to successfully litigate to correct the severe economic losses that affected individuals and families can suffer.

On numerous occasions Christopher Hoffman has performed pro bono work to benefit the less fortunate in the St. Louis area and beyond. He has used his considerable legal skills to successfully litigate to improve the rights of the mentally handicapped. He has also effectively fought to improve the legal rights available to battered women.

Position Organization Location Duration
Lawyer Tolin & Zevan, P.C. N/A 1998-1999
School Degree Major Graduation
Saint Louis University School of Law J.D. Law School 1998
Saint Louis University M.B.A. Master in Business Administration 1993
Saint Louis University B.S. Accounting and Economics 1992
State / Court Date
Illinois 1999
Missouri 1998
  • Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys - 1998-Present
  • Lester Wall Award
  • Our attorney, Chris Hoffmann, has over 15 years of experience handling accident claims. Over the course of a decade, Mr. Hoffmann has compiled an excellent track record of success in settlements and at trial, recovering millions of dollars for hundreds of clients.

    Attorney Chris Hoffmann is respected by his peers and feared by insurance companies. His willingness to go to trial to get you the compensation you deserve leads to better initial settlement offers from insurance companies.

    We have established an excellent network of experts and professionals to assess the evidence and testify at trial when necessary. Medical experts, accident reconstructionists and investigators are crucial in most cases for proving liability and damages and procuring maximum compensation.

24Hrs - 7 Days A Week

Christopher Hoffmann has been a Premium Member since August 21, 2013.
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1999) Licensed as Attorney in Illinois. Verified with Illinois State Bar Association. August 21, 2013
(1998) Licensed as Attorney in Missouri. Verified with Missouri Bar. August 21, 2013

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What You Should Know About Car Accidents(2013-08-21 16:03:20)
Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury. Being prepared to deal with an accident and understanding your legal rights and options is very important. Anyone who drives a car should know the basics of what to do in the event of an auto accident.

How Inclement Weather Plays a Role in Truck Accident Litigation(2013-10-31 12:44:59)
Injuries sustained in a trucking accident have a tendency to be more grave than those from a typical car collision. This is because of the massive size and weight of these vehicles in comparison to a typical motor vehicle.

How Does Insurance Affect Your Car Accident Claim?(2013-11-13 12:16:47)
If you have been involved in a Missouri car accident, there are many factors that affect your accident claim. A car accident lawyer will want to examine the insurance policies of both drivers involved in an accident.

Getting Compensated for Injuries That Present Themselves Later(2013-11-21 15:41:45)
Some injury symptoms do not always present themselves right away. In addition to seeking medical attention, it is important to get in touch with a car accident lawyer soon after an accident to make sure your rights are protected and you receive compensation for all of your injuries.

The Importance of Retaining an Attorney Who Will Perform a Thorough Investigation(2013-12-12 17:10:09)
If you have been involved in a car accident, the best way to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to is to seek out an attorney that will perform a thorough investigation of your case.

The Dangers Unique to Motorcyclists(2014-01-07 14:18:18)
Motorcyclists are exposed to many dangers others drivers are not. Being aware of such dangers and working to avoid them is vital for both motorcyclists and those who share the road with them.

Psychological Insight on Personal Injury Claimants of Traffic Accidents(2014-01-13 16:07:44)
Injuries sustained in car accidents are not just physical. Car accident victims may be entitled to compensation if an accident causes them psychological distress.

Avoiding a Truck Drivers Blind Spots(2014-01-30 13:14:56)
It is important for drivers of passenger vehicles to be aware of the blind spots of truck drivers. Avoiding these areas can prevent a catastrophic collision.

Common Mistakes to Avoid after a Car Crash(2014-04-21 12:02:39)
If you have been involved in a car accident due to negligence of another driver, it is your legal right to receive compensation for your loses. Here are some common mistakes to avoid to ensure that your claim for compensation does not become complicated.

Major Bodily Injury From a Relatively Minor Car Accident(2014-05-07 12:10:30)
Even the seemingly simplest of car accident cases can become complicated by greedy insurance companies trying to save money. Don’t fall victim to their tactics. Instead, have an astute car accident attorney at your side, to make sure you receive your full compensation.

