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Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico


Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico

Traffic, DUI-DWI, Criminal,

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Please include all relevant details from your case including where, when, and who it involves. Case details that can effectively describe the legal situation while also staying concise generally receive the best responses from lawyers.

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Michelle Derrico

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Jan 08 2014
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Criminal, Felony, Misdemeanor, DUI-DWI, White Collar Crime

Michelle has been practicing criminal law for over 20 years, and her experience in the Roanoke area courts helps her deliver outstanding results for h... (more)

J. Albert Ellett

Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Living Wills, Power of Attorney

Richard L. Derrico

Corporate, Business Organization, Construction Liens, Criminal

Roanoke Criminal Defense Attorneys Facing criminal charges in Virginia can be overwhelming. You may be unfamiliar with Virginia’s court process, not sure where to turn for help, or confused about your charge and possible penalties, while in the background the prosecution is building a case to prove your guilt. We want to help. At the law firm of Copenhaver, Ellett and Derrico, it is our goal to minimize the potential consequences of a criminal charge and help you move on with your life. Our law firm has been helping people who have been charged with crimes in the Roanoke area for over 50 years. As criminal defense attorneys, we meet people as they are going through one of the most stressful situations that they’ll ever face. Situations of stress tend to create pretty strong emotions, and we understand that. The first thing we do with our clients is try to demystify the legal system and eliminate anxiety they might have about what lies ahead of them. Because of this approach, our clients tell us on a regular basis how much they appreciate the way that we walk them through each stage of their case in a detailed, step by step manner. It’s incredibly important that both parties understand where the case currently stands, the next step in the process and expectations moving forward. This level of communication goes a long way in providing peace of mind for those we represent. In order to provide the best for our clients, we believe in being very accessible. If you become a client of ours, we make every effort to be available when you need us, and we will treat your time with respect. We are diligent when it comes to returning all phone calls. If we miss a call from you, you’ll hear back from us as soon as we’re available. While communication and accessibility are important, they are no substitute for experience and proven courtroom success. Our attorneys, Michelle Derrico and Rick Derrico, are in court nearly every day defending people in a variety of criminal and traffic cases. Our wealth of experience in defending a wide range of criminal and traffic cases is what allows us to ask the right questions so that we fully understand your case and potential penalties. While it is our experience in General District Court, Circuit Court, and United States District Court that allows us to understand how the prosecution will approach your case and how to craft a defense strategy that will help protect your freedoms. If you have found yourself charged with a crime and aren’t sure where to turn, give us a call. We can discuss the details of your case, the penalties you could be facing, and the options you have to improve your situation. An experienced Roanoke criminal attorney can give you the representation you need.

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"Rick is the rare multi-practice attorney who actually knows more than one trick. He seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of estate planning. Given virtually any scenario, Rick can cite personal and/or professional experience he's had with that very situation. He's mainly written wills and other documents for me and my family. However, I've also had the privilege of watching him at work in the courthouse as a trial attorney. He generally has a good rapport with clients, fellow lawyers and judges who comprise the 23rd Judicial District. He gets the job done efficiently and with good humor."

  7 months ago     Keith Humphry

"I've worked with Rick & Michelle Derrico on many occasions. They have assisted me with legal matters related to a rental property I own, with real estate contract issues my clients have confronted, and with Homeowner Association issues, where I'm the treasurer. Without exception, in all my dealings with them, I have been very pleased with their knowledge of the law, professionalism, accessibility, and just downright common sense. They're easy to talk with. Also, as a real estate agent, they have referred several of their clients to me -- people going through divorce and families settling estates. Again, without exception, their clients I've met have all been very satisfied with and complementary of the quality of services the Derricos provide."

  6 months ago     Brian and Rachelle Smith

"Rick has a non-judgmental disposition. He is interested in the facts of the situation and helping his clients find the best path through any legal issues. I always appreciate his pleasant, easy-going demeanor and his candor with sticky situations."

  7 months ago     Brian Lanham

"Michelle Derrico is an exceptional lawyer who does her research, knows the law, is a trusted adviser and puts her clients at ease. We have utilized her expertise and services in multiple cases and each have resulted in a positive outcome. Michelle is easy to work with and has a great professional demeanor. We highly recommend Michelle and her team."

  8 months ago     Jennifer Stanford

"Rick Derrico has gone the extra mile to answer my calls and emails quickly. Visits with him have been informative and his rates are fair. He has been helpful and compassionate in all matters and I highly recommend him."

  7 months ago     Chris Stocker

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Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico
30 Franklin Rd SW Ste 200
Roanoke, VA 24011


30 Franklin Rd SW Ste 200
Roanoke, VA 24011

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