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Grand Rapids Cannabis Attorneys | Grand Rapids Marijuana Defense Law Firm

Grand Rapids Cannabis Attorneys

Felony, Misdemeanor,

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Brandon Gardner

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Criminal, Business, Bankruptcy, Litigation, General Practice
Specializing in marijuana defense and litigation.

Mr. Gardner's practice is devoted to offering his clients the most aggressive, cost-effective representation available in West Michigan. Rated, AV Preeminent among his peers for legal ability... (more)

I am an attorney for the Fiorletta Law Group, PLLC, representing clients from Lansing to the Lakeshore. My practice is focused on representing individuals and businesses in a variety of litigation matters including criminal defense and appeals, family law, bankruptcy, business matters, and employment and labor litigation.

Marijuana / Cannabis

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  • -Grand Rapids Lawyer (Grand Rapids Bar Association) | Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

    -Briefs (ICBA) | Understanding Possession of Marijuana-Infused Products

    -Briefs (ICBA) | Michigan Medicinal Marijuana Act and the Casias Decision
Clients are charged a flat fee that reflects a $250 hourly rate. Each case is carefully screened by an expert in marijuana law to assess the client's goals and the complexity of the matter. In this way, GRCA clients know precisely how much their attorney will cost them on day one.


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Contentment and Grace in the Law
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