How Minor Injuries Can Prove "Serious" in the Long Term?(2014-05-29 16:30:43)
Car accidents can lead to many different types of injuries, some of which are minor requiring minimal treatment, and others severe that can render the victim disabled for the lifetime. Some injuries can even prove fatal.

Do You Have Automobile Insurance Coverage Against Accidents?(2014-06-25 13:39:30)
Numerous coverage levels are available for anyone who wants to purchase an automobile insurance, but each state has its own set of guidelines.

Appraising the Damage Sustained by a Vehicle in an Accident(2014-07-01 15:47:12)
Among the most important steps in making an insurance claim is getting an appraisal of the cost of the damage sustained by the vehicle.

Who is Responsible for a Rear-End Collision?(2014-08-21 13:56:09)
Rear-end collisions are among the most common accidents involving vehicles. Although determining liability in these claims is generally straightforward, there are some instances where unique factors may come into play.

Who Can File a Car Accident Lawsuit and against Whom?(2014-09-19 17:07:58)
Car accidents can cause considerable injuries and damage. The victim of a car accident can claim damages from the party at fault. However, in many cases it might not be simple to determine liability.

Surviving a Serious Car Accident On the Highway(2014-10-03 12:54:06)
Because highway accidents typically occur at higher speeds, injuries are often very serious and even fatal.

Is Peer Pressure Putting Your Teenager at Risk for a Car Accident?(2014-10-10 16:40:28)
Teenagers are under a tremendous amount of pressure from their friends and classmates to act a certain way.

A Car Accident Happens Every 14 Seconds - Who Is Paying?(2014-10-14 14:01:29)
You are paying the physically and emotionally physical and emotional price of car accidents. Let the person who caused the accident pay the financial price.

Prescription Pain Killers and Driving - A Deadly Mix(2014-10-29 13:39:24)
Some drivers have tested positive for multiple drug combinations, particularly prescription drugs.

Teen Drivers At Higher Risk For Car Accidents(2014-11-06 12:11:45)
Going back to school is a busy time for students; it is also a busy time for emergency services as there are a number of car accidents involving teen drivers.

10 Dangerous Driving Habits(2014-11-13 11:25:36)
Many car accidents occurring on U.S. roads can be attributed to dangerous driving habits.

Car Accidents at Dangerous Intersections(2014-11-25 12:50:25)
Serious and fatal car accidents often happen in intersections. How can these car accidents be avoided?

Going Off the Road - Failure to Maintain Lane Position(2014-12-09 13:12:22)
Failure to maintain lane position can cause serious accidents that result in severe injuries.

Avoiding a Car Accident During Rush Hour Traffic(2014-12-16 11:48:06)
While many rear-end collisions are relatively minor, others are serious that cause severe injuries and extensive property damage.

When Someone Hits You From Behind(2014-12-23 11:50:11)
Rear-end collisions can range in severity from simple fender-benders to ones causing serious injuries or even death.

Underinsured Motorist Claims in Missouri(2015-01-06 10:51:03)
An underinsured motorist accident is said to have occurred when the party at fault does not carry adequate coverage to cover the damages arising out of the accident.

Dealing with a Back Injury After a Car Accident(2015-01-12 12:59:19)
Injury to the spine resulting from a car accident can cause immense pain and disability.

Driving too Fast for Road Conditions(2015-01-13 11:15:08)
Drivers who do not slow down in adverse weather conditions are a danger to themselves and to others on the road.

Are You Looking for a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer?(2015-01-21 11:29:45)
The rapid development in the world today makes accidents an unwelcome fact of life.

Documenting Evidence of Your Car Accident(2015-01-27 23:47:34)
If you have been involved in a car accident caused by the negligence of another person, preserve any physical evidence of the accident.

Recovering Compensation for an Injured Child(2015-02-03 13:10:07)
When your child is involved in a car accident, it can be devastating.

St. Louis Car Accidents - Merging into Traffic(2015-02-25 14:33:22)
Car accidents can happen when a driver tries to merge into traffic or switches to another lane suddenly.

