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Angela D. Adams

Alimony & Spousal Support, Child Support, Adoption, Asylum

Immigration and International Law; Education Law; Family Law; Civil Litigation.Ms. Iza is an Associate in the Immigration Group. In her Immigration Pr... (more)

C. Duane O'Neal

Arbitration, Business Organization, Construction, Family Law

Duane O'Neal uses his experience in the law, his MBA, and his practical experience to maximize his versatility and competency as a lawyer. His practic... (more)

Carol A. Sparks Drake

Family Law, Medical Malpractice, Wills & Probate, Government Agencies

Carol Sparks Drake has extensive appellate and utility law experience.   She has authored appellate briefs on behalf of national, publicly t... (more)

David S. Klinestiver

Art, Computer Law, Advertising, Business Organization

Dave Klinestiver practices in the areas of intellectual property law and general business services. Focusing in particular on trademark, copyright and... (more)

Gary P. Price

Alternative Energy, Age Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Administrative Law

Gary Price has broad experience as a trial lawyer, from civil rights cases to complex commercial litigation. He is also a registered mediator. During ... (more)

James Emerson Zoccola

Class Action, Pharmaceutical Product, Franchising, Banking & Finance

Jim Zoccola has been a mainstay in the Indianapolis legal community since 1991 having litigated a wide variety of actions including multimillion dolla... (more)

Jennifer Wheeler Terry

Industry Specialties, Estate, Divorce & Family Law

In her estate planning and family law practice, Jennifer assists people with their personal legal needs, including wills and trusts, divorce, child cu... (more)

John F. Wickes

Administrative Law, Electric Power, Oil & Gas, Public Utilities

It would be difficult to find another attorney in Indiana with the experience and respect that Jack has earned in the field of energy and utility law.... (more)

Jonathan C. Bond

General Practice

Jon Bond is a Government Affairs Specialist with Lewis Kappes Governmental Relations Group, LLC. He is a Democratic Party activist and was the party's... (more)

Kelly J. Balok

Corporate, Mental Health, Tax

Kelly J. Balok joined Lewis & Kappes in 2008 as an associate in the firm's Corporate Group.  Ms. Balok focuses her practice on corporate and indi... (more)

Leslie Duvall

Energy, Public Utilities

After a distinguished career as an Indiana State Senator, Les Duvall reentered private practice with Lewis and Kappes in 1995. He has put his years of... (more)

Marco Antonio Moreno


Mr. Moreno is an associate in the Securities and Immigration Group. In his Securities Practice, he assists his clients with the structure and document... (more)

Raymond Good

Corporate, Land Use & Zoning, Real Estate

Ray Good concentrates in real estate, zoning and general business, with special emphasis on residential and commercial development involving compulsor... (more)

Sara Rochelle Bradbury

Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Litigation, Corporate, Commercial Bankruptcy

While Sara is still defining her areas of practice, she has handled matters in such areas as contract disputes, landlord-tenant (residential and comme... (more)

Scott Douglas Yonover

Government Agencies

Scott has been active in public service and the arts community. He is Of Counsel to Lewis & Kappes, and also works in Chicago in the entertainment ind... (more)

Steven W. Griesemer

Entertainment, Business, Corporate Tax, Science, Technology & Internet

Steve Griesemer practices in the areas of corporate, entertainment, and technology law.

Suzanne L. Robinson Gaidoo

Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Deportation, Federal Trial Practice, Non-profit

Suzanne focuses her practice on the representation of nonprofit organizations; community based health care; general litigation; and immigration. Suzan... (more)

Thomas H. Ristine

Estate Planning, Divestitures, Corporate, Business Organization

Tom Ristine has handled a wide variety of transactional matters for general businesses, business in regulated industries, and nonprofit organizations.... (more)

Thomas R. Ruge

Immigration, Wrongful Termination, Civil Rights, Insurance, Accident & Injury

Tom Ruge focuses his practice in three different areas. He represents many employers seeking to hire foreign nationals with obtaining appropriate immi... (more)

