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Robert A. Stolzberg

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Legal Malpractice, White Collar Crime, Federal Appellate Practice
A litigation boutique concentrating on complex and sohphisticated dispute resolution.

Being a trial attorney is founder Bob Stolzberg's second profession. Before going to Harvard Law School, he was a reporter for the Washington Post. He... (more)

For eons, people entangled in disputes have needed champions to fight for them.  In the Middle Ages or the Warring States period, you needed a knight with a sword or jian to represent you in trial by combat.  Today, you need a litigator to represent you in trial by jury.
The Law Offices of Robert Stolzberg is a litigation boutique.  For over forty years, we have championed our clients to resolve their disputes in their favor.  We have represented our clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts; in negotiation, mediation, and arbitration; before administrative tribunals and licensing agencies.  If your dispute is about a business conflict, a major personal injury, or a white collar or other serious criminal charge, we are ready to do battle for you.  
We know that only trial lawyers feel comfortable in the midst of a legal dispute.  Therefore, whenever possible, we will try to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs.  But if negotiation fails,  we will fight  until the battle is won.
We are lawyers, not medieval warriors. Part of our job is to explain the situation to you and to answer your questions. When you understand the pluses and minuses of each option, you can make the best choice possible.  Then it is our mission to give you the highest quality, most cost effective, and result-oriented services possible to achieve your goals.

Mediation, White Collar Crime, State Appellate Practice, Professional liability, Commodities and securities disputes, Libel and slander, Real Estate

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  • Federal criminal defense
    Outcome: Client found not guilty of RICO conspiracy 
    Description: RICO conspiracy case. Multiple defendants. Successfully defended my client on the conspiracy count. On appeal, his conviction on another count was overturned.
    Obstetrical Malpractice
    Outcome: $2,500,000. verdict 
    Description: Doctor mismanaged delivery of baby, resulting in an Erb's Palsy
    Doe v. Doe (Divorce)
    Description: Represented husband in divorce case. They had been married for about 18 years at the time of trial. The court awarded the Husband about 70 per cent of the couple's total assets.
    Bicycle accident
    Outcome: Settled 
    Description: Obtained $99,000. settlement for bicycle rider struck by car.
    Unsuitable investments
    Outcome: Settled 
    Description: Obtained settlement for client in arbitration against major securities firm for making investments which were both unsuitable and did not comport with client's oral instructions to invest conservatively.
    Construction - homeowner
    Outcome: Settled with client paying nothing 
    Description: Represented homeowner in Newport, R.I. against contractor suing for unpaid bills. Obtained dismissal of case with homeowner paying nothing.
    Construction - contractor
    Outcome: Settled for majority of bill 
    Description: Represented contractor where his customer alleged improper cost overruns and defects in workmanship. Obtained settlement whereby contractor got majority of disputed sums.
    Non-compete covenant
    Outcome: Case dismissed 
    Description: Represented company that hired new vice president and was then sued by his previous employer for allegedly violating covenant not to compete and for disclosing their trade secrets. Successfully defended against their request for preliminary injunctive relief, and then obtained settlement dismissing case with my client paying nothing.
    Land purchase - trial and appellate courts
    Outcome: Judgment for my client 
    Description: Represented landowner who had entered into a purchase and sale agreement for the sale of commercial property. When the deal fell through, the buyer brought suit alleging that my client had breached his agreement to sell, and seeking damages for his expenses and lost profits. I obtained summary judgment for my client dismissing all of the plaintiff's claims which was upheld on appeal.
    Ownership of business
    Outcome: Verdict for my client 
    Description: Represented owner of prominent restaurant in dispute with another owner as to respective ownership shares. Won judgment after trial vindicating my client's claim. Subsequently successfully negotiated, with mediator, buy-out of the other owner's share.
Law Offices Of Robert Stolzberg
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Two Center Plaza
Boston, MA 02108

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