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Andrew Tobergte

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Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Car Accident, Criminal

McKenzie & Snyder has been successfully handling personal injury and workers compensation cases for over 15 years. We understand the complexities of a... (more)

McKenzie & Snyder has been successfully handling personal injury and workers compensation cases for over 15 years. We understand the complexities of a personal injury. By hiring an experienced car accident attorney you are protecting yourself and your family.

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"Highly recommend McKenzie & Snyder. If all attorneys carried themselves the way these attorneys do, attorneys wouldn't have bad reputations. They are honest, factual and have the highest integrity. They truly care about your best interest not theirs."

  1 year ago     Timothy Hendricks

"I can't say enough about the service my family received from Chris Snyder at McKenzie & Snyder! Chris was very professional, knowledgeable, and communicated very well throughout the process. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Chris! I think you will find that you will trust him, like him, and know he has your best interests at heart!"

  1 year ago     Jennifer Waddell

"I am truly blessed to have had McKenzie & Snyder to represent me. From the moment of my first meeting with Sam I felt I could not possibly find better people to handle my case.nThe service I received from everyone I dealt with at this firm was exceptional, and I feel deeply grateful to Sam, Kyle, Chris and Andy for being thorough and highly professional in my case assessment. nA very special thanks goes to Jennifer, whose job was to prepare my file for the attorneys, and with whom I worked closely for 12 months. Jennifer was my 'lifeline', always ready to listen, explain, follow-up, and update on the progress of the case. nIt's imperative to say that accident cases are lengthy and extremely methodical, thus no one should expect a settlement to take place quickly. I SINCRRELY RECOMMEND MCKENZIE AND SNYDER."

  1 year ago     anne golden

"I would recommend McKenzie & Snyder to everyone. They were easy to work with, they kept me up to date on my case, and gave me peace. I want to say a big Thank you to Sam, Andrew, and Missy for all of their help."

  1 year ago     BLUE HEAD GAMER

"McKenzie & Snyder is the best they have done great things for my family and I and multiple cases! I want to give a personal thank-you to Felicia Maskew for everything you have done for me thank you again!!"

  1 year ago     marti lingar

229 Dayton Street
Hamilton, OH 45011


229 Dayton Street
Hamilton, OH 45011

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