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Ali Imran Haque

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Allen Richardson Killworth

Health Care Other, Health Care, Employment, Business

Alyson Nicole Varda

Real Estate, International, Patent, Estate

Amy Straker Bartemes

Real Estate, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Andrew Maurice Shott

Real Estate, Industry Specialties

Anne Marie Sferra

Construction, Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Administrative Law

Beatrice Mesanga Nokuri

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Benjamin Bradford Hyden

Construction Contracts, Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business

Benjamin Hyden

Construction Contracts, Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business

Betsy Ann Swift

Health Care Other, Public Schools, Employee Rights, Civil Rights

Bobbie S. Sprader

Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice

Brian Christopher Begg

International, Estate, Employment, Civil & Human Rights

Bryan Matthew Smeenk

Patent, Litigation

Casey Lynn Cross

Patent, Religious Discrimination

Catherine M. Ballard

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Catherine Telles Dunlay

Health Care Other, Securities, Corporate, Commercial Bankruptcy

Catherine Dunlay

Electronic Commerce, Health Care Other, Corporate, Business

Charles McCreary

Patent, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate

Charles Howard Mccreary

Real Estate, Patent, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate

Christiane Ward Schmenk

Communication & Media Law, Agriculture, Environmental Law, Administrative Law

Christine Lynn Rideout

Patent, Environmental Law

Christopher Thomas Furey

Commercial Real Estate, Patent, Energy, Business

Christopher Neal Slagle

Election & Political, Government, Religious Discrimination, Banking & Finance

Christopher Lawrence Mccloskey

International Other, Patent, Business

Christopher Nathan Swank

Real Estate, Patent, Banking & Finance, Residential Real Estate

Christopher Lawrence Mccloskey

Construction, International Other, Patent, Business

Claire Meldrum Turcotte

Health Care Other, Health Care, Contract

Craig Evan Sweeney

International Other, Federal Appellate Practice, Estate, Family Law

Craig Alan Haddox

Real Estate, Patent, Computer Law, Industry Specialties

Craig Sweeney

Patent, Federal Appellate Practice, Estate Planning, Family Law

Dane Arthur Gaschen

Other, Patent

Dane Stinson

Energy, Communication & Media Law, Public Utilities, Administrative Law

Daniel Charles Gibson

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Daniel Edward Gerken

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Energy, Environmental Law

David Keith Stein

Litigation, Employee Rights, Corporate, Medical Malpractice

David Keith Conrad

Real Estate, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Business

David Sheffield Jackson

Tax, Patent, Securities, Commercial Bankruptcy

David Michael Whittaker

Dispute Resolution, Patent, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Debt

David Guy Baker

Real Estate, Patent

David Milton Johnston

Health Care Other, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Debt

David C. Spialter

Patent, Health Care Other

David Keith Stein

Litigation, Employee Rights, Corporate, Medical Malpractice

David James Lampe

Other, Employment

Desmond James Cullimore

Construction, Real Estate, Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law

Devin D. Parram

Patent, Energy, Public Law, Administrative Law

Devin Parram

Patent, Energy, Public Law, Administrative Law

Devin Daniel Parram

Litigation, Energy, Securities Regulation, Administrative Law

Diana Sue Brown

Litigation, Employee Rights, Civil Rights, Civil & Human Rights

Diane Marie Signoracci

International, Health Care Other, Health Care, Business

Douglas Lee Shevelow

Construction, Real Estate, Health Care, Environmental Law

Drew Harrison Campbell

Litigation, Class Action, Lawsuit & Dispute, Electronic Commerce

Edward Anthony Matto

Litigation, Patent, Health Care Other, Antitrust

Elisabeth Ann Squeglia

Health Care Other, Health Care, Government, Insurance

Federico Gomez Barrera

Litigation, Government, Religious Discrimination, Administrative Law

Frank Leslie Merrill

Patent, Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law

Gordon Wolf Johnston

Corporate, Banking & Finance, Commercial Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy

Gregory John Krabacher

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Intellectual Property

Gregory Joseph Lestini

Land Use & Zoning, Construction, Government, Insurance

Jack Ralph Rosati

Construction, Real Estate, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute

James Preston Schuck

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Litigation

James Place Burnes

Other, Patent, Employment

James Gordon Petrie

Patent, Employee Rights, Employment

James Francis Flynn

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

James Harris Hughes

Patent, Environmental Law

James Joseph Hughes

Estate Planning, Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law, Personal Injury

James Michael Hughes

Environmental Law Other, Criminal, Corporate, Personal Injury

James Hughes III

Patent, Environmental Law

Jason Tiemeier

Energy, Religious Discrimination, Corporate, Business

Jennifer Marie Nelson Carney

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Jennifer Ann Flint

Litigation, Energy, Public Schools, Employee Rights

Jeremy Ryan Morris

Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Government, Antitrust

Jerry Ormes Allen

International Tax, International, Non-profit, Business

Jill K. Bigler

Construction, Litigation, Health Care Other, Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights

