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Julie A. Stephens

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Divorce & Family Law, Child Support, Family Law, Custody & Visitation, Paternity
I am not just concentrated on Family Law, I am concentrated on you.

I know that my clients come to me in times of real need. I am honored that they choose me to help them through such difficult times. I take the time t... (more)

"First thing, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to Julie. My divorce started a couple of years ago..Oct. 2015. I received my letter stating my husband filed for a divorce. My situation was very unique and complicated. I reached out to Julie and she along with her staff were nothing but wonderful. They passed no judgement on myself. Julie agreed to take on my divorce even though I could at the time only reach out to her via phone or email. She dealt a lot with my mom and as I stated her staff is fantastic. When my case started, I was not truly hopeful. Julie is upfront and gives you all of your options, whether you like what she says or not. She wants you to know if you pursue this, this could happen. You will never enter into any decision without knowing possible outcomes. She really takes your case and puts forth more than her best effort. In my case, she exceeded my expectations. It is very nice to know that during my lowest and toughest time in my life, I had someone in my corner, working for me to get what was entitled to me, when I did not even believe that I was entitled to it. I have 3 young children that were also involved in this divorce. Julie always took what was in my children's best interest when we talked about decisions, strategies, and the possible outcomes. Whenever I had a question she would respond promptly and clearly. I never felt alone through my 2 year process. I finally met Julie at a status hearing in April 2017, so for over a year and a half Julie worked with me on my case via phone and email. Through Julie's patience and persistence with certain matters, my divorce took a whole 360. Once we started going to court, I was ALWAYS prepped on what to expect in court, guided on the direction we were going. She would go above and beyond to make sure we touched on all possibilities that could be brought up on my behalf and how to answer (handle) them. One thing I will always tell anyone who obtains a lawyer, ALWAYS give them all the facts and let them decide what they need. Some things we may not think matter, they are actually huge and can truly help you. Also if somethings can hurt you, your lawyer needs to know to be able to properly represent you. We all make mistakes, but as always it is how you handle them, what you get out of them, and how you pick yourself back up after them that also matters, not just your mistake. Julie truly cares about her clients. She listens to what you want. She is very organized and communicates fantastically. Everything that was sent to his attorney, or anyone else was always sent to me, meaning I was CC'd on every email. It is very nice to be included and updated as everything is going on. Her fees are very appropriate for her service. Remember divorces are never cheap, but when you are spending that kind of money you want someone who will put your best foot forward, listen to your concerns and advise you appropriately according to the law. I will end this like I started this I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Julie."

  1 year ago     Michelle Dawson

"I recommend Julie Stephens with the highest praise as a divorce attorney. Mrs. Stephens was an exceptional allie in my year-long divorce proceedings. I can honestly say that due to her diligence and tenacity, my divorce was settled fairly, swiftly, and without any unnecessary drama. She did her part to make sure the divorce proceeded on schedule at every turn, and she regularly updated me with any shared communications with my ex-spouse's lawyer and about any details regarding the progress of my case. She CC'd me on every correspondence to my ex's attorney, and I knew everything that needed to happen next in the proceedings as it arose. She was organized with checklists for me from the very beginning about what needed to be taken care of and decided, and she pointed me in specific directions, which was MUCH needed due to my ignorance of the process! During such a confusing and emotional time, she made it very easy on me by providing clear directions, giving much-needed information about my legal questions, and offering immediate feedback when I needed it. She was very knowledgable, the utmost professional, and was clearly working in MY best interest! I rarely had to inquire about 'where we were at' about anything. However, when I did, she promptly replied and answered me clearly. She did not waste my time or money at ANY point in my year-long divorce. She was worth every penny! She replied to my emails and concerns VERY promptly. Her emails were clear and concise regarding the variety of questions I had about any curiousity or confusion regarding how to proceed, what was legal, and my rights as her client. At no point did I feel alone, confused, or like no one was in my corner. With two small children involved as well, she was sensitive to my concerns about them and made sure they were kept in mind throughout the process. She was the much needed rock I needed during such a difficult and trying time in my life, and she made me feel like I was worth everything I was legally due- and more! Her organization, straight-forward and friendly demeanor, and knowledge of the process left me feeling safe and VERY well represented throughout the entire divorce process. I cannot thank or recommend her enough!"

  1 year ago     Shannon Bufano

"Julie has represented me and two of my four children in Family Law/Divorce/Custody issues for many years. There are no words to adequately describe Julie's absolutely impressive professionalism, constant accountability, exhaustively thorough organizational skills and verbal clarity in court and in conference. Her communication skills alone are wonderful--Julie posseses the rare ability so many other attorneys lack: to get to the direct point, avoid any grandstanding or game playing, never rely on 'double speak' and always pointedly clarify everything she writes and speaks verbally in any situation. Julie truly earns her reputation the only way possible, through wonderful organization and downright hard work. Julie is extremely well educated in the law specialty she practices confidently, and holds considerably impressive representation experience. She dignifies the profession, which is something that cannot be said of so many attorneys practicing today. I had retained three other attorneys in the northwest Indiana area prior to retaining Julie, and was literally at the end of my rope in terms of trying to find honest, communicative, quality representation when we located Julie Stephens. In so many other attorney retainer situations, you lay down your retainer money, and then have to constantly call and badger the attorney to remember you exist or should be on his/her case roster. In many cases, you just wait for weeks for a return phone call. You feel like a number and a name on a file stuck on the bottom of a pile somewhere on someone's desk. From the moment of retention, Julie immediately starts her case file, makes sure that file is as detailed and complete as is absolutely possible, and represents you with such impressive organization and detail-oriented focus, it is immediately evident that you are now truly represented and you suddenly know what real legal assistance means. She also communicates with you regularly and constantly, all the while billing in a very transparent and competitively affordable way, with complete disclosure of all work that required charges, organized again in minute detail. There is no bulk summarizing with Julie, she makes sure everything is covered, but never in a wasteful or frivolous way. She could never take advantage of her clients or pad her work load--again, how rare this is in so many attorney/client relationships. In countless cases, Julie will communicate to you options that will actually save you legal fees wherever possible. How many attorneys take the time to communicate this? Within a few months of retaining Julie Stephens, the entire future finally not only looked bright in terms of my own former personal divorce and custody impasses, primarily due to poor legal representation, it truly became bright due to Julie's pro-active and detail-oriented representation. To this day, Julie has remained the only Family Law attorney I would ever utilize, and the incredibly high quality of her representation has never lessened in any area in any way through all these years. She is one in a million, and I cannot recommend her enough. If this review allowed ten stars, it would not be enough. If you think this review sounded too good to be true, too flowery and filled with hype, I strongly urge you to retain Julie Stephens the next time you seek Family Law representation, and then experience for yourself what I have described. Julie Stephens is an outstanding Family Law attorney."

  2 years ago     mark jancosek

"Stephens Law Firm is a top shelf family law firm. Attorney Julie Stephens is one of the best in northwest Indiana for divorce, child support and related matters. The Testimonials from her clients show that attorney Stephens consistently performs at the highest levels for her clients."

  3 years ago     Jack Kramer

"Stephens law firm was very helpful to my family. I recommend Julie Stephens to everyone I know looking for family related law. She is tough, professional, and caring."

  3 years ago     Michelle Moeller

Stephens Law Firm, P.C.
8051 Wicker Avenue
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8051 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, IN 46373

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