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Cameron S. McKinney Photo
Products Liability, Class Action, Pharmaceutical Product, Toxic Mold & Tort, Banking & Finance

CAMERON McKINNEY is a graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law (1996) and Concord College (1993).  He is admitted to practice law in West Virginia and before the United... (more)

David L. Grubb Photo
Class Action, Bad Faith Insurance, Civil Rights, Corporate, Professional Malpractice

DAVID GRUBB is a 1979 graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law.  He received his undergraduate degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1972 and attended New... (more)

Kristina Thomas Whiteaker Photo
Class Action, Pharmaceutical Product, Banking & Finance, Bad Faith Insurance, Construction

KRISTINA THOMAS WHITEAKER is a 2003 graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law.  She also received her master's degree in English Literature from Ohio University in 1999 and... (more)

Accident & Injury, Consumer Rights, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business

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Asbestos & Mesothelioma

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Admiralty & Maritime

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Personal Injury, Car Accident, Tax Litigation, Slip & Fall Accident, Products Liability

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Personal Injury, Car Accident, Accident & Injury

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Pritt & Pritt Pllc

Adoption, Child Support, Farms, Divorce, Family Law

Michael Martin & Associates

Bad Faith Insurance, Insurance, Car Accident, Personal Injury

Julia Shalhoup

Family Law


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Charleston, WV 25301


Fed Expresses Interest In Connecticut Governor's Campaign Funding
Blog post on possible investigation in Governor Malloy's campaign financing.
Connecticut Dentist To Pay $717,046 in Medicare Fraud Penalties
Blog post on a Connecticut dentist found liable for over $700,000 for defrauding the state Medicaid program.
Rising Medical Costs Push for Malpractice Reform
Blog post on the topic of reforming medical malpractice to help lower health care costs.
Applying Medical Malpractice to Internet Healthcare: What to Know
Blog post on the topic of medical malpractice in the age of the internet.
Court Holds Connecticut Nursing Home Liable in Wrongful Death Claim
Blog post about a case against a nursing home for wrongful death and medical malpractice.
New Connecticut Law Bans Physician Non-Compete Restrictions
Blog post on a new law in Connecticut that prevents employment contracts from restricting a medical doctor's right to practice immediately after his or her employment has ended with that employer.
DUI, "Moral Turpitude" Crimes, May Result In Deportation for Noncitizen Clients
Blog post on the immigration consequences of crimes like DUI for non-citizens .
The Connecticut Pretrial Alcohol Education Program: An Overview
Blog post on the Connecticut Pretrial Alcohol Education Program that you may take if you have been arrested and charged with DUI.
Connecticut Prosecutor and MADD Create DUI Program for Minors
Article on a Connecticut prosecutor working with MADD to create a program to deter minors from drinking and driving.
Connecticut's Consequences for Young DUI Offenders
Blog post on the consequences of a DUI for underage drivers in Connecticut.
Court Allows Use of Hospital Blood Test to Prove Drunk Driver's Blood Alcohol Level
Blog post on a case where the court allowed a blood test taken at a hospital into court as evidence that the driver was drunk.
DUI Conviction of Belligerant Driver Fails Due Lack of "Concrete" Evidence
Blog post on a DUI conviction that failed due to a lack of evidence.
State Trooper's Typo Errors Result in Dropped DUI Conviction
Blog post on a DUI conviction being dropped because the arresting officer made numerous errors on the A-44 form filed at the time of arrest.
BAC Tests and The Admissibility of Evidence in Connecticut DUI Cases
Blog post on admissibility of BAC tests in DUI cases in COnnecticut.
Connecticut DMV and "Adminstrative Per Se" DUI Penalties
Blog post on laws in Connecticut on OUI (operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol).
Drunk Driver Relies on 2 Hour Test Window in DUI Appeal
Blog post on the appeal of a DUI appeal.
Drunk Driver Cries Prosecutorial Misconduct in Wake of 2 Year Prison Sentence
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How to Appeal a Criminal Conviction in Connecticut Court
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State Appeals Connecticut Court Decision to Set Aside Felony Conviction
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Man Appeals Assault Conviction on Basis of 'Impossible' DNA Evidence
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