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Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Grapevine / Colleyville Divorce and Criminal Attorney

Anderson Legal Group, P.C.

Divorce & Family Law, Family Law, Criminal, Wills & Probate, Juvenile Law

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  • Firm Year: 2007
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Andrew J. Anderson

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Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Divorce, Family Law, Wills
Providing prompt, aggressive legal advice for clients in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

After practicing for almost a decade at well-respected Dallas law firms, Andrew J. Anderson decided to form Anderson Legal Group, P.C. The focus of the new firm was to assist clients in family... (more)

We provide prompt, aggressive legal advice for clients with Divorce, Family Law and/or Criminal Law matters.  We routinely practice in the Tarrant, Dallas and Denton County areas.  We are centrally located on the Grapevine / Colleyville border (directly south of the Colleyville Heritage High School of the Grapevine / Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD)).

Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture
Anderson Legal Group, P.C. Picture

"Anderson legal group represented me in my child modification case. Specifically Paul Daly. I am beyond ecstatic and relieved to have successfully win my case."

  8 months ago     Fabian Arreola

"Keeping it short I had a ounce of weed charge the guy here tried lying telling me 28 grams was felony to scare me into signing a contract when I knew it wasn't(misdemeanor 1500 felony 2500). When I showed him it wasn't he goes oh I musta used the wrong chart... what lawyer needs a chart to look up that charge that is one of the most common charges he knew good and well it wasn't a felony. I had to correct him, A professional lawyer, I am a 17 year old kid. This was shameful and my mother had to pull over on the way home crying almost having a heart attack for this antic played. I was then asked for the names of drug dealers for a plea deal. I have a class b misdemeanor why do I need to snitch all these people out He said it help with my plea deal what will I get a class c misdemeanor if I snitch people out? Seemed fishy why I was asked i I could name any higher level drug dealers and their names. I called and complained and was told okay dont know what to tell u just use us if you don't like it. I was trying to solve the problem without this but no body cared. I know I'm 17 and may have looked like a stupid kid because of the weed charge but that was shameful trying to play me and my mother for money I recommend no body use this place you should not feel sketchy or hesistant to tell ur lawyer the real story because u caught them in a lie. i did not want to write this review but after being lied to and then told that is just what it is just don't use us if you don't like it I had to i dont want anyone to make this mistake!"

  1 year ago     Lucas Ballinger [student]

"These guys were very professional and responsive. They managed to get done for me everything I needed, when other Lawyers couldn't. They have a very friendly and helpful staff as well. Glad they were on my team."

  1 year ago     Tommy Varga


5209 Heritage Avenue
Building 2, Suite 200
Colleyville, TX 76034


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