Timothy L. Stewart

Litigation, Public Utilities, Family Law, Personal Injury

Tim Stewart focuses his practice in two areas. In his utility practice, Mr. Stewart has represented industrial consumers in disputes with utilities, c... (more)

Aaron Andrew Schmoll

Public Utilities

Alexander Robert Carlisle

Public Utilities

Allison Lauren Hilmer

General Practice

Anne Elizabeth Becker

Litigation, Industry Specialties, Business, Accident & Injury

Bette J. Dodd

Electric Power, Cogeneration, Administrative Law, Defamation & Slander

After graduating from law school, Bette clerked for both an Indiana Supreme Court Justice and a federal judge in Indianapolis. She has been active in ... (more)

Bette Jean Dodd

Military & Veterans Appeals, Litigation, Energy, Municipal

Dallin David Lykins

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Immigration

David Welker Gray

Employee Rights, Employment

David W. Gray

Pension & Benefits, Collective Bargaining, Affirmative Action, Americans with Disabilities Act

David Gray has represented employers in employment and labor matters before various courts and administrative agencies around the country. He has succ... (more)

James Emerson Zoccola

Real Estate, Health Care, Employment, Business

Jennifer Sue Ortman

Real Estate, Wills & Probate, Trusts, Estate, Child Custody

Joseph Peter Rompala

Lawsuit & Dispute, Federal Appellate Practice, Public Utilities

Joseph Rompala

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Federal Appellate Practice, Public Utilities

Joseph Rompala is a member of the firm's civil litigation group. Prior to joining Lewis & Kappes, Joseph served for two years as a law clerk to the In... (more)

Karen Glasser Sharp

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Employee Rights, Employment

Kasey Marie Polk

Litigation, Health Care

Michelle Lynn Cooper

Employee Rights, Employment

Philip S. Kappes

Mediation, Intellectual Property, Estate Planning, Business Organization

Philip "Skip" Kappes has been practicing law for 57 years in his various areas of expertise. His practice is primarily concentrated in the area of cor... (more)

Raymond Good

General Practice

Richard Stephen Vanrheenen

Environmental Law

Richard Emerson Aikman

Divorce & Family Law

Ryan Christopher Marques

Other, Health Care, Divorce & Family Law

Sara Rochelle Blevins

Mediation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment, Contract

Sarah Lindsey Moshe

Visa, Immigration

Scott Austin Oliver

Industry Specialties, Child Support, Business, Personal Injury

Stephanie N Slone

Disability, Business

Steven L. Tuchman


Steve Tuchman's practice focuses primarily upon a wide variety of immigration issues. He has assisted numerous clients, ranging from large corporation... (more)

Tabitha Lucas Balzer

Lawsuit & Dispute, Public Utilities

Tammy Lynn Ortman

Real Estate, Medical Malpractice

Todd Arthur Richardson

Complex Litigation, Copyright, Antitrust, Administrative Law

Todd Richardson has broad litigation experience, particularly in matters involving trade regulation and intellectual property, and he has handled nume... (more)

