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Fitzgerald Campbell, APLC

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC

Credit & Debt, DUI-DWI, Personal Injury, Felony, Misdemeanor

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  • Firm Year: 2013
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Gregory Mark Fitzgerald Photo

Gregory Mark Fitzgerald


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Bankruptcy & Debt, Consumer Protection, Workout, Garnishment, Student Rights

Fitzgerald & Campbell is a Consumer Protection Law Firm unlike any other. We provide affordable protection to consumers suffering from debt throughout California and assist them in getting... (more)

Fitzgerald Campbell is a consumer protection law firm dedicated to protecting debtors' rights. We protect consumers from abusive conduct by bill collectors, lenders and others while resolving client debts. We compel creditors to prove the debt they are attempting to collect.

It is our belief that creditors and debt buyers are unable to prove up most debts and are, therefore, not entitled to collect the money or pursue any further debt collection activity. Unfortunately, creditors, collectors, debt buyers and others continue to get away with abusive behavior because no one is willing to stand up to them and demand proof. At Fitzgerald Campbell, we say, "Do not pay it until they can prove that you owe it."

We also believe that, in order to be successful in resolving our clients' debts, we must take all debts into consideration. It is not enough to resolve only your credit card debts. Taxes, home loans, student loans, auto loans and any other type of debt must be part of the debt elimination plan. This is the best way we know to get our clients back on the road to financial stability. Sometimes the solution is filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes it means negotiating or litigating a debt settlement.

Our primary goal is to get you out of debt for the least amount of money possible and to protect you from creditors in the process. We thank you for visiting our website and truly wish you success in your efforts to get away from debt. We hope that you will take advantage of our free initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you through this difficult time.

Judgements, Private Student Loans, Bankruptcy , Collection Lawsuits, Debt Settlement


400 N. Tustin Avenue
Suite 375
Santa Ana, CA 92705


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