Receiving Compensation as an Injured Passenger(2015-02-27 13:38:56)
An injured passenger may be entitled to recover damages if they are hurt while riding with someone else.

Reckless Driving - A Leading Cause of St. Louis Car Accidents(2015-03-05 19:06:20)
Each year in St. Louis, numerous accidents occur because of the failure of drivers to maintain their lane or carelessly switching lanes.

Passing Safely to Avoid a Car Accident(2015-03-23 15:44:42)
Use the following steps to determine your safe passing time.

St. Louis Car Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injuries(2015-03-26 18:23:14)
More than 53,000 Americans die each year due to traumatic brain injuries resulting from car accidents.

Why Teen Drivers Are Losing Their Lives in Older, Smaller Cars(2015-03-27 11:39:22)
When teenage children are old enough to start driving, parents may look to buy an older and smaller car for them.

How to Pass Safely and Avoid a Car Accident(2015-03-31 12:46:25)
The most important duty of a motorist is to ensure safety on the road and this can be accomplished by driving carefully and prudently.

Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians(2015-04-07 13:26:11)
In a car accident involving a pedestrian, establishing liability may not always be simple.

Employer Liability in Car Accident Cases(2015-04-10 13:28:01)
Establishing liability in car accident cases can be an extremely complicated matter involving multiple parties.

Important Information About Semi-Truck Accidents(2015-04-14 13:07:17)
Establishing liability for an accident between a passenger car and semi-truck can become complex.

What If I am Hurt in a Car Accident with No Insurance Coverage?(2015-04-21 14:45:44)
If you have been involved in a car accident, in addition to physical pain and mental agony, you may also be struggling with finances in order to pay medical bills and repair costs.

Car Accidents Caused by Automobile Design Defects(2015-04-28 12:32:30)
Driving a car has become a necessity, and considering the statistics of automobile accidents, it has become a potentially dangerous task that a person performs every day.

Automobile Accidents Involving A Company Vehicle(2015-05-18 14:40:40)
In a car accident, if the at-fault driver is an employee and was performing his or her duties at the time of the accident, then the employer can generally be held liable for the accident.

Who is Liable for Car Accidents Caused by Bad Roads?(2015-05-20 13:47:26)
Driver's often assume that a car accident caused by bad road conditions are simply an unfortunate event and no one's fault.

Car Accident Injuries Are Not Always Physical(2015-05-21 18:43:58)
In addition to physical injuries, a victim of a car accident can also be mentally and emotionally affected by the accident.

Keeping St. Louis Elderly Drivers Safe(2015-05-29 16:17:39)
A driver’s license and car allows for the elderly to maintain a level of independence that they are not always willing to give up.

Understanding a Structured Car Accident Settlement(2015-06-04 19:18:55)
Even though it is recommended that you contact a St. Louis car accident attorney after a crash, many choose not to.

Child Passengers Among Biggest Cause of Distracted Driving(2015-06-11 18:35:24)
Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States.

Driving Safely in Construction Zones(2015-06-18 18:00:59)
Road construction crews will take advantage of warmer weather to repair Missouri roads and construct new highways.

Distracted Driving Automobile Accidents in St. Louis(2015-07-08 12:53:49)
Distracted driving has been an issue on Missouri roadways for decades, long before smartphones became popular.

St. Louis Car Accidents Involving Senior Drivers(2015-07-20 17:08:27)
The risk of being injured in a car accident increases as you age. However, there are steps an older driver can take to stay safe while driving.

Missouri Pedestrian Accident Claims(2015-07-28 14:43:16)
Due to increasing distractions pedestrian accidents are unfortunately becoming more common in Missouri.

Back Fusion Surgery After a Car Accident(2015-07-30 11:53:40)
Back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries that result from car accidents.

Stages of a Missouri Car Accident Case(2015-07-31 14:52:31)
The process of filing a car accident claim in Missouri may seem daunting.

Teen Accidents Caused by Inexperience(2015-08-11 18:44:37)
Primarily due to their inexperience, teens are prone to making mistakes and getting into accidents as a result.