Alternative Energy, Americans with Disabilities Act , Antitrust, Arbitration, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Asylum, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Litigation, Corporate, Business & Trade, Business Organization, Business Successions, Chemical & Cosmetics, Child Support, Children's Rights, Class Action, Clean Air Practice, Cleanup & Superfund, Cogeneration, Collaborative Law, Collective Bargaining, Commercial Bankruptcy, Commercial Insurance, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Commodities, Complex Litigation, Defamation & Slander, Condominiums, Consumer Bankruptcy, Contract, Conveyancing, Copyright, Corporate Governance, Corporate Tax, Credit & Debt, Farms, Customs, Deportation, Directors & Officers, Disability, Dissolution, Divorce, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Elder Law, Electric Power, Eminent Domain, Pension & Benefits, Employee Rights, Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination, Employment, Energy, Environmental Law, Gift Taxation, Estate Planning, Ethics, Ethics, Excise Taxes, Family Law, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Federal Appellate Practice, Federal Claims Court, Federal Employees, Federal Trial Practice, Firearms, Food Products, Foreclosure, Foreign Investment, Franchising, Government Agencies, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Waste & Pollution, Mental Health, Health Care, Hydroelectricity, Immigration, Income Tax, Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, International Intellectual Property, International, International Tax, International Trade, Joint Ventures, Labor Arbitration, Labor Disputes, Labor Law, Labor Legislation, Land Use & Zoning, Lending, Limited Liability Companies, Litigation, Living Wills, Machinery & Tools, Mediation, Medical Products & Devices, Medicare & Medicaid, Merger & Acquisition, Military & Veterans Appeals, Minerals & Mining, Multidistrict Litigation, Municipal, Non-profit, Nuclear Power, Occupational Safety & Health, Oil & Gas, Partnerships, Patent, Paternity, Payroll Taxes, Permits, Pharmaceutical Product, Power of Attorney, Prenuptial Agreements, Private Placements, Wills & Probate, Products Liability, Professional Responsibility, Property & Casualty, Tax, Property Damage, Public Offerings, Public Utilities, RICO Act, Real Estate, Securities, Reorganization, Residential Real Estate, Sales & Use Tax, Securities Fraud , Securities Regulation, Sexual Harassment, Shareholders' Rights, State and Local, State Appellate Practice, State Government, State Trial Practice, Tax Litigation, Science, Technology & Internet, Title Insurance, Tobacco, Toxic Mold & Tort, Trade Associations, Consumer Protection, Trademark, Transactions, Trusts, US Courts, US Supreme Court, Unfair Competition, Unfair Labor Practices, Uniform Commercial Code, Unions, Veterans' Affairs, Visa, Warranties, Water, Wetlands, Whistleblower, Wills, Wrongful Termination

Krahulik Injury Counsel, LLC

Accident & Injury, Animal Bite, Medical Malpractice

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Shartzer Law Firm, LLC

Accident & Injury

Lawyer.com Featured 


Rubin & Levin, P.C.

Bankruptcy & Debt, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Landlord-Tenant, Real Estate

Lawyer.com Featured 


Hackman Hulett LLP

Estate Planning, Gift Taxation, Trusts, Wills & Probate, Contract

Lawyer.com Featured 


Cohen & Malad, LLP

Federal Appellate Practice, Class Action, Litigation, Criminal, Accident & Injury

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Levin Law, LLC


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Robert Hurley, Attorney At Law

Criminal, Traffic, Felony, Motor Vehicle

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The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks PC

Criminal, Employment, Wills & Probate, Lawsuit & Dispute, DUI-DWI

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Keffer Hirschauer LLP

Criminal, Civil & Human Rights, Divorce & Family Law

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Stark Law Offices, P.C.

White Collar Crime

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Clark, Quinn, Moses, Scott & Grahn, LLP

Business, Real Estate, Estate, Family Law, Criminal

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Law Office Of Terrence Kirby

Criminal, Family Law, Bankruptcy & Debt, Divorce & Family Law

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Keffer Barnhart LLP

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Accident & Injury, Divorce & Family Law

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Redman Ludwig, P.C.

Accident & Injury, Bankruptcy & Debt, Lawsuit & Dispute, Real Estate, Business

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The Law Office of Deborah M. Agard

Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Estate, Elder Law

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Lopez Law Office, P.C.

Divorce & Family Law

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Landmark Legal Services

Divorce & Family Law, Real Estate, Business, Criminal, Lawsuit & Dispute

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Keffer Gilley Barnhart LLP

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Accident & Injury, Divorce & Family Law

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The Law Office Of Bd Williams LLC

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

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Lewis & Kappes
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One American Square,Suite 2500
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