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Benjamin K. Sanchez

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Mar 02 2016
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Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Consumer Rights, Car Accident, Consumer Protection
We represent people in all types of disputes and litigation.

We give you the leverage you need to make sound decisions when disputes rise to the level of litigation. By quickly and aggressively advancing your i... (more)


"Mr. Sanchez represented us in a contentious divorce. He kept our situation calm and well informed and brought us through it in the least expensive way. We will always appreciate that effort. Our meetings with him resulted in forward motion and a better understanding of what we need to do next. I would definitely recommend him."

  6 months ago     Teri Gonzales

"I hired Benjamin Sanchez to handle my divorce after 2 other Galveston lawyers did not submit paperwork causing me to lose money. His fees were fair and my case was difficult. In the end, he helped us mediate a fair agreement. Next time I will go to Benjamin and his law firm first!"

  6 months ago     Karen Warfield

"I became Benjamin's client on a pro-bono basis after contacting HVLP when my son of 26 died suddenly and intestate. Throughout this difficult ordeal, however, and despite reaching out to HVLP on numerous occasions, Benjamin has proven to be dishonest and has continuously been, to this day, unresponsive. My son died in December of 2012 but we've yet to close his estate! Perhaps Benjamin best represents those able to afford him. In going over his reviews, I agree with Francisco Lumbi...1000%. Ben replied he does not know this person, so I will be extra clear identifying myself. My name is LAURA MACIAS...Benjamin's pro-bono case going on FIVE years now. To validate, be it unfortunate, Ben "DOES NOT RESPOND TO YOU...EVER" Despite Benjamin treating me with lack of integrity, it is only my most sincere hope that he represents his other pro-bono clients in a timely manner, that he follow through accordingly and that he do so with the upmost sincerity."

  10 months ago     Laura Macias

"Excellent communication turn around, even after hours. Firm is very organized, works fast, and diligently on your behalf. So happy to have found Ben after being greatly disappointed by another attorney. I feel empowered and hopeful with the Sanchez Law Firm in my corner."

  1 year ago     Christina C

"Does not respond to you... Ever"

  1 year ago     Francisco Lumbi

Sanchez Law Firm
P.O. Box 280309
Houston, TX 77228


P.O. Box 280309
Houston, TX 77228

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