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D. Mark Price, Attorney at Law

Divorce & Family Law, Car Accident, Criminal, Wills & Probate,

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Darryl Mark Price

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Divorce & Family Law, Accident & Injury, Criminal, Wills & Probate

Attorney D. Mark Price has been practicing law for 19 years and came from humble beginnings. Growing up in the small town of Ellington, Connecticut, H... (more)

Attorney D. Mark Price has been practicing law for 19 years and came from humble beginnings. Growing up in the small town of Ellington, Connecticut, High School in Ellington eventually led Mark to Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended school on a soccer scholarship, served in an executive internship for the State of Georgia Department of Corrections, was a member of the college baseball team and of Sigma Alpha Epsilson social fraternity and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1976. After college, Mark worked as a stock broker and financial consultant for 13 years at various prestigious brokerage firms such as Morgan, Keegan and Stern, Agee, ending this phase of his work career as an Investment Officer at SouthTrust Securities.

While earning his law degree from the Birmingham School of Law, Mark worked as a law clerk at Dominick & Fletcher until he graduated in 1996. Mark’s 19 years of experience as a lawyer and his investment background has been a benefit in interpreting financial assets and valuations of marital assets. His goal and desire is to diligently attempt to settle cases and to avoid trial where practicable and appropriate, but he is not reluctant to go to trial in the event that litigation is necessary.

Attorney, D. Mark Price initially practiced with, and was mentored by, a well established attorney who had books published about divorce and custody law. After this gentlemen retired, Mark continued the practice. Mark has, since, become an experienced attorney. Mark’s accomplishments include teaching law related courses at Jefferson State Community College, as well as, at UAB Special Studies in its paralegal program and serving on the student faculty Advisory Committee of Thompson High School (2004-2005) for career development for students. He has also taught accredited Continuing Legal Education to attorneys in the industry.

In addition to his four main areas of law, Mark is also an advocate for nurses facing issues before the Board of Nursing regarding the suspension or revocation of their licenses.

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"I have known Mark Price since 1992. I am a retired lawyer with 34 years' experience. During the last years of my practice, I worked in the same office with him and found him to be ethical, extremely adept in his areas of practice and professional in his treatment of clients. It has been my experience that disgruntled clients have unreasonable, or even illegal, expectations in what they require from a lawyer. Most of Mark's clients are either return clients, are recommended by previous clients or are recommended by other lawyers, including myself. I would choose Mark to represent me in my own legal matters."

  2 months ago     Rebecca Williams

"Mr. Price has been my lawyer for 15 years on my estate. I am very happy with his work."

  11 months ago     Ana Ferron

"Do not use this guy. Worst attorney ever. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional lawyer ever. This guy does not know what he is doing. BEWARE."

  1 year ago     robert abston

D. Mark Price, Attorney at Law
1314 Alford Ave
Birmingham, AL 35226


1314 Alford Ave
Birmingham, AL 35226

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