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Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC


Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC

Bankruptcy & Debt, Consumer Rights, Workout, Garnishment, Student Rights

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Please include all relevant details from your case including where, when, and who it involves. Case details that can effectively describe the legal situation while also staying concise generally receive the best responses from lawyers.

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Gregory Mark Fitzgerald

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Feb 11 2016
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Bankruptcy & Debt, Credit & Debt, Collection, Garnishment, Consumer Protection

Fitzgerald & Campbell is a Consumer Protection Law Firm unlike any other. We provide affordable protection to consumers suffering from debt throughou... (more)

Fitzgerald Campbell is a consumer protection law firm dedicated to protecting debtors' rights. We protect consumers from abusive conduct by bill collectors, lenders and others while resolving client debts. We compel creditors to prove the debt they are attempting to collect.

It is our belief that creditors and debt buyers are unable to prove up most debts and are, therefore, not entitled to collect the money or pursue any further debt collection activity. Unfortunately, creditors, collectors, debt buyers and others continue to get away with abusive behavior because no one is willing to stand up to them and demand proof. At Fitzgerald Campbell, we say, "Do not pay it until they can prove that you owe it."

We also believe that, in order to be successful in resolving our clients' debts, we must take all debts into consideration. It is not enough to resolve only your credit card debts. Taxes, home loans, student loans, auto loans and any other type of debt must be part of the debt elimination plan. This is the best way we know to get our clients back on the road to financial stability. Sometimes the solution is filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes it means negotiating or litigating a debt settlement.

Our primary goal is to get you out of debt for the least amount of money possible and to protect you from creditors in the process. We thank you for visiting our website and truly wish you success in your efforts to get away from debt. We hope that you will take advantage of our free initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you through this difficult time.

Judgments, Student Loans, Collection Lawsuits, Debt Settlement

  • The Bankruptcy Alternative: Keys to Successful Debt Settlement: A Proven Plan to Work Out Your Debt, Stop Creditors from Calling You, and Move On With Your Life is a book written by Attorney Greg Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC.  

    When you owe money, no one cares how you feel; they just want their money. Attorney Greg Fitzgerald understands. He once found himself over $300,000 in debt. He knew he needed to dig himself out of that hole. Using his knowledge, skills, and grit he did just that. Without filing for bankruptcy, Greg repaid his debts and now works to help others do the same. Bankruptcy can cripple your credit and put you in a position you do not want to be in. Read this book and learn from someone just like you: someone who found himself in a situation he didn’t want to be in and who wanted to make things right. In these pages, you will come to understand that there is hope and that you can eliminate a mountain of debt when you understand and apply The Bankruptcy Alternative.

    This book is available on at the following link:

"Greg has helped us so much with a really bad situation we were in. I can't even believe I am saying this about an attorney (no offense to attorneys but...) he is actually caring, helpful, and honest. He spent so much time listening to our circumstances and answering questions before we even retained him. I was so impressed by his knowledge and honesty, and compassion for our dire situation. He does not BS, sugar coat things, or make false promises, he is the real deal. If you are like me and look at reviews before hiring an attorney, I want you to know there is a reason why he has such great ratings on multiple review platforms, which is also why I called him in the first place. Hope this review helps someone find a great attorney when they need one!"

  1 year ago     Sierra Ward

"I had over 15 grand in debt from a collection case. I called for consultation and I got honest advice and I was able to settle for less than 50% of the total owed. I got the info i needed for free in a 20 min talk on the phone and a couple of emails at no charge, i did it myself with the advice i got here. Thank you so much!! You cant go wrong here, hes on your side. Stop shopping around, your in good hands with Fitzgerald&Campbell."

  1 year ago     John Godwin

"I was a victim of fraud, when I received a call from a company that told me that they could help me eliminate all my debt and that they specialized in this process. I listened to this lie and because I was making a choice either pay the bills or buy food at the time the services of this company and their claims seemed legit so I trusted them to do what they promised me over the phone and was paying them a substantial amount of money every month to eliminate my debt but after several months of thinking that my debt was being take care of out of the blue I was sued by two of the companies that they were supposed to eliminate so I immediately found and hired Fitzgerald & Campbell and what a life saving move for me and my family, they not only took on my case, but they were able to get every penny this other company scammed out of me. In just a short amount of time they have already got both lawsuits demised and one of the two debts settled. They are a legit company that quickly jumped on my problem and are working hard every day in solving my debt issue, they are always in direct communication with me and letting me know each step of the way what they are doing. Thanks to Fitzgerald & Campbell for being there for me and my family."

  1 year ago     Ed Benner

"I would recommend Fitzgerald and Campbell to anyone who's looking for real results. They went above and beyond the call of duty to close my case. They didn't feed me a lot of legal jargon. They kept me in the loop regarding my case every step of the way. Not once did I have to chase them down to get a status update on my case. If you want a good legal team in your corner, contact Fitzgerald and Campbell."

  1 year ago     Mimi Neal

"Extremely satisfied. Ultimately settled debt for less than a third of total, with a very reasonable payment plan with no interest. Initially, I received a prompt, friendly and informative consultation. They were upfront about legal fees, which were reasonable. Throughout the whole process, they were friendly and helpful."

  1 year ago     Robert Domingos

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC
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400 N. Tustin Avenue
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