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Berton K. May

Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice

David A. Couch

Accident & Injury

David N. Campos

Business, Accident & Injury

Emily Lee Partridge

Reinsurance, Business

Ladd L. Culbertson

Motor Vehicle, Intellectual Property, Criminal

Nancy L. Dilley

General Practice

Taralynn T. Velting

Estate Planning, Estate, Family Law, Elder Law

Terrence R. Thomas

Dispute Resolution, Lawsuit & Dispute

Thomas G. Herman

Real Estate, Business, Accident & Injury

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Domestic Violence & Neglect, Estate Planning, Litigation, Accident & Injury, Business Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Intellectual Property, Employment, Administrative Law, Corporate, Insurance Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Consumer Rights, Business, Insurance Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Domestic Violence & Neglect, Accident & Injury Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Employment, Workers' Compensation, Estate Planning, Dispute Resolution Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Family Law, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Corporate, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Accident & Injury, Business, Real Estate Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Real Estate, Insurance, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Accident & Injury, Business Law firm

Garan Lucow Miller PC

Real Estate, Business, Insurance, Domestic Violence & Neglect, State Appellate Practice Law firm

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Garan Lucow Miller PC
300 Ottawa Ave Nw
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300 Ottawa Ave Nw
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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