John Parrish Beavers

Patent, Employment, Business

John Caleb Bell

Patent, Industry Specialties, Government, Business

Jon Hutcheson


Jonathan Travis Brollier

Tax, Litigation, Health Care Other, Medical Malpractice

Justin William Ristau

Patent, Business, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Debt

Kara Hoover Herrnstein

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Government, Corporate

Karen Dee Smith

Other, Health Care Other, Health Care, Business

Karen Louise Clouse

General Practice

Karen Clouse

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice

Katherine Spies Giumenti

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Employee Rights

Kenneth Craig Johnson

Real Estate, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy

Kimball H. Carey

Other, Patent

Kimberly Sue Parks

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Kurtis Adair Tunnell

Government, Insurance, Administrative Law, Personal Injury

Laura Jean Bowman

Construction, Real Estate, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute

Laura Greenberg Anthony

Other, Patent, Business

Lisa Marie Kathumbi

Patent, Employee Rights, Employment

Luke Daniel Allen Overmeyer

Patent, Bankruptcy & Debt

Maria Juskiw Armstrong

Election & Political, Government, Religious Discrimination, Administrative Law

Marie-Joelle Catherine Khouzam

Environmental Law Other, Workers' Compensation, Administrative Law, Personal Injury

Marjorie Jayne Griffin Yano

International, Patent, Government, Business

Mark Albert Engel

Tax, International Tax, Energy, Public Utilities

Matthew Wesley Warnock

Energy, Health Care Other, Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law

Matthew Lee Stout

Patent, Government, Business

Maureen Flahive

Commercial Real Estate, International Tax, Gift Taxation, Business

Meagan Elizabeth Leach

Real Estate, Patent

Melissa Martinez Bondy

Education, Other, Patent

Melissa Marie Carleton

Other, Patent

Michael Kent Gire

Patent, Health Care, Consumer Rights, Business

Natalie Trishman Furniss

Litigation, Health Care Other, Securities, Insurance

Nelson Marlin Reid

Military & Veterans Appeals, Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Bankruptcy & Debt

Nicholas William Lanphear

Patent, Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights

Nicholas Andrew Pittner

Tax, Public Schools, Employee Rights, Administrative Law

Nicole Marie Donovsky

Other, Patent

Paul Scott Rutter

Patent, Health Care, Government, Business

Pramila Aarti Kamath

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute

Price Daren Finley

Patent, Government, Business

Quintin Franc Lindsmith

Litigation, Commercial Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy, Medical Malpractice

Randolph Carson Wiseman

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Health Care

Randy Bank

Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Rebecca Coleman Princehorn

Patent, Government, Business

Richard Frederick Kane

Patent, Business

Richard Collins Simpson

Patent, Government, Business

Richard Sears Lovering

Education, Litigation, Antitrust, Medical Malpractice

Richard Wayne Ross

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Robert Hyman Katz

Patent, Business

Robert Fisher Mccarthy

Patent, Government

Robert Thomas Castor

Litigation, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Credit & Debt

Sally Ward Bloomfield

Energy, Public Law, Securities Regulation, Administrative Law

Samuel Courter Shimeall

Real Estate, Patent, Industry Specialties, Business

Sean Lehman


Shannon Kimberley Debra

Health Care, Criminal, Consumer Rights

Shannon K. Debra

Health Care, Criminal, Consumer Rights

Sommer Lynn Sheely

Litigation, Energy, Estate, Environmental Law Other

Sommer L. Sheely

Real Estate, Litigation, Electronic Commerce, Employee Rights

Stephen Intihar

Real Estate, Litigation, Corporate, Bankruptcy

Stephen Randall Kleinman

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Stephen Randall Kleinman

Patent, Health Care Other, Health Care

Sue Wyskiver Yount

Other, Patent, Employment, Business

Sue Anne Wetzel

Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights, Defamation & Slander

Susan Beale Greenberger

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent, Business

Susan Lynn Oppenheimer

Other, Patent

Susan Elizabeth Geary

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Tarik Mohamed Kershah

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy & Debt

Tess Genevieve Tannehill

Tax, International Tax, Estate Planning, Estate

Thomas Robert Sant

Patent, Workers' Compensation, Employment

Thomas Charles Washbush

Business, Venture Capital, Business Organization

Todd Oliver Reutzel

Real Estate, Patent, Public Schools, Corporate

Victoria Anne Flinn

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent

Warren Ivan Grody

Other, Patent

William Thomas Conard

Patent, Government, Business

Bricker & Eckler LLP

Government, Employment, International, Consumer Rights, Real Estate Law firm

Bricker & Eckler LLP

Criminal, Government, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business, Other Law firm

Bricker & Eckler LLP

Litigation, Other, Employment, Real Estate, Business Law firm

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Bricker & Eckler LLP
100 South Third Street
Columbus, OH 43215


100 South Third Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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