Chest Injury Cause by Seatbelt in a Car Accident(2015-08-17 16:35:54)
Car accidents are a common occurrence across the United States. While many injuries can be caused by improper seatbelt use, there have been many cases where people have suffered an injury because of seatbelt use.

Pedestrians Hit While Jogging(2015-08-27 17:43:05)
Joggers and skaters are more likely than other pedestrians to be involved in road accidents

Car Accident Cause by Passing in a “No Passing Zone”(2015-08-31 18:37:33)
Driving safely is the responsibility of every driver.

Car Accidents at St. Louis Construction Sites(2015-09-11 13:15:25)
During peak construction season, about a fifth of the American highway system is under construction with over 3,000 sites.

Bone Fractures Resulting from Motorcycle Accidents(2015-09-18 12:07:38)
Physical injuries caused by a motorcycle accident may vary from simple cuts and bruises to more serious wounds, such as bone fractures and loss of limbs.

Is Negligent Driving in St. Louis Increasing?(2015-10-14 11:09:41)
With the number of cars on the road rising, drivers are exposed to an increasingly higher risk of being involved in road accidents.

St. Louis Automobile Accident Attorney: Mistakes to Avoid During Your Driving Test(2015-11-04 21:46:27)
Drivers in the age group of 19 years or younger are more likely to fail their first driving test.

New Report Warns Drugged Driving Dangers Need Urgent Attention(2015-11-09 18:25:11)
A recent report has stressed the increasingly high prevalence of drugged driving and suggests that law enforcement agencies put more effort into preventing individuals from driving under the influence.

St. Louis Auto Accident Claim - Using Video Evidence(2015-11-24 18:05:57)
Video and pictures can often be used as evidence to support your car accident claim.

Auto Wreck Attorney St. Louis - Study Shows Drowsy Driving Is a National Epidemic(2015-12-08 11:09:16)
Drowsy driving is among the most common causes of car accidents across the nation.

Auto Accident Attorney St. Louis: New Study Claims Google Glass is Not Safe While Driving(2015-12-15 15:03:59)
According to a collaborative study conducted by researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory and the University of Central Florida, drivers using a Google Glass are more likely than the average driver to get distracted while driving.

Automobile Accident Attorney St. Louis: Driving Again After an Accident(2015-12-22 11:59:50)
Serious car accidents often leave victims with mental and emotional trauma.

Injured in St. Louis Auto Accident: Dangers of Driving on Ice(2016-01-12 17:23:20)
Driving on ice is dangerous and significantly increases your chance of being involved in an automobile accident.

Common Automobile Accidents - St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer(2016-01-21 12:10:24)
Understanding the common reasons behind car accidents in Missouri can help you identify ways to prevent a collision.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer - Tips for Driving Alone(2016-02-01 22:31:48)
Driving alone may put you at a higher risk of certain crimes when exiting your vehicle.

St. Louis Accident Attorneys - Top Causes of Blowout Car Accidents(2016-02-26 10:59:25)
A tire blowout can result in devastating injuries and even death.

St. Louis Automobile Injury Attorney: Determining Fault & Liability(2016-03-10 18:09:09)
An experienced attorney can help you determine who was at fault in your auto accident.

Car Crash Attorneys St. Louis: Facial Fractures(2016-03-25 17:30:02)
Victims of St. Louis car crashes often suffer minor or major facial fractures.

Car Accident Attorney St. Louis - Pedestrian Accidents Involving Wheelchair Users(2016-04-07 13:48:52)
Studies suggest pedestrians in wheelchair have a higher risk of being injured or killed in automobile accidents.

New Technology to Monitor Teenage Driving - Car Wreck Lawyer St. Louis(2016-05-06 14:28:14)
Parents often experience anxiety about their inexperienced teen getting behind the wheel of a car.

4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Rear-End Collisions(2016-05-18 17:28:13)
Most rear-end collisions can easily be prevented by alert and focused driving. Follow these four tips to decrease your chances of being involved in a rear-end car accident.

8 Signs You Haven't Recovered After a St. Louis Car Wreck(2016-05-26 11:07:42)
In this post we will discuss some signs that you have not completely recovered from your accident and are in need of additional help.

Who Pays Your Medical Bills After a St. Louis Auto Accident?(2016-05-31 14:42:41)
Are you in financial crisis because of a car accident? We can help you.

Accidents While Pregnant - St. Louis Automobile Wreck Law Firm(2016-06-07 12:13:40)
Being involved in any kind of automobile accident is frightening, but especially if you are pregnant.

How Much Will a St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney Cost?(2016-07-05 16:45:09)
Find out why speaking with a St. Louis car accident lawyer is one of the best things you could do after an auto accident.

Construction Zone Accidents - St. Louis Car Accident Law Firm(2016-07-18 10:31:28)
Be extra cautious when driving in or around construction zones this summer.

St. Louis T-Bone Crash Lawyer on Proving Liability(2016-07-28 11:14:39)
The risk of serious injuries is higher in t-bone collisions compared to other types of auto accidents. How can you prove who is at fault?

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney Discusses Listening to Music While Driving(2016-07-29 14:23:02)
A recent study suggests certain types of music may impact driving behaviors more than others.

What You Should Know About Child Concussions - St. Louis Automobile Injury Law Firms(2016-08-19 10:02:39)
Symptoms of a concussion may not be immediately evident and can be difficult to diagnose.

DUI Daytime Accidents - St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer(2016-09-06 12:48:56)
Daytime DUI accidents are becoming an increasing danger.

Speeding Car Accident Attorneys - St. Louis Injury Lawyers(2016-09-08 16:12:14)
Victims of speeding accidents may be faced with huge medical bills and other related costs. To make matters worse, insurance companies may try to take advantage of the victim’s situation, and offer damages that are too low to cover the costs resulting from the accident.

Intangible Losses From Car Accidents - St. Louis Auto Wreck Attorney(2016-09-21 18:51:03)
Determining non-economic damages is a subjective process, and requires consideration of a variety of factors including any distress, loss or inconvenience that impacted the victim’s quality of life or lifestyle after the car accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries After a St. Louis Car Accident - Injured in an Accident(2016-09-29 15:55:31)
In cases where it becomes difficult to prove TBI’s, a family should consult with a St. Louis car wreck lawyer, who will have the experience and resources to help prove your case.

Rear End Collision Accidents - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney(2016-10-12 21:25:34)
Rear end collisions often lead to more serious injuries than we think, the most common of them being the whiplash.

St. Louis Accident Injury Attorney on Speed Limit Increases(2016-10-28 12:56:18)
Setting speed limits for rural and urban interstate roads, highways and roads within cities is an important factor in determining road safety, especially in view of increasing motor vehicle accidents and fatality rates.

Long Term Effects of a Concussion after a Car Wreck - St. Louis Attorney(2016-11-03 14:52:06)
Even low speed accidents can lead to head injuries and concussions.

Amputations Resulting from a Car Accident - St. Louis Injury Lawyer(2016-11-28 17:02:48)
If you or someone close to you has suffered an amputation as a result of a St. Louis car accident, you should get in touch with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer, who can help recover adequate compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Auto Accident Injury Claim - St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers(2016-12-14 11:13:39)
A St. Louis auto accident attorney can help you understand what your case is really worth.

How Our St. Louis Lawyers Help Car Wreck Victims(2016-12-28 12:12:48)
Car accidents often result in serious injuries. Here's how an attorney can help you recover and move forward.

Hip and Leg Injuries - St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyer(2017-01-06 13:00:16)
Here's why drivers are more likely to suffer hip and leg injuries in a front-end crash.

Spinal Cord Injury in an Automobile Crash - St. Louis Attorney(2017-01-23 12:09:37)
Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious potential injuries an auto accident victim may face.

Accidents Caused by Ignoring Traffic Signals - St. Louis Auto Wreck Attorney(2017-01-27 13:24:24)
Motorists who fail to follow traffic signals put not only themselves, but other drivers at risk of accidents and serious injuries as well.

Injured in an Auto Fire - St. Louis Car Injuries Lawyer(2017-01-30 13:31:47)
Burn injuries that are severe enough can leave the victims disabled for a long time, or even lifetime.

Treating a Back Injury - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney(2017-02-09 11:34:09)
Our St. Louis car accident lawyers discuss how common back injuries resulting from automobile accidents are treated.

Injured in a Speeding Accident - St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyer(2017-02-20 10:23:12)
If you are in an accident and you think speeding is a factor, you should gather as much evidence in support of your claim as you can.

Ignoring Traffic Signals - St. Louis Automobile Accident Attorney(2017-02-27 13:34:39)
Disregarding traffic signs is illegal and can lead to liability and legal action, especially if it leads to an accident.

T-Bone Collisions Caused by Negligence - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney(2017-03-10 15:18:27)
If you or someone close to you has been injured in a T-bone collision, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the negligent driver.

Eye Injuries - Corneal Abrasion - St. Louis Car Crash Lawyer(2017-03-15 18:47:40)
If you have suffered an eye injury such as corneal abrasion in a car accident that was a result of another person’s fault, you may be able to recover compensation for all your losses.

GEICO Auto Accident Claims - St. Louis Car Crash Attorney(2017-03-27 16:41:36)
If you have been injured in a car accident, and you are trying to negotiate a settlement with GEICO get in touch with a St. Louis accident lawyer at the The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

Infant Brain Injuries - St. Louis Car Crash Attorney(2017-03-30 12:37:05)
Each year, over 1,500 children are diagnosed with mild to severe brain injury.

Dangers on Urban & Rural Roads - St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys(2017-04-07 10:38:42)
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads.

Claiming Loss of Income After a Car Accident - St. Louis Attorney(2017-04-13 16:38:26)
Accident victims should take into account the income that will be lost while they are recovering,

Most Common Car Accident Injuries - St. Louis Auto Crash Lawyer(2017-05-08 11:59:01)
The most common types of car accident injuries don’t always surface immediately. There are times when seeking medical attention, even when you don’t think you need it, is the most critical step you can take to making sure you aren’t left holding the bag for medical bills long into the future.

What to Do If Your Car Wreck Claim Is Denied - St. Louis Attorney(2017-05-19 17:36:47)
Some practical steps you can take if your car accident claim is denied.

Rights of Pedestrians - St. Louis Car Wreck Attorney(2017-05-29 11:35:38)
Missouri law places a lot of emphasis on ensuring pedestrian safety. Drivers are required to exercise extreme care and attention as to where pedestrians are, and they must be on the lookout for them at all times.

Teen Driver Safety in the Summer Months - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney(2017-06-16 13:35:34)
These are just a few causes that are responsible for a large number of accidents.

Auto Crash Related Back Strains & Sprains | St. Louis Lawyers(2017-06-26 17:54:40)
A back sprain occurs when the ligaments that connect the bones together are torn or stretched too far. A back strain occurs when the muscles or tendons are torn or stretched too far.

What Makes Distracted Driving Accidents Different - St. Louis Auto Injury Attorney(2017-07-10 18:09:23)
Considering use of cell phones while driving is illegal, a distracted driver that has caused an accident especially due to the use of cell phones, is generally guilty of not only negligence, but also guilty of knowingly engaging in activity that has put other people’s lives at risk.

St. Louis Underinsured Motorist Accidents - Car Accident Lawyer(2017-07-13 16:40:23)
If you happen to be in an accident with an uninsured driver, make sure you speak to your St. Louis auto accident lawyer.

Auto Accident in a Rental Car - St. Louis Car Wreck Attorney(2017-07-19 22:53:30)
In a situation where a rental car driver has been involved in an accident, it is important to establish liability, and to determine whether or not the victim of the accident is entitled to compensation for any injuries they have sustained.

If you have been injured in a car accident it is important to have a car accident lawyer with the credentials, experience, and expertise on your side. With over 15 years of experience defending the rights of personal injury victims in Missouri and Illinois, The Hoffmann Law Firm is prepared to handle even the most complicated cases.

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